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Walt Jenssen
Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name : Walt Jenssen
Artist classificated : 124/303
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Walt Jenssen

                    More famous under the simple name of Walt, his real name is Wouter Janssen, very famous for his duo with Pascal Feliz. We can find him also under the name of Alex Fakey, Babylon/Double Unit/ Methods Of Mayhem/ Mr Puta/Side-Dish/Woody Rivers with Marcel Woods, Dutch Master/Headliner/Lowriders/Showtek/Unibass with Sjoerd Janssen, Opcode with Marcel Scheffers and Marco Joosten, Southstylers with Raoul van Grinsven  , Virus with Michel Pollen, Marcel Scheffers and Raoul van Grinsven.

He begins the production under the name of Walt in 2001 by associating with Zero-Gi for « Exciter / Contact » under the german label Blutonium Records in an Hardcore style that will also be released in Spain under the label Full Effect. Track supported by JamX & De Leon, Max B. Grant, Skudero. Then he releases the track « Te Quiero » that will be the first collaboration with Marcel Woods on the B2 label. Track that will have his own single.

In 2002 he makes his first duo with Pascal Feliz for the title « Endless » that will be a cult track for the hard trance scene on Dos Or Die Recordings in Germain, on Fusion Records in Deutchland and in Belgium on Dancity, supported by Dj Dean.

In 2003 he releases the track « Wanna Fuck » on the deutch label Carnal always in a hardtrance style, played by Marcel Woods. He made a new duo with Feliz for the title « Expansion » on Silicon Records. He also remixes a trakc of the Southstylers that is nothing but him with Zany.

2004, back to Carnal for the track « Bring The Pain » and « Silver Machine ». He releases the track « Funk'D » with Feliz on Silicon Recordings. He remixes the famous track of Gouryella, « Ligaya » supported by Judges Jules.

In 2005, he stays on Carnal and releass « What U Get » to be fill on the Hardstyl categorie.

2006, he makes the title « Let The Music Play » on Carnal in an Hard Trance style.

That's in 2007 that he uses the name Walt Jenssen to mix the title « ctrl/walt/del » on the deutch label Rytmic. The last track in date is signed on the label that he made with Zany, Dutch Master Works, it is « Waltmart / Waltstreet ». Track played on the show « In New Dj We Trust » of the BBC Radio 1.

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