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Blutonium Boy
Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name : Dirk Adamiak
Artist classificated : 87/303
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Blutonium Boy

Blutonium Boy (real name: Dirk Adamiak) is a hardstyle producer/dj from Germany.

He started playing as Session One (his trance-alias) in 1988 and has also used the alias Future Session. Adamiak would achieve European fame around 1997, he was already known in Germany, when he released "Dreams In My Fantasy" as Session One. This track was promoted and distributed by East West - Warner with a video on VIVA TV and by playing it a lot on the radio.

The following singles "Be In My Dream" (1998), "Ocean Of Emotion" (2000), "No Gravity" (2001), "Journey Through The Time" (2001), "Dreams In My Fantasy 2003" (2002), "In The Way" (2003), "Forever" (2004) made him known also in different parts of the world, such as Australia and Japan. Blutonium Boy often collaborates with DJ Neo (Christopher Ast). Each of Adamiaks last 12 hardstyle compilations (Blutonium Presents Hardstyle under EMI Music) reached the top 20 of the German Media Control Charts.

Blutonium Records Adamiak founded his own label: Blutonium Records. Blutonium Records later became Blutonium Media Germany, based in Keltern with 5 sublabels of which now only a few keep producing. The sublabels are Blutonium Traxx, Dance 2 Trance, Pumping Trance, Q-Asar, Trianon Records. Since Blutonium Records isn't producing trance anymore, but hardstyle, the production of trance is in the hands of the sublabels. In December 2005 Blutonium Records released her 100th album.

Yoji Biomehanika has made a remix of "Dark Angel" for Blutonium. In 2007 Adamiak and Ast decided to form a project together, called Blutonium Boys, because they have been producing and touring together for such a long time. Their first release was "Use Me / XTC". The Blutonium Records compilation CD called "Hardstyle Nation" (released in 2008 under ZYX Music) has received mixed reviews, most reviewers were disappointed to find out that the album does not contain primarily hardstyle music like the album's title suggests. Instead, the album also contains tech trance and latin house.

The End of Blutonium Boy As of September 2nd 2009 Blutonium Boy has retired. Transfering all rights to the Blutonium Media to DJ Flarup (Thomas Flarup).

He sent this message out to his mailing list: "From this day forward, Flarup will now assume control over Blutonium Media. Blutonium Boy has now chosen to take a new step in his life. Together with his daughter and family he has decided to retire and enjoy life in Portugal. After several previous meetings and negotiations, Flarup met Blutonium Boy in Portugal to go over the final business transfer details."

Previously, Blutonium Boy had announced he decided to take a break from the Hard Dance scene and work on combing a Hybrid of Latin music and Hard Dance.
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