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Hardstyle Masterz
Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name :
Artist classificated : 71/303
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Hardstyle Masterz

It is In the old Italian city of Bologna that Antonio Donà, a.k.a Hardstyle Masterz, first saw the light of day on the 6th of June 1975 and it is in this city where the same guy nowadays causes the red roofs of the houses to tremble by his beats and basslines.

Being a music addict since he was a little kid, Antonio witnessed the birth of house music and he felt in love with this new style immediately. From that moment it was clear for Antonio what his goal on this planet would be: making people all over the world dance to electronic music. He bought some equipment, a couple of records and started practicing. His natural talent emerged quickly: in 1995 Antonio produced his debut single titled 'Integrated' under the alias Wide World. This track was not released on some small unknown label, it was pressed on Spectra Records: part of the record company The Saifam Group and at that time the personal record label of DJ Cirillo, acknowledged as the most important Italian techno DJ ever.

Making the people dance was not only a thing Antonio achieved by producing music, but also by his live performances. Again, his debut wasn't futile: on the 31st of December 1996 he faced 7.000 visitors in the legendary club Cocoricò in Riccione, Italy. And it wasn't only the fireworks 'causing this night to be a banging one!

At the beginning of the new millennium, dance music had proven it was there to stay and this offered new challenges to Antonio. It was time for something new! In 2000 he decided to join the Alternative Sound Planet production team and there he met Cristiano Giusberti a.k.a. Technoboy. Together they started producing music and for sure it's no exaggeration saying that these two guys were the pioneers of a new energetic sound that we know nowadays as Hardstyle. And what better project name was there to pick for Antonio, being one of the masters of this hardstyle music: in 2002 HARDSTYLE MASTERZ was born and he announced the beginning of a new era: the 'Age of Reverse Bass'!

This age is still lasting and Antonio is still (co-)producing under countless aliases such as HARDSTYLE MASTERZ, TNT, K-TRAXX, TUNEBOY, THE KGB'S, 2 BEST ENEMIES, DARK OSCILLATORS and ZAPPAMAN. His tracks are being released on some very important record labels: TITANIC RECORDS, BLQ RECORDS and DANCE POLLUTION are worldwide known as hardstyle labels of the highest quality.

In 2006, Antonio decided to step back on the stage performing live with his most beloved act HARDSTYLE MASTERZ. After years of continuous producing he wanted to see that crowd go wild in front of him again and he succeeded. With a blend of unreleased mixes, alternative productions and a big amount of enthusiasm he made the visitors at parties like IN QONTROL 2006, TBY 2006, 10 YEARS OF TECHNOBOY @ OUTLAND (Rotterdam) and DECIBEL 2008 dance until they dropped.

Well, partypeople of the world, get yourself together and make sure you are ready when Antonio Donà aka HARDSTYLE MASTERZ shows up live on stage at the most important parties on this planet, 'cause this master of hardstyle shows no mercy: hard heading, ass kickin', going straight to the top… He accepted the task to make you dance till ya drop!

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