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Headhunterz, aka Willem Rebergen, was born on September, 12th 1985 in Deutchland. At the age of 9, he gives up soccer to sing on a children's choral. A lot of albums are released, especially Christmas songs or animal projects. One day, he enters in a professionnal recor studio and discover a new vocation. When he didn't sing, he sat behind the turntables to be technician. At the a...


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Noisecontrollers is a hard-dance act run by Bas Oskam. For nearly a decade, Noisecontrollers has been one of the leading acts in the Hardstyle genre hitting all major stages around the world. From an intense passion for music the producer behind Noisecontrollers, Bas Oskam, produces new music at conveyer belt pace. His succes is built on his unusual talent for producing music with a creativity...

Gunz For Hire

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(6 votes)
In early 2011 an underground alliance was formed in the shadows. Two colossal hardstyle assassins with an unmatchable, intrinsic passion for music joined forces and fused together years of sonic creation. The collaboration resulted in a sound unlike anything heard before: dark, hard, and unquestionably raw. At events up and down the country, frantic scenes have been witnessed due to h...


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Jean philippe Petit aka Avero is a belgish dj/Producer from Liège. He has released some titles on Subsonik Musik Records.


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Hardstyle DJ and producer Frontliner (Barry Drooger) is well known for his versatile approach to the genre. His latest album Producers Mind (2011) is a showcase of versatility and recent monster hits such as ‘Dream Dust’ and Lose ‘The Style’ are direct proof of his skills to both feel and surprise his fans. And while he normally makes his appearance high above the crowd,...

Wasted Penguinz

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                    It all started late 2006 when Pontuz & Jon met eachother for the very first time. They only had contact over the internet before they met in person. It was Pontuz who asked Jon if he wanted to come to his place and produce some music over the weeken...


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(2 votes)
Antonio Donà a.k.a. Tuneboy was born in Bologna, Italy. At the beginning of the Nineties, Antonio bought some equipment, a couple of records and started practising. His natural talent emerged quickly: in 1995 he produced his debut single titled ‘Integrated’ under the alias Wide World. Just one year later, Antonio gave his first live performance at the legendary...


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                     Stefania Alessi aka DJ STEPHANIE was born in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) ... her passion for music started at the time she was a teenager following her father, who used to be a dj and events organizer, this way she learned the art of mixing... in the beginning she loved Tech...

Brennan Heart

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Fabian Bohn, more famous under the name of Brennan Heart is a dutch Dj/Producer néerlandais avtive now for several years. With more than 100 releases under different names, H's now part of the greatest djs of the Hardstyle scene. He also created the M!D!FY label with the Dj The Prophet Brennan Heart played in several Events everywhere in the world like Qlimax, Mysteryland, Black, Decibel...


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The interest in music started at an early age for Warface. Growing up with an era full of distorted Hardcore sounds. Further on his interest in the harder styles begun to grow. At the age of 16 he visited his first Hardstyle party and was immediately hooked. At this moment Warface knew he wanted to become a DJ and producer.   Aft...


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                    When you randomly ask some Technoboy fans to describe their idol in one sentence, you can be sure the line “he is the King of hardstyle” will be spoken. That’s quite something, being compared to one of the biggest legends in the music industry. But the ones that h...


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Wildstylez (Joram Metekohy) began his hardstyle career alongside Ruben Hooyein in a duo named Seizure. With this project they already begun releasing on labels such as Blutonium Records, and StraightOn Recordings before moving on to Scantraxx Records. His first solo release on Scantraxx (Life'z A Bitch vinyl) sparked enormous interest by the hardstyle community. He has s...

R3bels, the

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                     The R3bels is an original cooperation between two DJs and producers, Leonardo Toni & Alessandro Pomponio, which took form after various experiences as a result of an endless musical growth. The duo formed in Rome in 2007.

Josh & Wesz

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This duo made a lightning career into the world of Hardstyle after their first release on the infamous Straight On Records label. Quickly moving to the Hardcopy imprint of Deepack they soon found themselves playing on almost every mainstage thought possible.   Their fast rise to fame and relatively young age give them advantages they both know how to use; an energetic s...


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                     Dailucia was discovered at the famous Dutch television show Holland’s Next Topmodel. In the show she mentioned that she would rather like to perform as a dj in front of thousands of ravers than to stroll the Parisian catwalks. As a consequen...

Catatonic Overload

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                     Marc Scheeren and Tim Oelers are responsible for the power of Catatonic Overload (Co2). These two guys from the South of Holland have created this new project name for their raw and energetic hardstyle sounds.


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French talent Revocate, known as Pulserz before, born Nicolas Delemontez, started playing the piano when he was just a child, being the first stage of his love for music. In 2006, electronic music came into his life, which immediately drew his attention. This revelation caused him to start producing hardstyle in 2007. After years of practice he had his first release in 2011, spreading his sound...


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Dj Coone was born on May, 30 1983 in Belgium near the deutch boundary and has began his career as a Dj in 1998. Driven by his natural creativity and his interest for the music, with a great talent, he combines the production and the Djing. He has already been quoted as one of the best hope in Hard music styles. His gigg at the Reverze 2006 has been noted and boosted his career. His track...


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                     TNT is the alliance between Technoboy & Tuneboy. Avid hardstyle fans already know who TNT are, but this is where you can discover everything about TNT’s history, ethos and unique sound. The TNT proj...

Promo, Dj

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Sebastian Hoff, also known as Promo, was born on April 12 1976 and started DJ-ing in 1992. Because he didn’t have a resident club, he organized his own events in local clubs. Because of this, he came in contact with well-known names in the hardcore scene.  At the age of 19, Sebastian produced his first track under the alias Section-8 together with Pro...

2 Brothers Of Hardstyle

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Jimmy the Sound & Delfromad together form the "2 Brothers of Hardstyle", a team with very specific sounds that can make good projects and superlatives rmx! As productions, to signal I LOVE THIS RECORD & COZMIC KICK , which had many projects and much feedbaak reflected in the Europe... The turning point came with the hit TECHNO BASTARD, THE HYMN & T...


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Erik began his adventure into electronic music in the early nineties. In 1995 he bought his first set of turntables and soon he was invited to show his dj skills at several parties in and near Amsterdam. After a successful performance at one of the first Qlubtempo parties in 2002 he became a well known guest at hardstyle parties in the Netherlands. After a break of almost three years he...


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Binum is one of the lot of aliases of the belgish Vincent Gorczak. He has been the main dj at the Oh Club in Belgium.

Express Viviana

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Viviana Parisi aka Express Viviana is one of the most appreciated Italian Hardstyle female DJ around the globe. Married since 2003 with Daniele Mondello they combined their passion for music and their talents to create the legendary Mondey Studio in Messina (Italy) where every day they are creating, testing and developing new ideas for deliver to the hard dance floors new and fresh massive trac...


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                   Adaro is born in a village in the south of the Netherlands. He produced several electronic music styles, his alias for Hardstyle is DJ Adaro.


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                    The Toneshifterz (Elie Abwi and Olcay Ertek) started in mid of 2009, but before this… Elie produced UK Hardcore, House, trance and electro while Olcay was also producing UK Hardcore and Gabber. Then after the opportunity arose in Australia...


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It all started when producer Pepijn began his quest, to search for a DJ better than the rest. Along his journey, he met Niels. They learned from one another, and became close friends. Their passion for Hardstyle grew stronger each day. Together, they formed the Frequencerz, and played chaotic sound waves wherever they went. Their almighty power was sensed by two DJs - Deepack and...

Vision, The

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At a young age Vincent auf der Haar was already involved with music and musical instruments. At the age of 10 he started to take piano lessons and by the time he 14 he had also had 2 years of keyboard lessons. Music soon became his passion. In 2005 he discovered Hardstyle and his love for the harder sounds was born. It didn’t take long before he started producing his own hard sound...


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Music has always been a monumental part in the life of Audiofreq. Better known as 'Bioweapon' or Sam Gonzalez, he needs no introduction to the hardstyle scene, being one of the most recognizable and infectiously passionate artists to date. Audiofreq is the culmination his drive and energy, an evolution born from Sam’s unquestionable passion to his music to higher heights.


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Blackburn developed his love for electronic music at a young age. From the very beginning he was intrigued by what the equipment had to offer and how he could develop his own sounds. He started producing in 2007 and after a couple of years of hard work and dedication for his passion, Blackburn was signed to Therabyte, initially as his alter ego “Drivium”. In 2012...


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Valentin Troha aka X-Pander, born in France in 1992, is an upcoming face of the Raw Hardstyle scene. This music lover signed at Invaders Records has already performed as such events as Loudness or Techno-Parade and he receives support from top names like Luna, Deepack, Adaro, Crypsi...


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Benjamin Sahba (Refuzion), discovered hardstyle back in 2009 and was instantly hooked. This encouraged him to take his first steps in producing Hardstyle. Refuzion developed his own style: a blend of emotional melodies and energetic basslines, which is well represented in his first release at Di...


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Neilio's music has a characteristic thrill that doesn't fade like other hardstyle tunes sometimes do and this sets him apart from other artists. This has led him to gain thousands of fans in only a couple years. He has also had the honor of playing on big events such as Defqon1, Qontinent, Q-base and Bassleader. His tracks have even been supported by names such as Coone, Headhunterz, Wa...

Ukrainian Hardstylerz

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No doubts, it's one of the most famous and well known Hardstyle project of Eastern Europe. It was founded in 2008. It contains of two guys from Kiev (Ukraine) – Artem Iuzefchuk and Vladimir Hanash.  While the history of project, they made a lot of successful tracks. Discography of UH consists of more than 40 hits. At this moment, guys are residents o...

Miss K8

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Kateryna Kremko, more known as Miss K8 is an international hardcore DJ and producer from Kiev, Ukraine. She has performed all over Europe as well as America and Australia. Her sets are famous for their raw flavor and a unique drive that has thrilled many dancefloors. Bringing the crowd a combination of energetic mixing and powerful performances, she viciously rocks every party. T...


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B-Front (Bob van der Palen) was introduced to music at the young age of 8 years old. He became acquainted with a next-door neighbours studio and it was not too long until he was tweaking the Distortions, Drum Machines and Synthesizers. At the age of 10 B-Front was ready to go out on his own and he started to produce his own records, at this stage Hardstyle wasn’t aroun...


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                    From his real name Onne Witjes, the netherlandish dj born in 1983, is nowadays part of the essential djs of the Hardstyle scene. With more than 10 years of practicing in the HardDance scene, his own style had alrea...


