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Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name : Sjoerd Janssen / Wouter Janssen
Artist classificated : 52/303
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                    Showtek is a hardstyle duo composed by the Janssen brothers : Wouter & Sjoerd (aka Walt Jenssen & Duro ).

Make part of the main event Indoor of the world, Sensation Black, is a perfect indication of the current position of Showtek. The act based at Eindhoven that is formed by the two brothers Wouter (born in 1982) e Sjoerd (1984) has reached the absolute top after years of suffering, tears and work.

Their live performances were surprising, crazye Dj-Sets, but especially a lot of great productions lead them to lead the Harder scene. Their unique sound and entertaining has put the fire on deutch dancefloors, but on the whole world. Showtek has began a respected name abroad, making their shows everywhere on the planet.

"It's hard to mention the best point of our carreer. We have traval in almost every country, but we are especially proud to have played in Australia recently. In that days, we take the plane twice a month to play in other countries."

The two borthers have been infected by the dancevirus at their younger age, and becoming on a musical family, it was obvious that they began to produce thei own music.

After three years, Wouter and Sjoerd have finally had the felling that their efforts in studio had reched the professional level full of maturity and hoped to see their first track be released on disk.

From the two brothers, Wouter could be considered as a musical Mozart with a large vision of the music and his talent to play on synths. His brother Sjoerd being the productor dancefloor-oriented know directly what disk works or not in a set. After all this work on studio, they learnt the way to be efficient and more comfortable in their domain.

"Our sound is entertaining, melodic and hard. That's sometimes really studied, but can also been spontaneus. because every of each other has a different way to see the Showtek-sound, it can be really different. But our sound is always knowable as a typical Showtek'sound. With the beginning of the Dutch Masters Works label, they have created a plate-forme of quality or thei original electronic music.

Wouter and Sjoerd are more famous under the name of Showtek, even if they employed under project's names that have a lot of succes. The Walt name has been employed by Wouter and represent the trance and techno's influenced-by music, with hard beats and experimental contact. Duro is a project with hard beats and sounds and Southstylers is a cooperation between Walt and Zany. headhlinter and Dutch Masters are the two aliases that go for the more accessible hardstyle.

After having conquished Deutchland, the Showtek's productions are known in the whole world.

"Our goal is the perfection of the Showtek'sound and so on reach the most people around the world. But the most important thing is to never lose the passion and the fun."

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