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Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name :
Artist classificated : 108/303
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                    Since the age of 11, he always wanted to make some music. He begins in the Hip Hop, in the mix, and then, at the age of 13, he discovers the Jumpstyle. He falls after that, on a music style more harmonic and more melodic : The Hardstyle. The emotions created by this music attracts him. His big influences are great djs like The Prophet, Zany, Noisecontrollers, D-block & S-te-fan,… 

At the age of 14, he discovers "Fruity loops". He is fascinated by all these buttons that he didn't understand. So he begins to make search for this software. After one year of search, he knew it on this totality and decided to create some tracks, by using some samples and some VST. That's here that he begins to create some french tutorials for Fruity Loops, letting his email address to help the rookies. With that, he met  Mighty-X (alias Secret Unity). Since that time, they help each other to realise their track with the recent help of Pulserz, Heart Masterz, Storm Blasterz..

They realise together the band 5 Elements and release two free compilations : Afterlife I & II.

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