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3 Steps Ahead
Artist Style : Hardcore
Real Name : Peter-Paul Pigmans
Artist classificated : 128/303
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3 Steps Ahead

                    Peter-Paul Pigmans (31 janvier 1961–27 août 2003) (also famous under the name of 3 Steps Ahead) is a Dj/Producer mainly based on Happy Hardcore and Hardcore.

3 Steps Ahead was, at the beginning a band composed of DJ Waxweazle (Rob Fabrie), Ed Bout (Holographic) and The Illegal Alien (Peter-Paul Pigmans). Rob Fabrie, like Ed Bout, goes relatively soon from his side, but the three members begin some pioneers of the Hardcore scene in solo.


Peter-Paul Pigmans was elected on the Thunderdome Hall Of Fame.

Peter-Paul Pigmans is one of the boss of the Gabber, kind of deutch Hardcore (and the title of one of their track.) This style is particular , especially for the bass that is weaker than normal and melodic and happy Basslines.

He begins his career in 1993 in Rave Records and Hard Stuff Records under the names of The Illegal Alien and Silverbells. In 1994, ID&T becomes the label that host Peter-Paul. The titles Crazy, In The Name Of Love, Drop It that really contribute to his success, and also the story of a day where the police come to Peter-Paul's house (his house had been partially attacked and he was fought) that will give the anthem Fuck The Police ( 1998), became numer 1 in Deutchland .


In Jannuary 1998, his daughter Lara Jill was born and his son Ender, at the end of 2000. Peter-Paul used the nickname of The Ender, from his son's name.

One year after, Peter-Paul learns he has a cancer that will not prevent him to produce, even if his style will be darker between Doomcore and Gabber, especially with the title Cloud 9. After 4 long years fighting against the illness, peter-Paul Pigmans died on August 27th, 2003 at 2.30 PM. This date is commemorated by some radio statos in Deutchland that only play 3 Steps Ahead's tracks on this day. In 2007, a tribute is done during the  "15 Jaars Thunderdom" (15 years of Thudnerdome) and with a serial of remixes released on the label The Third Movement. On August 2nd 2010, the EP In The Name Of Love appears witht the original mix version and a remix of Negative-A.

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