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At the moment, Paul van der Vooren is one of the most popular and most frequently booked DJs in Holland. Born in Haarlem (the Netherlands), Pavo has already spent half a lifetime behind the turntables and has now reached the top, at which he will probably remain for a while to come. Much of his success is due to the fact that he's been working in the studio(dreamland/cod...

D-Block & S-Te-Phan

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D-Block and S-te-fan (Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas) are two hardstyle artists from The Netherlands. They started co-producing in 2004. Bakker grew up with his father producing electronic music, which allowed him to learn musical skills very early in his childhood. Daas' inspiration comes from Happy Hardcore, which he was a large fan of in the 1990s. When they started to work as a...

Slim Shore

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Slim Shore aka Henry Snijders was formerly known as the on-stage face of the Dutch Master project. In 2007 Henry was discovered by the Dutch Master Works-label and was asked to join their crew. His talent for producing and his major dj-skills contributed highly to the success of this project and...

Abyss & Judge

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Gevrey Heijnes and Justin Putuhena,the winning duo composed by Abyss & Judge mainly produce Hardstyle music. They already have lots of vinyls, like  "Hardstyle Revolution/One Life", "The Vision/Rock It", or also, "Stronger/Showdown". They are parts of the Dutch Master Works label (DMW), which Showtek is part of. Gevrey Heijnes (Abyss) discovered the mix at the...


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Nick & Jimmy Verspaget, 2 brothers from the south of The Netherlands combined their forces a couple of years ago and started Krusaders.  Their dream to become a member of the respected Scantraxx family came true. The past year they rocked the stage on various major gigs like: QBASE, Xxlerator & Euphoria. With tracks like “Reinvented”, “Be My Guest&rd...


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DJ Activator aka Manuel Tessarollo was born in Bassano del Grappa (VI),Italy. His career as a DJ began in the summer of 1995, Early in his career he started as a resident DJ at J&J-Orbital(Fe),Italy. For the following 5 years Manuel performed as a special guest on some major events and clubs in the north east of Italy like: Fabula, Strauss Tour, Sonar, Under Construction, Energy Club, Ecu and Fuse...


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Ruthless started spinning records in 1995, and shortly after, he was already making mixtapes for local radio stations like Radio Balans and Stadsradio Rotterdam. He started as a resident hardcore DJ at Kozmoz (Belgium) and Maddox (Vlaardingen). Since 2002 Ruthless is playing all over the world. Of course the big parties like Qlimax, Defqon 1, Decibel Outdoor and Reverze were...

Alpha Twins

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Alpha² – pronounced ‘Alpha Twins’ – are two brothers called Anco and Arjen Timmerman. They decided to call themselves twins, because of their similar taste in music and mutual agreement behind the decks. Alpha² started as resident-dj’s at the Qlubtempo parties in Zaandam. Playing their typical rough hardstyle, this was their breakthrough. Soon bigger events followed: they played at the biggest...

Hardstyle Mafia

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DJ & Producer duo from Finland. Consists of 2 members: Jesse Jokinen & Kimi Niinimäki. Hardstyle Mafia was originally founded by 2 brothers, Jesse & Markus Jokinen.  After several years producing Trance/Hardtrance, they started to produce Hardstyle in the beginning of 2005. With love to orchestral music, they like to combine hardstyle with classical...

Bass Modulators

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These two friends that have met each other at secondary school, have both a great passion for the music and have began their musical carreer at the age of 17. Rick produce mainly trance and hardtrance while Roland has developped a passion for the mix.Rick was always searching for his real vocation and Roland played variety of electronic music styles in a local club as Dj. The Hardstyle has q...

Digital Abuse

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Hardstyle duo, by two friends from Poznan. Paweł Pietrasiak and Piotr Pawlak. For many years, they were hardly interested in many generes of club music. They were still searching for a music, that will show theirselves, until they have met at the begining of year 2009. Paweł is a dj, almost, since he was a child; Piotr for just few years. The thing they were looking for was very simpl...

Dark Pact

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It was 2007 when Robin Alers aka Dark Pact, born in Zutphen in The Netherlands, discovered Hardstyle. When he heard the atmospheric breaks, great melodies and heavy kicks, he immediately fell in love with the music. In 2009 he started producing as a hobby, until he really set out a goal of becoming a Hardstyle DJ and producer in 2011. His hard work from then on paid off: in February 2012, his f...

Bruno Power

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Bruno Barbarossa, aka Bruno Power (born in Turin the 1st February 1975) started as a Progressive DJ moving into Techno and is now a hardstyle DJ. He debuted with his first album aged 14, and in 1989 made his first appearance in a club in Turin. Bruno has, since 1998, been resident DJ of hardstyle club Shock!Paesana (CN) He ma...


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Enigmato (other aliases: Tornadozzer, Explozzer) Named one of the best polish hardstyle DJs and producers. His career started in 2004, when a famous DJ and producer - Flashrider declared, that Eni had won a contest for his "Sex In The Club" remix. He also helped in releasing first vinyl named "Enigmato - Harddstuff EP" in Flash Music. Enigmato started dji...


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                   Discovered by hardstyle legend Luna, Polish/Dutch producer Grzegorz Luzynski got the chance to prove his musical abilities on the infamous Minus is More label. Grzegorz' passion, talent and vision on hard music fascinated Luna and resulted in the powerful collaboration called "Choic...


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Genox (Born in Kraków, Poland on 06 November 1991) is a Hardstyle producer and DJ. Originally having his roots in Italy, he now currently lives in Krakow, Poland. Genox's musical passion began at a young age starting with Classical music through to Jazz, Rap, Film Scores, Rock and Metal later on. Genox had his first taste for musical creation at just age...

Da Tweekaz

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                     Da Tweekaz, also known as Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli, had been making music together for a couple of years before they got into hardstyle. They tried making different styles of harder dance music such as: hardtrance, hardhouse and hardtechno ,...

Prime Suspects

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Prime Suspects is a hardstyle duo from the U.K born from the minds of DJ's and long term friends, Hustler and Hardcheck. After performing together for many years, the guys started producing music together under their Hustler & Hardcheck alias and a string of hits followed along with numerous number one tracks on both Trackitdown and With the guys fast gaining su...

Daniele Mondello

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Daniele Mondello is a DJ born and raised in Sicily, Italy. In 1990/1991 he became number 1 both at the national championship "Stagione Estiva" at Cocoricò in Riccione, and at the "Walk up" championship, that took place at the Acquafan in Riccione. In 1993 he attended the Technics DMC World Mixing Championship and Became finalist performing at the legendary "Ministry of Sound" in London using 4 tur...

Davide Sonar

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He has begun to care for the music in the 1987 when he was 6 years old, playing the piano and singing in a choir! But when he was 14 years old he began to approach to the electronic music: he started to buy few records and spin the turntables at some private parties.   In the 2002 he s...

Scary Clowns

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Scary Clowns is a new Italian Hardstyle duo, born from a simple but crazy idea.  Their freaking, insane and raw style first track, called "Dirty Insanity" became so recognised by most part of hardstyle listeners and Headhunterz inserted it on his famous podcast "Hard With Style".

Donkey Rollers

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Donkey Rollers, Hardstyle Rockers!! A statement that has been fully brought to life by the live-sensation of today's hardstyle scene. Over the past years Zany, Jowan and MC DV8 have proven that Donkey Rollers is the way to go if you need a party to go off beyond reason. Their story of success started when Raoul van Grinsven and Michel Pollen combined forces in the recording studio bac...

The Beast Project

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The Beast Project are a Spanish formation of deejays and producers (Tate, Qhristian Qano & Javier Salgado) that want to make something different with the Hard music   This union born when they saw the necessity to make harder the Hardstyle music.  A revolutionary way to understand this music. A different point to view the Dj Sets and the Live Show, a great comb...

Francesco Zeta

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                     Francesco Zeta (Argese Francesco) was born in 1981 in Torino Italy. Where In 1999 he started to work as a Deejay at a local club in the north west of Italy, playing Techno / Trance Music. In 2001 he started to work as a freelance artist, playing Hardstyle at various cl...

Tekno Tom

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Thomas Morgan aka Tekno Tom is a dj/producer from South Wales. He produced various remixes for B-Twinz as a single artist and also with the Bass Bandits

Hammers, The

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The Hammers are the new entry on White Blood Records. Those two young talented guys comes from Italy and with their hardstyle productions will blast new experience into your mind and body! More infos will be available soon about this artist!


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A few years ago Richard the Mildt’s career as a dj developed at an accelerated rate, which has lead to the fact that this uncrowned king of hardstyle is now to be rated among the most popular dj’s in the Netherlands. In 2003 Luna came fourth in the Top 100 of best dj’s in the world during the Dutch Dance Awards, overtaking big shots like Carl Cox, Dave Clarke and Sven Vät...

Max B. Grant

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                     Max B. Grant is the alias of Massimo Briganti, who was born in Lecce, Gallipoli in Italy. Ever since he was young, he got interested in everything concerning music. Back then you could often find him at parties and in bars. But after a while, his interest...

Hard Driver

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What started as a mysterious live act, with an unparalleled energy and magic – the man behind the helmet tore through the Hardstyle scene with sheer force. A shock and awe attack bringing a new flavour to the sound we all adore. Hard Driver was a ghost, a spectre of mystery with productions going beyond all expectations and an act combining the beauty and the power of show a...

Philippe Rochard

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Philippe Rochard got into dance music back in 1994 when he started to spin at local school parties. He released his first 12” called «System of Love» under the guise of Akropolis two years later – co-producer of this track was non other than Germanys star producer Marc Van Linden (better known as R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R.). The track turned into a club hit in Switzerland and G...

Dr Rude

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The combination of diverse styles makes Dr. Rude one of the most versatile DJ’s in the Benelux.   The Dutch crowd is mad about his oldschool, early rave and present hardcore-sets, but abroad they are also loving his French tek and Belgian beats-sounds. To make this very thing clear: you can’t put this man in boxes. He manages to rock every part...

Scope Dj

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In 2008 Scope DJ joined the Scantraxx forces. This passionate producer and DJ from Kampen is responsible for megabits such as 'Lockdown', 'Rock Hypnotic' and 'Househeads' as well as many remixes he did for other big players in the scene. He has already played at many big events such as Defqon.1, Hardbass, Decibel, Q-Base, Reverze, In Qontrol, Tomorrowland, X-Ql...


