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Alan Cicco is a Hardstyle Dj from Oxford in Great Britain.


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                     Tim & Frank aka A-Drive started their professional dj career and introduced their new sound to the Hardstyle scene back in 2005. They are the founders and owners of the music production company 1st Division and have released man...


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                    From his real name Onne Witjes, the netherlandish dj born in 1983, is nowadays part of the essential djs of the Hardstyle scene. With more than 10 years of practicing in the HardDance scene, his own style had alrea...


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                      Abject is on of the names of Barry Drooger. He is also more famous under the name of Frontliner.


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                     Young talented producer from Denmark, born the 18th of May 1990, and live in Copenhagen. Goes under "Abw" when producing single-handed, and teamed up in a project called "Carnifex"....

Abyss & Judge

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Gevrey Heijnes and Justin Putuhena,the winning duo composed by Abyss & Judge mainly produce Hardstyle music. They already have lots of vinyls, like  "Hardstyle Revolution/One Life", "The Vision/Rock It", or also, "Stronger/Showdown". They are parts of the Dutch Master Works label (DMW), which Showtek is part of. Gevrey Heijnes (Abyss) discovered the mix at the...

Act Of Rage

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The new youngster from the infamous Minus is More label. His first E.P. ‘Confronting Reality’ contained 5 no-nonsense tracks. His follow up release was the high-accepted track Rage (Raw op je Dak 2014 anthem) with MC Jeff. Which resulted in full support by the big names in the scene. His musical vision and energetic performances resulted in in many gigs like Supremacy, Qapital, Dominator Fes...


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DJ Activator aka Manuel Tessarollo was born in Bassano del Grappa (VI),Italy. His career as a DJ began in the summer of 1995, Early in his career he started as a resident DJ at J&J-Orbital(Fe),Italy. For the following 5 years Manuel performed as a special guest on some major events and clubs in the north east of Italy like: Fabula, Strauss Tour, Sonar, Under Construction, Energy Club, Ecu and Fuse...


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                   Adaro is born in a village in the south of the Netherlands. He produced several electronic music styles, his alias for Hardstyle is DJ Adaro.

Ado The Dream

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no biography for now


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From Denmark, to You!   This young man is on the move! Only 14 years old(21/10 - 1996) and hungry for music! Malthe was at only 10 years of age getting into simple music-making programs, just to find out that this was his call. Music was all he was focused to do.  It all began by exploring different styles of electronic music from techno to trance. Some time...


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Adventum is a Dutch/Belgian collaboration between Jimi Kivit from The Netherlands and Morad Merzoug from Belgium. Jimi's interest in hardstyle started in the year 2002 when he went to Sensation Black. After that he was infected with the hardstyle virus. Morad's passion for hardstyle started in 2006. Short after that he started to produce his own music. In 2007 the two met each other tro...


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Thijs Verdegaal a.k.a Aeros is a Hardstyle DJ & producer from Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands.


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                    Afflictive is a collaboration project between Twisted Minds of SkullFuk3r & The Muff1n P3rvert.


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No description

AJ Busta

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                    AJ Busta alias Alexander Juritsch nowadays is one of the most recommended harddance djs and producers in Austria! He got hooked on producing hardcore at the early age of 14 and began spinning records later back in 1998 starting a...


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No Biography

Alpha Twins

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Alpha² – pronounced ‘Alpha Twins’ – are two brothers called Anco and Arjen Timmerman. They decided to call themselves twins, because of their similar taste in music and mutual agreement behind the decks. Alpha² started as resident-dj’s at the Qlubtempo parties in Zaandam. Playing their typical rough hardstyle, this was their breakthrough. Soon bigger events followed: they played at the biggest...


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                    Daniël Noordijk aka Alphaverb have always been in love with the electronic dance music. The first single CD he ever bought was "DJ Jose vs G-Spot - Wrong Is Right". released somewhere in the year 1999 (when he was 13 years old).


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Two young producers both from different corners of the globe with one sole purpose, to make it big in the scene. Alternate was established when two solo producers came together to create the project. With the passion of music Both Nils and Samuel Strive for success in the Hardstyle scene and aiming to achieve a unique sound through the productions they create.. &nb...


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Joyce Eijssen got infected with the hardcore virus at the age of 12 when she attended high school.Performing as an artist wasn’t even on her mind back then. That all started when a friend hosted a party at the local pub in September 2010. He put Amada on the flyer after joking around about it. But what started out as a joke quickly turned into an obsession. She defines her style as mainst...

Amalia Syst-M

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                    Amalia Syst-M started his career in 2001. Working on his "hard-dance" selection and his technique on the turntables over the years, he created in 2005 the radio show "COSMIC TRASH" on Radio 666.   Amalia Syst-M began to get noticed by his dj perf...

