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Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name : Juul Koopman
Artist classificated : 263/303
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Juul Koopman A.K.A. Tartaros is a Dutch Hardstyle DJ and producer born in a town called Tubbergen.

At the age of 15, Juul started listening to all kinds of hard dance music. After a year of discovering which kind of hard dance music he liked the most, his passion for Hardstyle was born.
Because the love for the music was so strong, Juul then decided to buy his first own DJ gear. 2 turntables and a and a mixer. Now he could start mixing vinyl!

After a year of spinning in his bedroom he participated in a DJ-contest. He won the contest en knew this was the thing he wants to do in the future! Juul knew that with only mixing it’s hard to become a real artist, so at the age of 17 he started to produce his own tracks. The first year of producing was pretty hard, but he never gave up. Step by step his tracks became better and better. He spend a lot of time behind his computer to find and create his own style in the Hardstyle scene.
When Juul turned 18 he started visiting various harder styled events in Holland. When he looked at the DJ’s who were playing, he always had that little voice in his head that told him that someday, he will be standing behind those decks.

At that time, Juul bought new producer equipment because he wanted to take his producing skills to a higher level. In the summer of 2010 he decided to send some of his tracks to other DJ’s. The reactions were good and at Q-Base 2010 The Vision played his track ‘Lingering melody’ in the hangar. This experience gave him the extra boost and he finally knew his tracks were taken serious by other DJ’s.

For now, Juul is still producing a lot of Hardstyle and he is making his way into the Hardstyle scene.

So you better watch out, because Tartaros will be coming strong!!
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