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Lowie van Leeuwen was born on 18-05-’85 in the Hoek van Holland (near Rotterdam). It all began for him at a young age. His love for music developed mostly because of the inspiration he got from his father. He learned how to play piano at a very young age and proved to be more then talented in playing all types of music. With the 90’s passing by he became more interested in the harde...


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                    Showtek is a hardstyle duo composed by the Janssen brothers : Wouter & Sjoerd (aka Walt Jenssen & Duro ). Make part of the main event Indoor of the world, Sensation Black, is a perfect indication of the current position of Showtek...


72e / 303
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In-Phase consists of Brecht Boudrez from Belgium and Tom Benders from The Netherlands. With a background in (classical) piano music and a love for energetic hardstyle tracks it comes as no suprise that their unique style combines these elements into tracks with epic melodies and a lot of drive. After their passion for hardstyle brought them together their first releases followed short...

Silver Nikan

73e / 303
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Kevin Willemsma alias Silver Nikan is born on 7th of April 1989. His interest for music started at a very small age. He experimented always with...

Dr Phunk

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When the only 22 year old dutch boy called ‘Jordy Buijs’ started his harddance career, he never thought things would work out so well.   After being signed to his first recordlabel 4 years ago, he worked hard to develop his own sound. Last year Dr Phunk signed to one of leading harddance recordlabels called ‘Dirty Workz’. They creat...


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It all started when John Wijdoogen (12/08/1984) and Sander Kapper (21/12/1975) met each other at a local recordstore. Both crazy about the harderstyles they decided to combine their forces in the studio.With their first release immediately picked up by the heavy weights in the scene it all went really fast.Not many dj’s can say that their first gig was at...

Pitcher, the

76e / 303
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                    The Pitcher started out as a studio project in the year 2000. With the upcoming of the harder styles, Michel Pollen, the producer of “The Pitcher”, started producing hardstyle orientated tracks like “Pump It Loud” and “Star...


77e / 303
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He was pretty young when he got infected by the joy of making music. The first time when he saw his brother producing hiphop beatz, he immediatly knew what he wanted to do with his life. It felt impressive in having the chance to create music the way that he likes it. After all those years listening to different kinds of music, he finally had the chance to create something unique.


78e / 303
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                    DJ Zany (or just Zany; real name: Raoul van Grinsven) (born 11 May 1974, Veldhoven) is known as a veteran disc jockey, with over ten years of experience at the producing and performing in the dance scene. He lives in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven and is currently a fulltime D...

Substance One

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Created in the high-security research laboratories buried deep within the mountains of an undisclosed location, a new form of high octane and extremely flammable material substance has been created. Its unique compounds, formed by crystaline fragments of newly discovered minerals and matter particles has induced the transformation of one individual into what scientists now refer to as...

Mode Seven

80e / 303
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Known for their trancy influences, variety in elements and unique atmosphere. These 2 young gentlemen know what you need to get it going on the dancefloor. The combination of emotional melody combined with raw sounds and hard kicks are every bit of technique they’ve mastered in the last few years. And this year promises to be the start of someth...


81e / 303
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Since a little kid i was always into music, everywhere and everytime i've had the desire to listen or create music. Being in a discotheque made me feel home, it made me feel like i belong there. Things really started when i first came in contact with music making programs such as Magix music maker. But this program was very limited and i was looking for somethin...


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Quantum is the Hardstyle project of the french producer Stefan Da Silva.


83e / 303
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Within his 22 years he can look at a portfolio containing over 17 years of practical music-experiance and theoretical-knowledge (ex. the 2nd place in the biggest german competition "Jugend Musiziert", drumming in several TV-Shows). Within these 15 years he got trained in classical drumming (especialy Jazz, Swing and Pop/Rock but also Latin American Music), all kind of Percus...

Toxik Waste

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                     Toxik Waste produces electronic music since 2005. He quickly turned to Hardstyle and Jumpstyle and released his first track with the famous belgian DJ, DJ Furax, in 2007. This first collaboration, and thanks...


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Two young producers both from different corners of the globe with one sole purpose, to make it big in the scene. Alternate was established when two solo producers came together to create the project. With the passion of music Both Nils and Samuel Strive for success in the Hardstyle scene and aiming to achieve a unique sound through the productions they create.. &nb...

Prickly Souls

86e / 303
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Prickly Souls is a new Hardstyle duo of DJ/Producers.  Founded in december 2012, these guys allied their tastes and their knowledge in order to make some dynamic tracks with innovative styles. They produce as they feel! Melancholic, dark, crazy, why not euphoric?! etc They also have their own style as "DJs" by making some crazy transitions and keep dy...


87e / 303
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The German based producer Zyprus reincarnates the combined forces of raw but energetic sounds.  Being a perfectionist lead him to the path he has gotten so far. With his tracks 'The Danger' and 'Death of a Demon' he grew attention into the scene and strenghened his carreer with tunes like 'Fake' and 'Into Sight'.  Freshly s...

Prophet, the

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                     Dov J. Elkabas (born November 5, 1968) alias DJ The Prophet is a Dutch DJ/producer and one of the Dutch leading gabber and hardstyle DJs.[citation needed] [edit] Biography The Prophet started his career as a DJ in 1983 after he discovered turntables at a disco in Amsterdam. H...

Nasty Boyz, the

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The name of Nasty Boyz is a Hardstyle project formed by the two great names wich are Bruno Barbarossa (Bruno Power) and Ivan Magnasco (Iva Carsten).


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Endings give us the chance to start anew, and the separation of Omegatypez has brought a fresh beginning to Fusion Records. With more flexibility to balance work and life commitments as a solo artist, Johannes will hereby return to the scene as Faizar. The sounds you might hear from Faizar are incredibly boundless: There may be deep kicks that dive into uncharted waters, or...


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The young guy fron Enschede in the Netherlands, famous under the name of Requiem, is one of the new talents recently signed on Fusion Records. The dj/Producer plays a fresh Hardstyle and is part of the future of the Hardstyle scene.

Inventors, the

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The Inventors is an Hardstyle duo composed by Adam Ferenczi and Andor Bokoli comming from Budapest in Hungary. They released titles like Angelz, Intervene or also  Eternity on Aussie Hardstyle records.


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After immersing himself in the energy of Hard Dance music, his body absorbed its darkness, causing his blood to boil with passion. The man was no longer an ordinary human, for he was filled with sinister energy, desperate to be released from the cages of his skeleton. He knew that the best way to release that energy was through production of sounds.  He sought to venture int...

Hose, the

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                    The Hose is the association of 4 great italian djs/producers. They are Cristiano Giusberti more famous under the name Technoboy, Antonio Donà, aka Hardstyle Masterz, Luca Antolini and finally Mauro Farina. Other aliases containing these artists have been realised :...


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Seldom You will see people with true passion for what they do, Anna knew it from the moment she saw and heard dj's play hardstyle music. This was her destiny ! So it happened, at the age of 16 she bought her first dj set-up and started particing day and night driving their parents insane. Soon after she dared to record and spread some mixes she got contacted by a local c...


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                     The Beholder, Jeroen Streunding, has a history of successes that is virtually unique. No man has produced so many classics as this man. With this background it's no wonder that his own labels have very high standards when it comes to putting releases on vinyl.

Devin Wild

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Devin Wild is a young talented Hardstyle DJ and producer from Holland. He got inspired by Hardstyle when he was only 8 years old. At the age of 9, Devin started exploring his musical talent by producing bits and pieces for hours, creating energetic and uplifting Hardstyle. But this ambitious young man has a much broader perspective when it comes to music. He listens to styles like ambient and prog...


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Teequee is nothing else than the alias of Pontuz Bergman, or still 50 % of Wasting Penguinz. He has produced Hardstyle titles between 2006 and 2007 before begin a project with Jon called Wasted Penguinz..


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After starting her hardstyle career back in 2010, Diana Zwerwer, better known to us as Deetox, has been going from one highlight to another. With a schedule filled with top notch bookings ranging from Bass Academy, XXlerator and Loudness to Decibel, Emporium, Defqon.1 and Q-BASE, it's impossible to miss out on this rising star. She seizes every opportunity to take her unique brand abroad; from Fra...


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A distinctive feeling of diversity, underground vitality and technological prowess, N-Vitral is a name closely linked to The Third Movement. Ever since his first release he has developed his sound design to impressive heights. His earlier releases contain a uniquely dark and technoid sound, while his more recent works like 'Kling Klong', 'Welcome To The Killzone', 'Sicko Cell', 'Such Kick' and 'Ju...


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Claudio Moi aka Typhoon was born in Rome in 1986. Since he was 12 he's attracted by the hardest styles of music, then, few years later, he decided to start visiting the biggest and mostimportant european parties of the hardstyle scene. After many parties such as visitor, his passion for music led him to create his owndemos and dj sets, initially as a passion, until his tracks are noticed by Unit...


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Passionate, dedicated, perfectionist As an artist Ran-D represents his crowd in more that one way: he comes from their ranks. Starting as a visitor on the same events as where he now performs in front of them. And he shares their enthusiasm, knowing exactly what they need and to go beyond that, topping everyone’s expectations. Respect for his fans is something that grows fr...


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Jacopo Mariotti (aka Kronos) is an exciting DJ and producer from Palestrina, Italy. With an intense interest in Hardstyle music that encompassed a significant portion of his life, Jacopo decided he had to become part of the scene as an artist. Inspired by the Italian Hardstyle masters, Jacopo worked hard to develop a sound that would demonstrate his potential. In 2012, the hard work paid off: h...

Psyko Punkz

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In the middle of Holland in a recording studio, the Psyko Punkz (known individually as Sven Sieperda and Wietse Amersfoort) can be found hard at work, pushing the boundaries of their dark, signature sound. No one could have imagined what was in store for this Dutch duo when the two first met by chance at a party and discovered that they shared a mutual love and appreciation for electronic music...

Mark With A K

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Belgian born Mark Carpentier, aka Mark With a K, is one of the biggest names in the hard dance scene, known for his energetic dj performances. Starting from a residency in clubs like Highstreet, he got asked to play at some of the biggest events and festivals (Tomorrowland, Reverze, Bassleader, Q-Base, Defqon 1, Decibel,...) and in the most prestigious clubs. In 2009 he released his first s...

Project 1

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Project One is nothing but the alliance of some of the two best Hardstyle name : Willem Rebergen (Headhunterz) and Joram Metekohy (Wildstylez). Both pionneers on the Nu-Hardstyle, they quickly become in 2007 two references in this style....

