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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Welcome to
The present General Conditions of Use describe conditions and terms in wich the direction gives a community website with content mainly attached to the Hardstyle Music.
The Service Access is subordonned by the acceptation withour reserve and respect of the present General Conditions Of Use.
The content given by the visitors in every site section is not on the responsability of
The present conditions are not limited to the present website but also to every associated services.
Hardstyle-industry reserves itself the right to update and change the General Conditions of Use if necessary and without particular notifications.
This is your responsability to browse regularly the present conditions.

- Responsable of Organisation / Developper : Vincent Cassez / Vinsaanity.

- Hardstyle : Electronic Music style between Trance music and Hardcore.

- GCU: Present General Conditions Of Use.

- Member : Is considered as member, every people having a validated account on the website

- Publication : Every add of somehow member or administrator is called publication.
It permits the website activity and keep this one alive.

- Visitor : Every people who consult on the website is considered as visitor.

- Forum : Discussion place at disposition of the members of

- Reviews : Thoughts of one member or administrator about an album or E.P.

-Releases : Are called Releases, the Hard Music album on physical or digital format.

The Organisation forbid every kind of spam to users website.

Members who will use these kind of practicals will be banned.

The organisation forbids to the users website, to employ or use
some technical ways, including, withour limitation,, logos and every informations about industrial proprieties,
text content, disposition and webpage conception or kind of content in a webpage, without autorisation of this organisation.

Moreover, you can't use any circumvention tool, sticker or meta, or hidden text, using the name of ,
URL, or product name without having written content of the organisation.

Every content transmitted or edited by on this place
(containning , but not limited to the website, text, pictures, forms, logos, draws, videos, etc.)
(Collectively, contents) belong to the organisation
are protected by the law on the intellectual propriety.

Every copy, download, reproduction, sent or content distribution not appropriated by these General
Conditions of Use are stricly forbidden.
Content Modification (except if modifications are authorized by this place) are forbidden,
same as the non authorized content utilisation on somehow material configuration.

Every total or partial representation of the website by
some proceeded, without authorization of the Hardstyle-industry organisation is stricly forbidden
and would constitute sanction by the articles L.335-and following of the intellectual propriety code.
Only a private use copy can be authorized, for personnal use, private and no-commercial, even exceptionnal
written authorisation of the organization.

Every user
recognize dispose of the necessary skills to acceed to the website, the user recognize having verificatedthat the
informatical configuration used doesn't contain any virus, malware or software of this kind.

In order to employ these services, the user have to obtain the
web access and pay the linked services prestations.
Moreover, he has to give the necessar equipment to establish a web access

By signing in on, the user accept that services can include publicitar announces and that these announces
are usefull to the good way of

The user accepts not access the services by other ways permitted by
In order to use all services, the user must sign-in and open an account.
As member, the user have to chose a user name and password. The user engage himself not to use a
non conventionnal username, a name subject to rights of any organisation,
a user name, a name that could be considered as hurting or injuring.

The user is the only responsable of the confidentiality of his name,
password and user account.He is entirely responsable of allactivity linked to his account, that could be producted under his name or password.

The user agree to immediatly advice of all undesiderable use of his account
in order to the organisation can take the good mesures.
The user have to disconnect his account at the end of every session. can't be responsable of any lost or damages resulted of what told before.
The user is only responsable of his user name, password and accound, and have to keep it secret to every other people.

As a consequence, the user understands that he will be the only responsable of all of these contents on the website.

For the good way of theses services, the user agrees that he have to give some real informations, updated about him
as asked on the informations forms, and moreover agrees to maintain updated his account.

If the user gives some wrond informations, uncomplete, reserves itself the rights
to suspend of delete the account of the user and refuse him the current use of these services.

The user agrees that, by his own discretion, can cancel his password and/or account,
for one of the following reasons :

- Violation of the present General Conditions of Use,

- Violation of a verbal or written contract.

The user agrees that every informations, datas, texts, softwares, music, sounds, pictures, videos, messages, products,
services or every kind of contents are under unique responsability of the one who put its online.
It significates that the user, and in no case, and its organisation
can be responsable of the content put online by the user, donwloaded, or transmitted. and its organisation can't be in consequence, garantish
the content of posts and can't know if these contents respect in every point the legislation.

Users engage to signal from all content that could judge illicit,
in order to can immediatly take the good measures.

The user engage not to do :

- Download, post give or take available some illegal, nocive, abusive, rude, obscene content or about private life of another people.
( including but not limitatively, addresses, mail addresses, phone numbers, contact informations, without the written accord of the owner.),
hating, racial, reprehensible

The content of users'saying or content online must not :

- be diffamatory or hurting about a pubblic or private entity, association, administration, fundations or anything else.

- give problems to public order, good ways or hurt the minor sensibility.

- give problems to a tierce reputation or private life.

- be diffamatory, give problems to a physical or moral people.

- present a pornographic or pedophile caracter

- incitate to hate, violence, suicides, racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, homophobia, or make the apologize of war crimes or agains humanity.

- incitate to commit a crime, or a terrorism act.

- let the possibility to a tierce to have pirated software, serial numbers .

- give problems to the intellectual property of a person.

- The user must not propose selling of fool objects.

If know that one user doesn't respect these measures, the organisation can delete the concerned account and all
his relative activities, with eventual tribunal purchases.

By the Internet nature, the user accepts to respect every local laws concerning the online comportmente.
Specifically, the user accepts to respect the applicable laws concerning the data transmission of technical datas, from France or the
country you live in

LINKS will not reclamis the property of the content you download, put in online by these services.
By downloading, or putting online, you give Hardstyle-industry.a world licence, without royalties, and non exclusively the rights to update or adapt it in order
to upgrade the promotion of

doesn't have any control on everything, you recognize and accept that is not risponsable of the disponibility of
external rissorces and doesn't approve, is not risponsable of any content.

Moreover, you accept the fact that is not risponsable directly or undirectly of the lost damages or eventual damages

YOU UNDERSTAND THAT reserves itself the right to update or stop, temporaly or definitly, the content of some post.

The user accepts it and engages himself not to reclaim any damages and interests

The user doesn't give any responsability to
using its services.
The user accepts to be the only recorse in case of problems.