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AJ Busta
Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name : Alexander Juritsch
Artist classificated : 129/303
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AJ Busta

                    AJ Busta alias Alexander Juritsch nowadays is one of the most recommended harddance djs and producers in Austria! He got hooked on producing hardcore at the early age of 14 and began spinning records later back in 1998 starting at the famous Tower Club in Vorarlberg! Followed by gigs all over Vorarlberg and organising his own events he initiated his own organisation for the harder styles in Austria, named Austrocore Productions in the year 2000!

Since then he started to collaborate with several djs (Weichei, Van Beathoven, etc.) and his career stated with his first two hardstyle releases on the sampler “Electronic Club” with AJ Busta - LoveFuckTellme” and “Van Beathoven - O to the Flow”! Shortly after that he became an artist of AUdible Soundz” (Hitland Italy) under the supervision of DJ Weichei (alias Alibee)! The first release "Weichei pres. AJ Busta & Van Beathoven - E.P." and the follow up "AJ Busta con Weichei - E.P."hit the dancefloors all over Europe with rankings in Swiss DJ Charts 12 and Austria DJ Charts 16, even in New York it hit the TOP50 Cub Charts, what was remarkable for hardstyle at that time! 


Straight after his Remix of "Trancecooperation - Gebt fein 8" (AJ Busta con Weichei Mix) on Dj Warmduscher´s Label Fakten Records and "Alibee meets Locana - Fire (Aj Busta con Weichei RMX)" on 23 Records, which made it up under the Top Ten Dance Charts in Austria he started his own Label Austrocore with its first big "sold-out" release "AJ Busta & Van Beathoven - Selected Works Part 1" in the year 2005! 

2006 he got signed to the dutch label Hardcontrol Records and brought you the massive stomping "Overdrive your Speakaz" including Philterpunkz Remix (also known as Audio Damage)! Also Great Britain was already in fear of "Dance with the Devil" and "Kick´n´Pump" on Silent Curse Recordings (Liam B) and hit rank 6 salescharts @!

"Selected Works Part 2" was released as a second release on Austrocore in 2006 and next releases that year was by the newly found American label Darkdrive featuring two hard screechy heavy tracks called "Everybody´s Shit" and "XTC" and some remixes on several artists. 

On Kattiva Records at the world famous Edinet Music Company Italy the long awaited track “I Grow It” including remixes by The Machine and Francesco Zeta hit the whole hardstyle scene, being played at all major events in the world like Q-Base, Westfest, etc.


In the year 2006 AJ Busta also hosted the successful radioshow Hardfusion on, that was powered by one of the world´s most known hardstyle sites called (also owned by AJ), together with DJ Hardnatic, another artist of Austrocore spinning the wheels of steel.

In January 2008 another alias of AJ named DJ Floppy was released by the well known British label Future Sound Corporation supported by a massive remix by Audio Damage. Additionally AJ Busta could also make out a resident-discotheque for his event-series called Res-Q and gained the biggest label-floor on the huge electronic charity event Dance City in Switzerland, representing the harder styles in dance music. In the year 2009 he also managed to get a harder-styles austrocore & truckspot at the Streetparade in Vienna to spread the hardstyle to the Austrian Society. Next year there will be started a new event-series called "Hard-with-Style-Night" at a local discotheque, called Eventhaus. He is always busy bringing the new style among the Austrians and helping out newbie homecountry producers to get the chance to be heard. Nowadays he can look back to a succesful career since his debut release with 18 years and should be seen as a pioneer in the harddance scene in Austria having played all over and pushing heaps for the harder styles in the Alps for 10 years now.


Till present day AJ Busta has played near world-known stars such as Robbie Riveira (American House Star), Chris Cox (producer of Madonna and Jennifer Lopez), DJ Luna (Straight On Rec.), A-Lusion (Scantraxx), Max B. Grant (Best Swiss Hardstyle DJ 2004), DJ Isaac, Headhunterz, Zany, Lady Dana and many many more…

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