Dj Waxweazle

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Rob Fabrie is at the begining attracted by the techno music style when he begins to produce with one of his friends Richard van Naamen and begins officially his carreer at the begining of the 90's at Dj Paul sides on the musical band called Holy Noise. Holy Noise is then joined by two vocalists who are MC Alee and MC ruffian and two dancers Erwin and Natasja. The band knows a phenomenal succes...


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Juul Koopman A.K.A. Tartaros is a Dutch Hardstyle DJ and producer born in a town called Tubbergen. At the age of 15, Juul started listening to all kinds of hard dance music. After a year of discovering which kind of hard dance music he liked the most, his passion for Hardstyle was born. Because the love for the music was so strong, Juul then decided to buy his first own DJ gear. 2 turntables...


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Thijs Verdegaal a.k.a Aeros is a Hardstyle DJ & producer from Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands.


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After hearing Underworld's "Born Slippy", Marc knew that he wanted to be into music and started as a salesman working in Dutch biggest singleselling recordstore. There it was he found out that vinyl sounded better then any cd he had ever heard, so he bought himself 2 turntables and tried to make something of it. Marc was in contact with many dj's, so it was easier to...


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Danny Masseling started making music at the age of 16. Beginning with 4-beat programmed loops and breakbeats etc, his interest in producing music started to grow. It almost became an The year is 1997. Danny Masseling is at the age of 16, and his first experience with music production has entered his system. Danny worked on his beats day and night. And how cliché it might sound, this actually becam...


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Born on 08.07.1994 in Moldova Alex Skurtul, residing in St. Petersburg Russia, is showing the world that hardstyle is universal and is growing stronger day by day. He is proudly signed by Lussive Music, which makes him one of the first successful hardstyle producers from Russia. Alex started producing in 2008 and got hooked to the hardstyle sound after experimenting with House and Trance. I...

Max Enforcer

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Max Enforcer, one of the pioneers of Hardstyle, recently founded Gold Records in cooperation with the mighty Scantraxx platform.  His Decibel Anthem of the 2004 Decibel Outdoor Festival held the #1 position on various dance charts. He delivered some smashing hits like: “Be Amazed(Official Hard Bass 2009 anthem)”, "Fade to Black" (Official Black 2010 Anthem),...

Dj Producer

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Luke McMillan, a.k.a The DJ Producer has been a name synonymous with the U.K. underground rave/techno scene for the last 2 decades. His passion for high powered, super precise, rapid beat mixing stems from his early passions of electro and hip hop. He got his first turntables in 1988, and by the time he started strode college in 1989 he was already starting to realize that the music was changing,...


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It was 2011 when it happened; youngster Kevin Hendrix (Born August 13th, 1992) had been playing at parties for a long time experimenting with different genres and sounds. But in 2011 he got infected with the hardstyle virus. 2012 was the first year he heard his own productions being played on the big stages, not long after that his first release followed on a major record label. Big collabs, mas...


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Malu Mol, or better known on stage as Malua has already celebrated some incredible moments in her musical career, and this is only the beginning! This gorgeous femme fatale’s love for hardstyle began when she received the Qlimax 2002 CD as a gift and since then she has never looked back. After attending Defqon.1 Festival, 2006, which was her very first hardstyle festival, Malua began attending a c...


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                    BassButcherz AKA Craig Frodsham & Dominic Kanter are the freshest hardstyle duo to hit the scene. The name came from how they started off doing edits of hardstyle tracks - chopping (or Butchering) out the awful melodies to maintain a throbbing bassl...


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Artifact has always had a huge passion for music. He started playing guitar at young age, and this is how he learned a lot about writing, understanding and composing music. In 2010 he started producing hardstyle. Throughout the years he learned a lot, and eventually things started falling into place. In 2013 he was signed to the Gearbox Digital label, and he had several succesful releases ther...

Ivan Carsten

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Ivan Magnasco, aka Ivan Carsten, has been a full time italian DJ & Producer for some years. In recent years, he has been performing at almost all major harddance worldwide events, such as Q-Base, Defqon.1, Qontinent, InQontrol, X-Qlusive Technoboy as well as in the biggest clubs in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc..


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Alex Diggelmann better known as "Phrantic" was born in St.Gallen. He first discovered his love for hardstyle via hardtrance. A lucky click led him to listen to a hardstyle track which made him curious. He listened to more and more of this kind of music and it fascinated him more and more. Loads of talent and 7 years of piano made him learn very quick and he soon started to produce. But this wa...

Intractable One

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My name is Coen Oudejans. I discovered my love for dance music in the '90 s. Each genre has its own magic; The Rotterdam hardcore, de rough German techno, the UKhardhouse, the French industrial. The most important thing of the music for me was the energy. That was and is the most important element I was always looking for. My first production was a hardcoretrack for a girl with a sampl...


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Music has always been a part of Mandy's life. Her father was a DJ so from a very young age she got in contact with music. When Mandy was seven years old she started listening to jump / tek / Hardstyle. The years flew by, but not the passion for music. On her 15th Mandy her dream came true, playing for a small audience (Jump / Tekstyle). Slowly her style changed to Hardstyle, and then 'Man-D' was...


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Seraja Hilbrecht, born on November 16, 1995 in Bern, Switzerland is a 19 year-old upcoming Swiss Hardstyle producer. The music was a bit too different compared to what he was used to listen to at first but it soon grew on him. When he turned 15 years old, he thought he’d try making his own tracks. His blend of catchy melodies, energetic basslines, and euphoric vibes has made him very popular in a...

Crystal Lake

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Crystal Lake (Founded in 1999) is formed of Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski, is an Israeli Hard Dance act. In 2013 they signed to ‘Hard With Style’ records, Their first Single – Welcome To The Zoo has been n#1 on all major Hardstyle Charts, supported by Headhunterz, W&W, Wildstylez, D- Block & S- Te- Fan, Atmozfears, Noisecontrollers, Technoboy, Isaac, Psyko Punkz and many more! Their Latest...

Hardstyle Masterz

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It is In the old Italian city of Bologna that Antonio Donà, a.k.a Hardstyle Masterz, first saw the light of day on the 6th of June 1975 and it is in this city where the same guy nowadays causes the red roofs of the houses to tremble by his beats and basslines. Being a music addict since he was a little kid, Antonio witnessed the birth of house music and he felt in love wit...


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Atte Riihonen as known as Riiho is a Finnish upcoming producer. He ventured into Hardstyle Music in 2007 by listening to House and Trance music and soon thought it would be a nice challenge to produce his own tracks in 2009. Expect hard, dark, but also melodic tracks! He signed on Dirty Workz.


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Dimitri van Bronswijk a.k.a Denza started producing music in 2009. His obsession for harder styles of music convinced him to produce music himself! 24 March 2011 he got Signed at Noizy Records. His first EP "Ma Life" was a fact and reached the Hardstyle Top 100. From then he released more music. The beginning of 2012 Denza became a Fear FM Resident DJ. After that he released the track...

Chris One

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                     Martin Björkman aka Chris One is one of the new names in hardstyle, but also one of the fastest rising ones. With a style that represents the hard and dark, he has already played in multiple countries at parties of all different sizes (Includ...


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At the young age of 11, George Pinas aka Titan was infected with the harddance virus. A classmate collected the legendary Thunderdome cd’s and live registrations, which George borrowed from time to time. The little Titan played these tapes over and over and after a while his interest moved from the audience to the DJ’s on stage. His interest grew bigger and bigger and after a while he bought his f...

Lady Tom

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Simone Kromer aka Lady Tom is an absolute all-round talent: she is one of Switzerland’s hottest DJs and has become a household name in the international DJ-ing scene. As a successful music performer, she has released several hit singles, albums and compilations. She has also modelled for major companies such as Nestlé or Ford and she accompanied DJ Bobo on his World in Motion Tour...

Act Of Rage

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The new youngster from the infamous Minus is More label. His first E.P. ‘Confronting Reality’ contained 5 no-nonsense tracks. His follow up release was the high-accepted track Rage (Raw op je Dak 2014 anthem) with MC Jeff. Which resulted in full support by the big names in the scene. His musical vision and energetic performances resulted in in many gigs like Supremacy, Qapital, Dominator Fes...

Dutch Master

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                     Dutch Master’s tireless efforts to become a world class DJ and producer are finally paying of in a brilliant career that’s taking him all over the world! Today he’s the headliner of choice for massive events in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, United Kingdom,...


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At the age of 8, Sephyx also known as Xander, was given a present. It was a strangely shaped object standing in the corner of the room. After unwrapping its paper, he took it in his hands. A new world opened for him. It was a guitar. It immediately became clear he had an extraordinary feeling for music. He played along on this instrument and developed a big love for music. Mostly analyzing musi...


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                    Justin & Johan met each other in the beginning of 2007. After a while they decided to produce music together. In the summer of 2007, the producing duo d'Stylerz was born. At the end of 2007, they came in contact with Recess Music, which was starting a new hardstyl...


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Ecstatic is the new euphoric duo created by Wouter & Jordy, two close friends from The Netherlands. To create the most euphoric feelings, giving people goosebumps with their music is their highest goal. With improving their sound in the last couple of years, Ecstatic is now ready to show their sound with the world. Their first tracks “Gold (Bootleg)” and “You’re Not Alone” have already...


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Proto Bytez

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Jorick van Rijs, born on March 16 1992, lives in Zeewolde. At the age of 14 he was really interested in 'dance' music. Through his curiosity in the technology behind the music, he began to find out how he could also produce music. In the beginning he started to produce dance and jump music, but made a switch to the hardstyle scene. Patrick Visser, born on June 13 1989, lives in Harderwijk (...


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In a dark room with a dim light at the corner, a 13-year-old boy sat still. Furious kicks emerged as he transferred the sounds he produced by electronic mail, hoping that it would reach the ears of Fusion Records. Impressed by what they had heard, B-Front, Chain Reaction, Frequencerz, and E-Force, played those sounds through the speakers of Defqon.1, Bassleader, and Loudness. Then, at the ag...


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                     Patrick van der Beek, artist-name D-Mind, came in touch with the hardstyle sound in 2004. Enjoying this style for a few years, he has been dreaming of creating his own tracks.


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Simo (IT) and Thomas (FR), became friends by sharing their passion and thought on music on a daily basis. They were both producing already,but decided to join forces. With a clear vision in mind on how to contribute to the glorification of hardstyle , these 19 and 20 years olds teamed up, hoping to succeed alongside their idols. But with new times come new challenges and the producers decided t...