Ambassador Inc.

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                    Ambassador Inc. is the alliance between two names of the Jumpstyle/Hardstyle scene. Indeed, the team is composed of Coone & Fenix.  


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                    Amplifierz consists in 3 producers : Nick Faulhaber, Rob nordkamp and Brian Gomez Vega. In Apr...


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Seldom You will see people with true passion for what they do, Anna knew it from the moment she saw and heard dj's play hardstyle music. This was her destiny ! So it happened, at the age of 16 she bought her first dj set-up and started particing day and night driving their parents insane. Soon after she dared to record and spread some mixes she got contacted by a local c...

Anarchist, The

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The Anarchist started back in 2003 when Niels Hettema first laid his hands on 2 decks at a friend's house. Before becoming a DJ, Niels was already properly fixed on the whole harderstyles scene. Instantly hooked on the sound of oldskool, hardcore and eventually hardstyle he bought his first 2 cd players and started from there.  After a few years of perfecting his techniq...

Anderson T

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One of the pioneers of hardstyle in Brazil, Anderson T reached the top charts several times with it's energic music and it's perfectly tuned style. Always a geek for perfecionism, Anderson T never let the crowd down when plays it's own tracks. Producing for more than 10 years now, he reached the world with it's first official release by the beginning of 2012. It&#...


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Danny Masseling started making music at the age of 16. Beginning with 4-beat programmed loops and breakbeats etc, his interest in producing music started to grow. It almost became an The year is 1997. Danny Masseling is at the age of 16, and his first experience with music production has entered his system. Danny worked on his beats day and night. And how cliché it might sound, this actually becam...


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                    Barbara aka AniMe started the dj work in 1997 when the Italian Hardcore Movement was still totally dominated from men djs. In 2000 she become part of the famous Italian Label "D-Boy Black Label" with the artistic name "Radioactive&...


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Antiverse is a Hardstyle DJ and Producer from Denmark and has been stated active since 2011, according to Youtube activity. Antiverse started out with a track supported by Toxxic Records formed by Hemar Randall and Jordan Casement from USA,called 'Manners' which is a free release, although this was mistaken for an actual release at Toxxic Records because it was labelled under the 'TOXPROMO' ca...


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                    Arkaine is a new upcoming artist group from the Netherlands, with the 2 brothers Casper & Koen Pijnenburg and Jim Craane. In November 2009, they created their first track together. After that many followed and with succes. Late 2010, the guys signed...

Aron Setha

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David Gladysz a.k.a. Aron Setha grew up in the small town Wels in the north of Austria. His love and passion for music came very early. As he recieved a Mixer and 2 cd player as his 10th birthday present, he immediadtely sta...


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Erik began his adventure into electronic music in the early nineties. In 1995 he bought his first set of turntables and soon he was invited to show his dj skills at several parties in and near Amsterdam. After a successful performance at one of the first Qlubtempo parties in 2002 he became a well known guest at hardstyle parties in the Netherlands. After a break of almost three years he...


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Artifact has always had a huge passion for music. He started playing guitar at young age, and this is how he learned a lot about writing, understanding and composing music. In 2010 he started producing hardstyle. Throughout the years he learned a lot, and eventually things started falling into place. In 2013 he was signed to the Gearbox Digital label, and he had several succesful releases ther...


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Atmozfears, aka Tim van de Stadt, is a Dutch hardstyle artist pushing boundaries with his emotive and energetic sound. From what originally started as a trio in 2008, Atmozfears has grown to become a huge name in dance music with Tim at the helm sporting his innovative approach to music.  Support for Atmozfears has been flying in from all angles since Scantraxx signed the excitin...

Audio Damage

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                    Audio Damage; a universal name in Australian Hardstyle. Ever since 2004 he has had a multitude of hit tracks such as ‘Garlic Breath Tosser’ ‘Pain’ and ‘The Devil Within’. The fir...


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Music has always been a monumental part in the life of Audiofreq. Better known as 'Bioweapon' or Sam Gonzalez, he needs no introduction to the hardstyle scene, being one of the most recognizable and infectiously passionate artists to date. Audiofreq is the culmination his drive and energy, an evolution born from Sam’s unquestionable passion to his music to higher heights.


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The beginning of 2013 is the dawn of a new era in hardstyle. Young, versatile and full of energy, the artists of Audiotricz showed up on the block and their message is: “We’re here to stay!” Having a background in sound design Kenneth and Léon rushed into the world of harder styles with their unique, melodic yet banging sound and the future looks bright for them. 


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No description


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Jean philippe Petit aka Avero is a belgish dj/Producer from Liège. He has released some titles on Subsonik Musik Records.


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No Biography for now