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Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name : Raoul van Grinsven
Artist classificated : 55/303
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                    DJ Zany (or just Zany; real name: Raoul van Grinsven) (born 11 May 1974, Veldhoven) is known as a veteran disc jockey, with over ten years of experience at the producing and performing in the dance scene.

He lives in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven and is currently a fulltime DJ/producer, after having worked on the side for ten years in a record shop.

He started his career in the hardcore world, working between times with techno and trance, and has had many hits in the top 10, under various aliases. For the last few years, he has been concentrating on hardstyle. The former member of Shadowlands Terrorists has been producing for the Fusion label for many years, under a variety of pseudonyms.


"The ambience of the hardstyle scene is great, with enthusiastic and varied audiences. Hardstyle is a broad movement which I get a lot out of. However, I'm not afraid of incorporating techno, hardtrance and oldschool into my sets. The audience appreciates it if a DJ plays a variety of styles, rather than just hammering away in the same tone."


The former chef was infected with the dance bug by his elder brother and started work at the beginning of the 90's in the Eindhoven record shop Freaky Records.


During that time, Raoul was regularly found in local clubs like Carte Blanche and Carmen, and at big Shadowlands parties. As a member of the Shadowlands team, he performed abroad with the Shadowlands Terrorists, as well as under his own name. In the meantime, DJ Zany has played in countries such as Italy , Switzerland , Spain , Crete , Germany , Belgium , USA, England ,Northern Ireland, Cura



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