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Antiverse is a Hardstyle DJ and Producer from Denmark and has been stated active since 2011, according to Youtube activity. Antiverse started out with a track supported by Toxxic Records formed by Hemar Randall and Jordan Casement from USA,called 'Manners' which is a free release, although this was mistaken for an actual release at Toxxic Records because it was labelled under the 'TOXPROMO' ca...

Phil Ty

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Andrea Milani was born 28/12/74 in Reggio Emilia, a small city in the north of Italy. He is a dj since the 1994 and producer since 1996! His first discographic experience was with Saifam Group (Verona - Italy) from 1996 to 2003 and from 2009 till now, and with Expanded Music (Bologna - Italy), from 2004 till 2008.   These ones, are the relevant records with Saifam Group...

Hard Attakk

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At Defqon.1 2015, the brand new act Hard Attakk is bound to start a Mayhem in hardstyle. Their performance seeks the extremes of music, meant for like-minded die hards only. Geared up and ready to Attakk, they will introduce you to a hard experience. With BPMs starting at 158 and impactful sounds Hard Attakk will ensure an unrivaled position in the harder styles of dance music. They are Harder...


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This Polish artist Regain is allready leaving his marks in the hardstyle scene. Regain's experimental raw sound is recognizable because of his demolishing kicks, eerie atmospheres and powerfull vocals. In 2013, he signed with Heart for Hard sublabel: Indus3. Right after his first release, he played in a large venue in Belgium and later at some of the major events/festivals in the harder styles...


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                   Geck-o is in real life Rik van Dam, born in 1989. He lives in IJsselstein, a small city in The Netherlands.


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Ever-seeking new boundaries to push, Wavolizer decided to walk away from the Hardstyle career that he had built for himself since 2006 and has arrived full force into the Hardcore scene. After 8 years of producing Hardstyle, Kedde constantly found himself being drawn to the more hardcore edged sounds. In the summer of 2014, he finally came to the realization that this was the new direction that...


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                     Music has always fascinated him, from Rock, Pop and Blues to every possible electronical style of music on this planet. As a youngster he always had the chance to listen to everything that was placed in his p...


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Barry Stabij a.k.a. Psyched started DJing in 2005. He came in touch with all kind of harddance music and became a real vinyl lover. Particularly vinyls with the energetic acid sounds from the famous Roland TB-303 synthesizer. Having one could only be a dream for him. Luckily he managed to buy the Roland TB-3 clone which does some serious damage. After his separation as Solutio & The I’s, it was...

Dark Oscillators

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Dark Oscillators is one of the project of Cristiano Giusberti


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Fusion are delighted to announce that they are teaming up two great talents in the form of NightFall! Sven has spent years honing his productions, and Jeffrey the craft of dj’ing. A while ago they decided to team up to utilise both of their skill sets. The result is a duo of Fusion quality. This producer/Dj team are the best of both worlds and they have a great future ahead of them. Fusion i...


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The roots of Shellshock are found in the Highlands of Scotland in 2011 when Geordie Third founded the project and used it to release the tracks he produced for several years. At the start of 2014 he wanted to take Shellshock to the next level and enlisted the services of a skilled DJ - Ross MacGill, formally known as B.A.S.H, joined the project, and Shellshock in its current guise was born. Their...


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                     Citizen is in reality the alliance between two great names of the electronic music italian. We can find Cristiano Giusberti (a.k.a.Technoboy) and  Ricardo Tesini (Dj Rycky T). Citizen have released title...


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Feroxx, also known as Manon Jacobs. Born and raised in the south of The Netherlands. At the age of 13, she already listened to the harder styles in music. It all started with ‘hardcore state of mind’ by Paul Elstak. At that point her love for the harder styles was born. In 2007 she got herself 2 turntables, a mixer and a small collection of hardcore vinyl. And she started out with her Logitech...


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                     Long time ago... B-twinz is an Italian duo formed by Flower 2k & Morgan En-Thai.   Dj Flower's career started in 2001. After a lot of practice on his dj set a...

Sub Zero Project

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They’re fresh, they’re focussed and they unquestionably demolish just about any crowd with their enormous, thrashing kicks and energetic semblance! In a matter of just a few short years, next-gen hardstyle heavyweights Sub Zero Project have risen to great heights, taking the hardstyle scene by storm with their rough, yet refreshingly interesting take on raw hardstyle. The Sub Zero Project story...

Brian NRG

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                    Started his career in 2003, Brian is a well-known name in the world of hardstyle. After his first 2 years releasing on some smaller labels he signed @ PAM (Pro Artist Management) who were known for their artists li...

Sound Rush

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Sound Rush is a Dutch hardstyle duo, easily recognizable for being identical twins. This aspect installed their natural ability to fuse two minds into one when operating inside the studio and on stage. Sound Rush radiates the euphoric side of hardstyle, yet they’re keen on playing with boundaries and bringing in fresh versatility. Their creative signature holds a perfect blend between a future...

Brian M vs MC Bunn

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                    Hardstyle within the UK is certainly growing at a rapid rate and this could be linked to the emergence of leading UK hardstyle duo Brian M vs McBunn. Within the last year they have played almost all of the leading hardstyle events within the UK pushing...

Lady Faith

159e / 303
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Lady Faith began her journey in Tehran, Iran. She grew up in a traditional household, but quickly developed a rebellious spirit, which resulted in all too frequent encounters with the Iranian Morality Police. After an almost disastrous ending to a high-speed chase, for the crime of attending a party, it became obvious that Faith was a free spirit that could not be contained and leaving Iran was th...


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                     Cedric Grosius was born on 22nd December 1976 in Eastern France. At only 12 years old, he started to pay attention to electronic music and quickly learned how to use turntables at a local radio station. He continued to master the art of DJing and...


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Recognised as one of modern Hardstyle's most influential game-changers, this ardent figurehead has revolutionised the genre with an enduring passion, perseverance and fire-fuelled fortitude. Trailing a transcendent career as a DJ and producer for almost ten years, Sven Sierperda, now known as Keltek is ready to stride forth and tackle new and exciting career ventures! Living a childhood with a...

Blutonium Boy

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Blutonium Boy (real name: Dirk Adamiak) is a hardstyle producer/dj from Germany. He started playing as Session One (his trance-alias) in 1988 and has also used the alias Future Session. Adamiak would achieve European fame around 1997, he was already known in Germany, when he released "Dreams In My Fantasy" as Session One. This track was promoted and distributed by East West - Warner with a vide...


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The Fanatics story is a journey that in began as a friendship and a love of music that spans over the last decade. It has been a wild ride of sleep deprivation, travel, partying, countless hours finding their sound in the studio and reaching the biggest goals they set out to achieve! In 2007 Joe & Alex met at an underground Hardstyle party in Sydney, their friendship flourished and so did their...


164e / 303
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                     Bioweapon has risen from the depths of Sydney's underground prepared to challenge the hardstyle world as we know it.


165e / 303
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In 2012, three individuals combined their musical forces in an aim to not only create a live-act, but an unforgettable, brutally vivid experience... Bob van der Palen, better known solo as B-Front is well renowned for his larger-than-life atmospheres, dark and mysterious sounds and extremely energetic performances. Becoming one of the most established acts in the hardstyle scene, if B-Front knows...

Degos & Re-Done

166e / 303
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                    Degos & Re-done concist out of three men. Krijn, Peter and Thijs. Two men carry the name Degos: Krijn produces and Thijs does the actions.


167e / 303
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Kuzak is a Hardstyle DJ/Producucer known for his pure passion for Hardstyle music. Where he started as, and still is one of the crowd, he knows exactly how to entertain the audience.


168e / 303
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Atmozfears, aka Tim van de Stadt, is a Dutch hardstyle artist pushing boundaries with his emotive and energetic sound. From what originally started as a trio in 2008, Atmozfears has grown to become a huge name in dance music with Tim at the helm sporting his innovative approach to music.  Support for Atmozfears has been flying in from all angles since Scantraxx signed the excitin...


169e / 303
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Christopher Rossi a.k.a. Rooler was born the 21th November 1994 in Genoa. He started his musician career in 2009 together with Aleandro (actually 50% of Malice), under the name "Doubleconnection", after that they decided to split up and go on their own way, Christopher continued to produce under the name "Lostworld" In 2012 together with his friend Fabrizio Di Giovanni, he started to produ...

2 Best Enemies

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                    2 Best Enemies is nothing else that one of many nicknames of Cristiano Giusberti, more famous under the name of Technoboy. 2 Best Enemies has mainly composed tracks like Les Drums, Phases, or Un...


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Enyqma is a character that defines puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable behaviour. Young Hardstyle DJ/Producer from Denmark.


172e / 303
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                     KODEX aka Matthias Billan, is known as one of the latest and greatest artists to come out of the Hardstyle world in Vienna. At a young age he was fueled by an urge to create electronic dance music, his main influences coming from the sounds of early hardtrance...


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No Biography for now


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                    Gerardo Roschini’s illustrious career began in the late 1990s, where he immediately set himself apart from the crowd and began to form his own sound. Producing under many aliases such as: Supaboyz, Smashing Guys, Ironblood, Machinehead; his sound became a staple for...


175e / 303
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Luminite is one of the only artists who belongs to the avant-garde of Hardstyle music. With every track he guarantees a new inventive and innovative way of getting people moving. Luminite's promise to all his fans is that he will "never make a generic track again. Every single one will be experimental/unique/out of the box" This is a truly inspirational and refreshing promise in a scene so c...


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                     Tatanka or T.A.T.A.N.K.A. born Valerio Mascellino (December 18, 1979), is an Italian Hardstyle DJ and Producer. He is also the founder of the Zanzatraxx record label. His name refers to the American bison in the Lakota language, Mascellino has used many al...


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Rough kicks, raw vibes and atmospheric vibes are what RVAGE is all about! Hailing from The Netherlands, 21 year old Menno Hectors became infected by a virus of creativity, leaving him an unexplainable zest to hand-craft his own productions. Working day and night to bring his ideas to life, it wasn't long until Menno found himself ready to unveil his work to the world, resulting in signing with...


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Hardheadz is a Hardstyle duo between Dov Elkabas (alias The Prophet) and Paul van der Vooren (Dj Pavo). They released titles like Wreck Thiz Place & Hardhouz Generation on Scantraxx Recordz..


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                    After working for Q-dance for over 5 years, Marvin 'Ezteq' van der Est decided to start producing his own music. Because of his job and his love and compassion for the harder styles in dance music he knows...


