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Phil Ty
Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name : Andrea Milani
Artist classificated : 78/303
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Phil Ty

Andrea Milani was born 28/12/74 in Reggio Emilia, a small city in the north of Italy. He is a dj since the 1994 and producer since 1996! His first discographic experience was with Saifam Group (Verona - Italy) from 1996 to 2003 and from 2009 till now, and with Expanded Music (Bologna - Italy), from 2004 till 2008.


These ones, are the relevant records with Saifam Group, under the name "Millo": in 1997 "Pull The Trigger" which gained good success in Germany licensed by German label FUSE (sub label of Massive Records) , which also entered important compilation as TECHNO CLUB VOL. 3, mixed by famous Dj'S Taucher and Mario De Bellis; in 1998 "Dance On The Streets" was released, the follow up of "Pull the trigger", and it followed the same path as the first single; under the name "B.O.N.Y.", co-produced with mate Dj Bony, in 1998 "The Angel's Cry" was released, which gained attention in Holland, Belgium and Spain and gets licensed by label MINDSTAR (sublabel of N.E.W.S RECORDS) and Spanish BIT MUSIC (dance division of Divucsa Music), entering several compilations and being played by Dutch raves! In the same year follow up "The Angel's Cry" was released that it is to say "The Hurricane" which got a good answer from Holland, Belgium and this time also from the UK! It got licensed from MINDSTAR and English VOLTAGE RECORDS which also make it remixed by prestigious artist, John Doe! In 2000 me and Dj Bony build the techno group "The Pumpers", which produced several dance tunes among all "Bailar", was licensed by German label ZYX RECORDS, which raised the 20th place in the 2000 German chart ( I was a co-producer with fellow Dj Bony of almost all the DFC-RESTYLE releases, under the alias of "Dj Millo", "Motor Bazz" and "Dirty Slipmatz!" and of course the ones that are still to come!! These ones, are the relevant records with Expanded Music , till 2008: in 2004 it's due to name "Dj Millo - Fuckin' Trip On XTC" which was licensed by English label NUKLEUZ in addition to be included in the most important Hardstyle compilations and in the playlists of the best Hardstyle Djs such as Cally & Juice!


Always in 2004, among the productions which gained most success there's for sure "Dj Millo - Schizophrenik in Panik", which got number one in the first Italian underground radio M2O in the ZERO DB CHART ; it also got included in some of the most know German and Dutch hard and jumpstyle compilations. Still in 2004 I have remixed "Kosmiklove" by Floorfilla and in 2005, among all the new productions "Dj Millo - Fucker" emerges and gets again number one in the M2O Radio ZERO DB CHART ! In 2006, with Dj Bony, we have remixed the big and famous 90's tune, "El Gallinero" by "Ramirez", which was licensed by German label ZYX RECORDS !!


From 2009 the collaboration with Saifam Group resumes, with a new musical experience characterized by Tribal sounds, Latin House and Electro music. The production team, firstly constituted by Andrea Milani and Corrado Boni, starts a new important collaboration with a young Argentinean producer/dj named Gianluca Zunda, who becomes in a few time the new front man of the energetic team.


The first production, released on February 2009, comes out as “Gianluca Zunda - Zanzibar”, which was licensed by French label AIRPLAY RECORDS, which gains lot of success in all the most important European Club's and revealing itself an authentic massive party tune!! Then,the team decided to start with a new project called "Zunda Project", which sees its first official release in May 2009 under the alias of "Zunda Project - Sirtaki", which entered important compilations!


At the end of 2009, was released a brand new dance/house project which he is still co-producer, called "Jessie Diamond Dj - Love is Emotion", which included a beautiful Zunda Project remix; this project collected a huge success in all Italian dancefloor, entering several Italian and European compilations!


In the same year, he decides to leave the production team to devote myself completely to a different and equally important musical project; in fact during the year 2009, he joined the production of the Hardstyle Saifam Project called "Dj Phil Ty", of which I became the front man, it's conceived and created by two famous hardstyle producers in the World, Cristiano Giusberti aka 'Technoboy' and Antonio Donà aka 'Tuneboy'.


In the end of 2008, "Dj Phil Ty - Miami Belch" was showed, while during year 2009 was presented "Dj Phil Ty - A Kay A" ; both collected a huge success in many European countries, along with the remix always signed by Dj Phil Ty of "The KGB's - Infinity".


In January 2010 was released a new single, entitled "Dj Phil Ty - The Winner Is", which included an incredible TnT Remix (Tuneboy and Technoboy Remix), entering several hardstyle compilations!


In October 2010 was released a new E.P. by Dj Phil Ty, wich included two new songs titled "Our Deepest Fear" and "Liberation Day", both featuring by the famous "kick and reverse bass 'alà Saifam', ready for your subwoofers!!".

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