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Dj Waxweazle
Artist Style : Hardcore
Real Name : Rob Fabrie
Artist classificated : 262/303
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Dj Waxweazle

Rob Fabrie is at the begining attracted by the techno music style when he begins to produce with one of his friends Richard van Naamen and begins officially his carreer at the begining of the 90's at Dj Paul sides on the musical band called Holy Noise.

Holy Noise is then joined by two vocalists who are MC Alee and MC ruffian and two dancers Erwin and Natasja. The band knows a phenomenal success with tracks like Get Down Everybody, Forgive Them Father and James Brown Is Still Alive which reach the highs of musical charts. The band was considered as doing too hard music for Hithouse Records, and goes to the Midtown Records, and Rotterdam Records was born.

Fabrie decides to makes his own carreer and leaves the band. In 1993, Fabrie meets Lex van Coeverden, manager of the Dance International Records that loved Fabrie's tracks ; This one takes the name of Waxweazle.

At the begining of 1994, Rob signs a contract with one of the ID&T label, Duncan Stutterheim, and meets during the same period Peter Paul Pigmans and Ed Bout.
Together with Peter Paul, they launch the band called 3 Steps Ahead, and compose some success titles like Motherfuckers You’re Gonna Die and This is the Thunderdome. Then ID&T proposes to Rob to found his own label and ID&T helps his carreer booking him on events like Thunderdome, Global Hardcore Nation, Earthquake and others.

In 1997, he creates a different name with a slower tempo, called Sweet Dreams (You Bastard), the name of Headbanger. With this nickname, Fabrie composed various compilations and EP like Are u Afraid of the Dark?, Pray 4 Daylight, Serious Damage, Apocalypse et R-Evolution.

In 2000, he uses the name of The Alienator and begins to commercialise some E.P. called War Of The Worldz and 7 Gods Of Chaos. As the band Rotterdam Terror Corps & DJ Paul Elstak, Fabrie continues to use some distorted kicks.
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