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                     Music producer and mc, Tr3no start his mc career in 1995 thanks to a well known p.r. who heard him and believed in him. From that point he worked in many discos like Insomnia, Dadarà, Dylan, Kimera, Titanic, Mad and Oxa. His voice has the power to throw up th...

Compilation :

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                     In 1993, Dj Japan (alias Johan Fossé) hears, by chance, a mix of Laurent Ho into one of his car's friend and it's the revelation! He put side his learn of the guitar to start the mix in 1995. Another chance, his meet with Eddy, a pro of the Atari and the...


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                     From his real name Freek Van Kempen, Releasing his first record on the Dirty Workz label owned by DJ Coone launched his career. If you're wondering what Fenix sounds like, imagine a combination of different styles, variation and fast mixes. His productions represent diffe...

Second Identity

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                     Second Identity is the name of the netherlandish duo formed by A-Lusion and Scope Dj. They launched this project in 2009, signing some productions. Quickly, they releases their album composed of 15 Hardstyle tracks.

HellsaserZ, the

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                     The Hellsaserz is a collaboration between DJ Nighthunter and DJ Celio. In the beginning of 2010, they decided to team up their talents to bring great party hardstyle tracks. In 2010, they signed with Armabass to release their positive vibes. They also get the opport...

Doctor Zot

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Doctor Zot starts to play music at 14 years old, in these years he sperimented a lot of kind of sounds, from the Progressive to Techno, between Electro & Schranz, and finally Hardstyle. He create in 1999 his Event Management & Public Relation's Staff, called Maximum Project, and with this he has organized a lot of indoor & outdoor partyes! In...


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Yann Farinon, originary from Lausann in Switzerland is an Hardstyle Dj.


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                     Bastiaan or Bestien, born belgian on 19/05/1987. Bestien started producing music at the young age of 14. From his childhood on he was heavy influenced by the music his late father listenend to...Sounds like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Little Louis, The Prodigy, Kraftwe...


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                     Young talented producer from Denmark, born the 18th of May 1990, and live in Copenhagen. Goes under "Abw" when producing single-handed, and teamed up in a project called "Carnifex"....

Ronald V

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In the begining of 90’s, RONALD-V started his career as a DJ. During this decade, he combined many residences to acquire a strong  experience of "Clubbing" and "DJ-ing." It’s under this period that he forged a unusual musical culture. Ronald-V started in music production in 1999 with many pseudonyms such « as...


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                    Since the age of 11, he always wanted to make some music. He begins in the Hip Hop, in the mix, and then, at the age of 13, he discovers the Jumpstyle. He falls after that, on a music style more harmonic and more melodic : The Hardstyle. The emotions cr...

Secret Unity

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It all started when they were introduced to music at the age of 12. From acoustic to electronic music, everything went coolwhen they discovered Hardstyle...


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                      Abject is on of the names of Barry Drooger. He is also more famous under the name of Frontliner.


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                     Tim & Frank aka A-Drive started their professional dj career and introduced their new sound to the Hardstyle scene back in 2005. They are the founders and owners of the music production company 1st Division and have released man...

Ambassador Inc.

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                    Ambassador Inc. is the alliance between two names of the Jumpstyle/Hardstyle scene. Indeed, the team is composed of Coone & Fenix.  


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                    Arkaine is a new upcoming artist group from the Netherlands, with the 2 brothers Casper & Koen Pijnenburg and Jim Craane. In November 2009, they created their first track together. After that many followed and with succes. Late 2010, the guys signed...

Aron Setha

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David Gladysz a.k.a. Aron Setha grew up in the small town Wels in the north of Austria. His love and passion for music came very early. As he recieved a Mixer and 2 cd player as his 10th birthday present, he immediadtely sta...


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In 2011 Fabian Schmidt and Johannes Zech started their career together as 'Omegatypez' and signed to the well-known hard dance label 'Fusion Records'. At the end of 2013 they decided to continue their Hardstyle journey as solo producers. Since Fabian began producing the Omegatypez sounds more often as a solo project, they both thought a separation would be...


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Bas Voskamp is a Hardstyle Dj from Utrecht in the Netherlands.  

Chain Reaction

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Amsterdam based Chain Reaction lives music. Being a musical workaholic he is a major pioneer and soldier for the Minus is More imprint. Infamous for his hard energetic hardstyle productions and DJ sets he invaded stages like Decibel, Qontinent, Nature-One, Emporium and many more. Chain Reaction shifts every event into the highest gear, energy guaranteed.


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Wachem Huyge a.k.a. Dj W4cko is a belgish dj/Producer. Founder of the record label "Subsonic Muzik", former resident at The Oh! Gavere/Gistel, and member of the act "Stormtroopers". With more than 10 years' experience and numerous releases W4cko is here to stay! Tune in and discover his music!


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Born in Belgium, Lander Deloffer is one of the great dj of the famous Club Cap'tain in Belgium.  He mainly produces Jumpstyle music but will finally go to Hardstyle way, by changing his name to Dj outlander.  


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With more over a decade of hardstyle, fact is that Deepack is also the first Dutch hardstyle act/duo and can be considered as one of the co-founders of the hardstyle as it is today and influenced a lot of young  dj/producers which are on top of the scene right now !   The guys behind Deepack are Marcel van der Zwan and Frank Pechler. In 2001 they combined forces to...

Digital Punk

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                   Digital Punk, born as René de Bruijn in 1985, in Dordrecht, has become a respected DJ/Producer in the Hardstyle scene. With his own recognizable sound and unique DJ sets this energetic DJ knows how to get the crowds wild and euphoric, time and time again, which results in a growin...

Duro, Dj

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                    DJ Duro can best be described as a metalhead who accidentally found himself swept up in a love for electronic music. A DJ who has always gravitated towards the more aggresive flavors of dance music, his catalog spans from Hardstyle, to Drum & Bass, to Ragga, Breakbeats, and Dub...

Isaac, Dj

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Isaac is at the forefront of harder dance music; a position he now holds for over 15 years. Always sticking his head out for new revolutions in sound Roel Schutrups can be considered as one of the founders of hardstyle. This background and his continuing efforts in the studio make him a regular headliner at the world’s biggest dance festivals and events like Defqon.1 Festival (40.000 visi...

Walt Jenssen

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                    More famous under the simple name of Walt, his real name is Wouter Janssen, very famous for his duo with Pascal Feliz. We can find him also under the name of Alex Fakey, Babylon/Double Unit/ Methods Of Mayhem/ Mr Puta/Side-Dish/Woody Rivers with Marcel...


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                    The dutch hardcore trio Endymion is one of the world’s most popular acts in the scene. The Enzyme Records-artists have released three very successful albums and an amazing chain of hit-records in their career. Their collaborations with other key-p...


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                    Daniël Noordijk aka Alphaverb have always been in love with the electronic dance music. The first single CD he ever bought was "DJ Jose vs G-Spot - Wrong Is Right". released somewhere in the year 1999 (when he was 13 years old).


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                    French DJ in the field of the hardstyle since 2008, his passion for this music style does not stop increasing. As long although MetalMind start to dash into the composition, to be able to express himself and share its cre...

3 Steps Ahead

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                    Peter-Paul Pigmans (31 janvier 1961–27 août 2003) (also famous under the name of 3 Steps Ahead) is a Dj/Producer mainly based on Happy Hardcore and Hardcore.

AJ Busta

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                    AJ Busta alias Alexander Juritsch nowadays is one of the most recommended harddance djs and producers in Austria! He got hooked on producing hardcore at the early age of 14 and began spinning records later back in 1998 starting a...

Amalia Syst-M

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                    Amalia Syst-M started his career in 2001. Working on his "hard-dance" selection and his technique on the turntables over the years, he created in 2005 the radio show "COSMIC TRASH" on Radio 666.   Amalia Syst-M began to get noticed by his dj perf...


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                    Amplifierz consists in 3 producers : Nick Faulhaber, Rob nordkamp and Brian Gomez Vega. In Apr...

Anderson T

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One of the pioneers of hardstyle in Brazil, Anderson T reached the top charts several times with it's energic music and it's perfectly tuned style. Always a geek for perfecionism, Anderson T never let the crowd down when plays it's own tracks. Producing for more than 10 years now, he reached the world with it's first official release by the beginning of 2012. It&#...

Audio Damage

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                    Audio Damage; a universal name in Australian Hardstyle. Ever since 2004 he has had a multitude of hit tracks such as ‘Garlic Breath Tosser’ ‘Pain’ and ‘The Devil Within’. The fir...

Clive King

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DJ Clive King, born in Hackensack USA and nowadays living in the Netherlands is a phenomenon in the European dance scene. Clive King is considered to be founding father of the underground hardhouse scene in mainland Europe. Stompin beats and wicked synths are the keywords that best describe the unique Clive King sound. His dj-sets bring you that raw oldschool feel together with t...

Dark By Design

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Around 1999, Dark By Design aka Gaz west was introduced to the world of trance, harddance and the debauchery of clubland. Gaz spent every weekend dancing his ass, lapping up the fresh sounds and partying hard at the super clubs of the day such as 'Gatecrasher' and 'Godskitchen'. I wasn't long before gaz had higher ambitions than being just a clubber and was trying his hand a...

Deelay Pain

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                  Raphael Felten,(born 27th February 1990, Belgium), Also Know As Deelay Pain, Has Always Been Interested In Music.


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Demoniak is the harddance project by Geoffrey & Nico. After their debut EP Colontrino, released on Lethal MG's label "Blackhand", they gained mass interest by the whole scene, which resulted in many bookings at clubs/partys. With the record S.H.A.K.E. they created a new sound and joined DJ Coone's major record label: DIRTY WORKZ! Several remixes, compi...

Evil Activities

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                    Evil Activities is one of the biggest names in the scene and he hit the charts with 'Nobody Said It Was Easy' and 'Evil Inside' to name a few.

Zero Sanity

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                    Steven Hills a.k.a. Zero Sanity is a Dutch hardstyle DJ born in a town called Leidschendam. This is where he spent almost his entire childhood. Growing up, he got settled in the larger and well-known city of The Ha...


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                    NitrouZ is considered to be one of the biggest Hardstyle Talents in Australia. At the age of 18 he developed his skills as a DJ and became attracted to the pulsing beat of the harder styles of Dance music.


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Delete is an Australian Hardstyle Producer/DJ who has been involved in the scene since its inception early in this millennium. Flying under the radar for most of that time he has all targets locked on and is rapidly infiltrating the minds of hardstyle fans across the globe. With an unhealthy obsession for the grinding, more rough and tough sound, his take on hardstyle leaves most banging their...


