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Wasted Penguinz
Artist Style : Hardstyle
Real Name :
Artist classificated : 6/303
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Wasted Penguinz

                    It all started late 2006 when Pontuz & Jon met eachother for the very first time. They only had contact over the internet before they met in person. It was Pontuz who asked Jon if he wanted to come to his place and produce some music over the weekend. Funny thing is that Pontuz & Jon used to hate eachother, they were rivals "production-wise". Always competing who was the most talented producer. Now they're best friendz & producing almost everything together. Helping eachother out with new ideaz.

It wasn't always about hardstyle for Pontuz & Jon. Before they started producing hardstyle they we're into "hands-up/cheesy-dance" music. It was the track "Scantraxx Rootz" who made them open up their eyes and ears for the harder styles. After that moment they were hooked on hard.

Pontuz had already produced some hardstyle tracks with his "Teequee" alias in 2006-2007, as Jon was continuing with his "cheesy-dance". It wasn't until mid 2008 they decided to start a hardstyle project together, cause' of their big love for hard beats and catchy melodies. Wasted Penguinz was born. You may ask yourself ; "why the strange name!?" well, it was a combination of random brainstorming & lots of beer. So now the journey had begun.

As they were improving their productions they got more knowledge of the hardstyle scene. The time had come to take the next step.Sending some of their tracks to labels they got an answer from a smaller label called Bazz Implant/impMUSIC. Their first release was a fact.

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