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British born, Australian raised. Vazard crept out of the bedroom and began his musical career back in 2008, placing in the grand final of the 3D DJ comp in Melbourne. Since then he has gone from strength to strength in both his performances and production.  With a strong focus on his productions, Vazard describes his sounds as diverse and true to himself.Tough, hard and driv...

Ado The Dream

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no biography for now


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                    Afflictive is a collaboration project between Twisted Minds of SkullFuk3r & The Muff1n P3rvert.

Sasha F

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Sasha F started his career as a DJ around 17 years ago and during this period he definitely showed the world what he was worth as a professional jock and producer. He is now one of the most wanted Hard Dance artists from Finland and his popularity around the globe is rising fast.


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Vamper is a new name in the hardstyle scene that represents sophisticated melodies and an endlessly driving passion to make you dance. Staying true to his name, he takes the important aspects of hardstyle and intricately weaves his own sound throughout. Born in Florence, Italy, Brando Visibelli had a strong connection to music from a very young age. At the age of 5, he began to play p...

Sisma DJ

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                    Dj since 1990, Pincky a.k.a. Sisma dj studied music and this have helped him to start his journey through MUSIC. In 1997 He thought to releases his own record :"Say One", follow it "Give it up" and "Say One rmx"like Pincky,...


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                   Born in Bratislava in Slovakia, Paul Kocian aka Paulistos begins his carreer in 1996 as MC. He discover the turntables in a friend studio : Dj Gabberwocky. He understood that he would be his fate. That's why in 1998, some friends and him organis...


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Unexist breaths and lives hardcore. ‘Unleash the Brutality’ he calls it in his own words. "Hardcore makes me loose my anger, pain and aggression. It’s an addiction that’ll never go away." Francesco is always busy developing his characteristic Unexist-sound. Under his alias Dj Jappo, he scored (together with Dj lancinhouse) a big hit with EXL...


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Matthieu Fournier aka Tieum is a french Hardcore Dj. Has released some titles under Neophyte Records.

Lady Dana

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Lady Dana used to visit many parties, just because she loved the music. It was never her intention to become a Dj, but only one and half years ago a friend of hers invited her, as a joke, to pick and mix a record at a party. You can imagine how surprised everybody was when she managed to mix it like a skilled Dj would. One of the promotors of this party was very impressed and came up to her to...

Viper, The

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Melvin Pelupessy has been around in the hardcore scene since the 90’s. After his breakthrough on Babyboom Records, The Viper started his own label Viper Beatz in 2006. He made seven successful releases on the imprint, but decided to join Neophyte Records in 2011.  His discography contains hardcore smashes like “Come As One”, “Bulletproof”, &ldqu...

Chicago Zone

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                    Regularly Following the Binum sessions for the « Global Party Live » on a radio station in 2001, Arnaud Baillehache from his real name takes his inspiration in this great moments of direct in order to become Dj/producer. One year later, he b...

Anarchist, The

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The Anarchist started back in 2003 when Niels Hettema first laid his hands on 2 decks at a friend's house. Before becoming a DJ, Niels was already properly fixed on the whole harderstyles scene. Instantly hooked on the sound of oldskool, hardcore and eventually hardstyle he bought his first 2 cd players and started from there.  After a few years of perfecting his techniq...


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Sami Siitonen, born in Finland launched on Hardstyle under the name of Jaydee. After his first performance back in 2012 in Estonia, he showed the world that he is ready to perform anytime, anywhere in the world. He will change his name for Fearsome.  

Zealot, Dj

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Jonas Sörensen aka. DJ Zealot from northern Germany started his dj carreer with great enthusiasm and advantage. After playing 2 years in his resident slot at a event series called "Tranceaction", he took an important step by publishing his first releases. 2008 he was then recognized by northern germany's biggest dance music label, Aqualoop Records. He's responsible...


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Well-known hardcoreproducer and DJ from Rotterdam. Main member of Neophyte, this man still is one of the leading producers in the hardcorescene. Started back in the early days of hardcore with his friends Danny Greten and Robin van Roon with their first Amiga-made releases on Rotterdam Records, which was owned by the famous Paul Elstak at the time. As Neophyte, they had many hardcore classics o...


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                    Barbara aka AniMe started the dj work in 1997 when the Italian Hardcore Movement was still totally dominated from men djs. In 2000 she become part of the famous Italian Label "D-Boy Black Label" with the artistic name "Radioactive&...

Da Syndrome

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Entered the world of Scantraxx Recordz in 2006, many call him the craziest MC of the Netherlands because of his outstanding performances. This over-energetic man is flawless in his timing and he’s able to create an atmosphere where the DJ can act without over-staging. His ADHD flow is infectious and he keeps the partypeepz absorbing his energy. MC Da Syndrome is not only a host...


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Hardstyle DJ duo Shockwave (Joey van der Linden and Jeroen van Ee) started producing back in 2008. The last 5 years they developed theirselves as a talented producing team as well as an entertaining performing duo. They have a goal, becoming a recognized name in the hardstyle scene and create a shockwave amongst the crowd with their music. Their decision to send their demo to Dutch Ma...


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From Denmark, to You!   This young man is on the move! Only 14 years old(21/10 - 1996) and hungry for music! Malthe was at only 10 years of age getting into simple music-making programs, just to find out that this was his call. Music was all he was focused to do.  It all began by exploring different styles of electronic music from techno to trance. Some time...


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Adventum is a Dutch/Belgian collaboration between Jimi Kivit from The Netherlands and Morad Merzoug from Belgium. Jimi's interest in hardstyle started in the year 2002 when he went to Sensation Black. After that he was infected with the hardstyle virus. Morad's passion for hardstyle started in 2006. Short after that he started to produce his own music. In 2007 the two met each other tro...


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No Biography


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Joshua Bridger first discovered Hardstyle at the age of 18, shortly after he graduated High School. The first song he heard was De-Tuned by the famous Headhunterz, he was immediately hooked. A few weeks later he had an epiphany, realizing he wanted to create this music for a living. Immediately he started looking up how to make music, and discovered FL Studio. At first just playi...

Chaotic Spirit

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This 19 years old Raw Hardstyle face from Poland is ready to dominate the scene and hungry for your souls... He started his journey back in 2009 and after a lot of hard work he joined Invaders Records family. In the beginning of 2014 he was discovered by b2s - they gave him an opportunity to play at their rawest event - Loudness.

Code Black

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Corey Soljan is the man behind the latest hype in the hardstyle scene, Code Black. This fresh new Australian addition to the Fusion family took his first steps with the smashing debut-release ‘Visions’. As a member of the successful Australian hardstyle duo ‘Bioweapon’, Corey  has travelled the world and played mainstage at numerous events such as Defqon. 1 (Netherlands and Austrailia), HardBass,...


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22th of October 2008 the seed to Crypehead was planted. That was the date of my first demo, called Unleashed came out of my little home studio. It was produced under the different alias "Stator Inc. Project" who later turned to "DJ Statoxx", which after a collaboration with a friend of mine turned into "The Shamaq". It lasted a while, then, they decided to spl...


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Darren Jones, Better known as D10 has been active as a Producer for 9 years and a DJ for 6 years. Darren also goes under the aliases Deton-8, D&G, Mercurial Virus, DJ and Daz De Funk. D10 shot to fame with his remix on S-Trax (Masif Organisation) of Neon Lights - Not Over Yet that was played at Dance Valley, Godskitchen, Gatecrasher and other major events across the world. The track...


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Hannie Verbeek was born in a small village near Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. At the age of 19, she came in contact with the “harder styles” for the first time and so she starts at the age of 20 occasionally with mixing Tek- and Hardstyle. After been on many “harder stylez” festivals she decided that she wanted to become a female top DJ in Europe.


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Dillytek are Australia’s Hardstyle Dynamic Duo! It’s no fluke they are tasting some great success, having their tracks signed to legendary Dutch powerhouse label Dutch Master Works at the start of the year, Aaron & Aaron are some of the hardest working producers in the country. It’s not unusual to find them in the studio at 3 or 4 in the morning mixing up another ba...

Thera, Dj

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The founder of Theracords has an incredible impressive resume. He is known for his significant unique style and a positive energetic attitude. There is no other artist that provides such amount of energy, which is something you have to witness yourself to believe it. His performances has taken him to Canada, Australia, Russia, Spain and even Ukraine. Known as a huge supporter for...


255e / 303
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Ashley Cresswell, aka Blacklite, is a Hardstyle act from Leeds, United Kingdom. With a strong passion for hardstyle and driven by creativity, his tracks are certainly something to be looked out for. Starting out in 2011, he has been striving to keep his sounds fresh and unique, with an energetic feel, pulling influences from complextro and drum & bass. Having previously worke...


256e / 303
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Re-Volt consists out of 2 Belgian rebels : Marc Mertens & Bart Leroy. Marc stands most in the picture as he is the deejay / front man of the project.  Both Marc and Bart are very talented producers and the masterminds behind Re-Volt. They are the first Belgian project to be signed on one of the world’s best hard dance record labels! Besides being supported by...


257e / 303
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Respawn is a young Dj/Producer come from the city of Enschede

Prefix & Density

258e / 303
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Prefix & Density are in real life known as Wouter Haarhuis and Bas Claassen, two young guys with a big passion for Hardstyle music. They developed their own style over the years, which is described best as ‘hard’ and ‘raw’, but above all, creative and unique. In the beginning of 2012 they signed with Theracords. The majority of their releases got...


259e / 303
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Seldom You will see people with true passion for what they do, Anna knew it from the moment she saw and heard dj's play hardstyle music. This was her destiny ! So it happened, at the age of 16 she bought her first dj set-up and started particing day and night driving their parents insane. Soon after she dared to record and spread some mixes she got contacted by a local c...


260e / 303
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Danish DJ and owner of the Future Club organization including Future Club Records.  Flarup, from Denmark, has been playing as club-DJ since 1997 where the passion for the harder styles inspired him starting playing progressive, hard and upfront into the millennium.  Flarup...


261e / 303
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Dominique and Niels met each other in the winter of 2010 and what a combination it turned out to be. After only 5 months of producing under the name "Soundcreators" and sending demo's to the number 1 harddance label "Dutch Master Works" they gave them the chance to release 4 tracks. You took my love, Time to be, Goodnight and Way of life. Track appearances on...

Main Suspect

262e / 303
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Jordan Dogniaux, came from Belgium, begins in the Hardstyle with the 5th Elements band. Some times after, he signed on the french label called Invaders Records. He releases some titles like Prophecy I...

Jacky Core

263e / 303
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Jacky Core will celebrate his 25 years of Deejaying in 2012. He receives his first turntable at the age of 16 and ignites the Alhambra's dance floor located in Belgium as early as 1987 after participating successfully at the DMC's contest. His musical style of that time is 'New Beat'. As a fan of the Boccaccio Club (in Belgium), he spends all of his Sundays over t...


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No description

Cold Case

265e / 303
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After performing as Dj Unique for almost 10 years, Jeffrey den Ronden decided to take his career to the next level by adopting a new name and new sound. As Cold Case he’s completely focussed on the hardstyle sound of today. His 10 years of experience as a DJ, make him stand out from the rest in the currently producer dominated hardstyle scene. When you’re talking about mixing...

Jack Of Sound

266e / 303
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Hailing from The Netherlands, Chris Oberman was drawn to music from an early age on. However, the moment his mind got captured by the ways of electronic music and the deep urge to create it by his own hands, a journey started, eventually leading to the birth and existence of Jack of Sound. While struggling, yet triumphing his way through DJ and remix contests in an effort to put...


267e / 303
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Joachim was only 12 years old when his eyes opened for the world of music, he started to produce simple beats in FL studio and when he was 14 he started to produce Hardstyle music, and in 2012 he released his first release on Invaders Records with the Ep "B.I.L.Y"


268e / 303
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Noiseshock is a young Hardstyle productor, coming from Neuquén in Argentina.


269e / 303
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Matthieu Grad, previously member of the Hardstyle duo called Unbreakable become Fury, after being separated. He produces Hardstyle tracks on Invaders Records.


270e / 303
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Waverider is a young, Dutch DJ and producer. After a few years of experience as a resident DJ he wanted to produce his own music 24/7 and after the scene became aware of this new talent, Andy gained success as a producer of his own sound. Nowadays Waverider has had several hit records and performs on massive stages and events. And he’s hungry for more. A Scantraxx Artist...


271e / 303
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With his infamous technical ability, incorporating DMC-style scratching and mixing into every perfectly constructed set, its not difficult to see why Kutski has earned the tag ‘the people’s favourite’, voted the UK’s No.1 hard dance dj in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll and scooping up awards for ‘Best UK Hard DJ’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement’ in the...


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She was discovered by a scout of the Masters of Hardcore bookings agency (nowadays Most Wanted DJ Agency). From this moment DaY-mar has seen her career skyrocket over the past few years. Having sold thousands of Hardcore records and CD units worldwide since her first big performance at the Thialf Stadium (The Netherlands) in 2005, where she performed for a crowd of more than 15.000 people, this...


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Profite is Rebourne At the age of 17 Timon van Merriënboer aka Profite was the youngest artist ever to get signed by Fusion Records. This hardstyle prodigy only started to make music three years earlier. His first release on Fusion, ‘Spilt Second’, made clear Timon is THE new guy you have to keep your eyes on. And yes, all eyes sure were on him. Ap...


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No biography


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No biography


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Marvin Puttkammer better known as "Distortionz" is 17 years old and a producer since 2008. His dream is to became one of the biggest acts in the scene. In 2013 he signed at "Bazzimplant Records".  His first release "Voices In My Mind" (also supported by Krewella) reached place 10 and "Control Your Body" place 14 in the "Hard-Dance Top 100...


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No description


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DJ Mystery is one of the German pioneers of the HARDER STYLEZ in Dance Music. He is internationally well known for his own creations of Freestyle - Tek and Harddance Music with Releases like : Freakz, Type Face, Mystical land, Hold Me Now, Punani, Magic, Crime Time, King of Castle, 4 o´Clock, Freaks at Night, What the Hell ...... (to name only a few) wich are support...


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Music already was a big passion for the two friends and at young age around 15 they started to play around with music programs such as Fasttracker, Rebirth, Reason and later Cubase. Because they we’re still young and too much in the party vibe, producing wasn’t so serious back then.But after some time Dave went to the sound academy and produced under the name Demolition D...

Phuture Noize

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Raw emotion, invigorating energy, unique musical storylines and timelessly impeccable, high quality productions can be a precise sum up of what the next generation pioneers Phuture Noize bring to the vast world of hardstyle. Signed with Dirty Workz Anarchy, Marco Spronk and Antoine Kraaij are the masterminds behind the Dutch act, who are renowned for using their creative and fres...


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My addiction for the music all started when I was 12 years old. In 2006 I started to listen to jump music, which was and still is very popular in Belgium. Soon I realised that Hard Dance music was something to live for! I lived and breathed Hard Dance, so I was eager to test my skills both behind the decks and in the studio. After a lot of hard work, it all finally paid off when...


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In the year 2010 he released his first ep at hardcopy recordings. This ep contains the tracks 2H2H / MF Psycho / Up in this joint!. The tracks were played and support by several big artist in the scene, and played at major partys like Decibel and Defqon! The tracks are also on more then 10 compilation cd’s like Hardstyle top 100 and Decibel. After the first release he dropped a second ep...

Dj Nowy

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Dj Nowy's interest in music production starts with Hip Hop beats at the age of 15. He made several beats for his former crew, which were used in their first record called "Non ci fermi" ("You won't stop us" in English).  Then he discovered Hardstyle and fell in love with it, starting to produce his first songs. His huge curiosity towards the world of Hard...


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Sietse Wernik aka Randal is a young producer of Hardstyle / Raw come from the Netherlands. He produced tracks like You Are Mind or also Fear that will be released on Q-Dance Hardstyle Top 40 of December 2014...

Luqu Chaos

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Hardstyle producer from Malaysia. Born in the 96. Produce Early Hardstyle / Hardstyle / Dubstyle / Rawstyle. Mainly produce Hardstyle in my own style

Dizzy Plan

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Dizzy Plant is a russian Dj/Producer born in Yekaterinburg. He began Hardstyle since 2008. He had produced different releases as The Darknezz, Sunrise, Paradise or also Road Monster on labels like K405 Records, Alien Technology Hardstyle and Crashline Records.

Sound Freakerz

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It all started in the year 2006 when they met each other at a birthday party. They talked about music, spinning records and producing. After a few meetings they decided to work together on a track, which turned out to be a success. This first record called “Out of limits” was played at big events such as “Bassleader, Defqon 1” and more. And so the Sound Freakerz was born...

The Geminizers

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If you're talking about energy, mixing skills, heavy hardstyle and total madness, you've got to be talking about The Geminizers. Mark Thoonen and Joost van der Velden form this The Magic Show duo.  These two close friends share the same ideals about music and have been performing since 2006. With their contaminating charisma t...


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Fourfingerz were founded in Februrary 2010. Two young, fresh producers from Cologne (Niklas & Raphael) fused together and created the new name "Fourfingerz".  With banging kicks & crazy soundz we came to rush over the Hardstyle scene. Since we improved our sound a lot in 2011, we started a bunch of new projects and collaborations we want to spread to the world audi...


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We're sorry but no description is currently available on this website.


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We're sorry but no description is currently available on this website.


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In 2013, in a secret laboratory at an unknown location, a scientist was developing a social experiment. The objective was to introduce a new concoction to the harder styles, one that mixed the elements of raw and melodic sounds. This blend quickly became unstoppable against all forces. At first the epidemic was thought to have been contained, but a leak was soon discovered.  ...


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With more than twenty banging releases, a membership to the infamous Donkey Rollers and residencies at the biggest and loudest events on the planet , MC DV8 is rightly known as THE voice of todays hardstyle scene. The Dutch MC first appeared on DJ Zany's "Deep Inside", back in 2005. By breaking new ground in the recording studio in '06 and '07 DV8 paved his way to internat...


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The beginning of 2013 is the dawn of a new era in hardstyle. Young, versatile and full of energy, the artists of Audiotricz showed up on the block and their message is: “We’re here to stay!” Having a background in sound design Kenneth and Léon rushed into the world of harder styles with their unique, melodic yet banging sound and the future looks bright for them. 


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Edward Aandewiel, AKA E-Force, began his musical career many years ago mixing early rave and hardcore. He then went on to become one-half of the extremely successful duo 'Beat Providers'.  As time went on he racked up the musical-miles and eventually signed with A2 Records. This led to bookings at De Q-Dance Feestabriek, Q-Base, Defqon.1, Qountdown, Euphoira, and many, many more.&n...


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2Recluse is an Britannic hardstyle duo formed by Joe James & Craig Thorpe.   They talk about their influences as the rawer sound in the Hardstyle scene. Creating twisted melody's and skull cracking kicks for the more serious Hardstyle party loverz! Be...


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Alan Cicco is a Hardstyle Dj from Oxford in Great Britain.

Radical Redemption

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Joey van Ingen a.k.a. Radical Redemption is the man behind this new name in the hardstyle scene. He’s born in 1990, and grew up in the east of the Netherlands. From day one he was interested in all kinds of music.  At age 10 he started to play the drums. His interest went to the rhythmic elements in music. As drummer he played in several bands, ‘Pacific’ became his...

Mad Dog

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Filippo today known as Dj Mad Dog, is one of the main artists on the Hardcore scene, he started his career at 16 with a group called "Hardcore Terrorists" having a huge popularity in his town. On summer 2000 he decided to create a new project for Traxtorm Records with a new name: DJ Mad Dog. From 2000 Filippo has produced many Hardcore hits like "The memory disappears"...

Machine, The

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The Machine is recognized as one of the most interesting artists in the Hardstyle scene. Coming from Lithuania, where Hardstyle isn't that popular as in leading countries like Holland and Italy yet, he has a very unique view on Hardstyle. His style is quite hard and dark compared to the current standard. That's why people still were a bit doubtful when his first release "Raw"...


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Patrick Schoonebeek is a Hardstyle Dj/Producer from the Netherlands. He signed on Scantraxx Evolutionz.


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Stuback is a dutch producer who produced since the end of 2006. He always made hardstyle music and worked hard in the past years to accomplish a release at a wel known hardstyle label. Eventually the first release was reached: Stuback - Be Prepared. Now the first release is a fact, the main target is to develop futher with new releases in the hardstyle genre!


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Joyce Eijssen got infected with the hardcore virus at the age of 12 when she attended high school.Performing as an artist wasn’t even on her mind back then. That all started when a friend hosted a party at the local pub in September 2010. He put Amada on the flyer after joking around about it. But what started out as a joke quickly turned into an obsession. She defines her style as mainst...