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In 2012, three individuals combined their musical forces in an aim to not only create a live-act, but an unforgettable, brutally vivid experience... Bob van der Palen, better known solo as B-Front is well renowned for his larger-than-life atmospheres, dark and mysterious sounds and extremely energetic performances. Becoming one of the most established acts in the hardstyle scene, if B-Front knows...


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B-Front (Bob van der Palen) was introduced to music at the young age of 8 years old. He became acquainted with a next-door neighbours studio and it was not too long until he was tweaking the Distortions, Drum Machines and Synthesizers. At the age of 10 B-Front was ready to go out on his own and he started to produce his own records, at this stage Hardstyle wasn’t aroun...


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                     Long time ago... B-twinz is an Italian duo formed by Flower 2k & Morgan En-Thai.   Dj Flower's career started in 2001. After a lot of practice on his dj set a...

Bass Modulators

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These two friends that have met each other at secondary school, have both a great passion for the music and have began their musical carreer at the age of 17. Rick produce mainly trance and hardtrance while Roland has developped a passion for the mix.Rick was always searching for his real vocation and Roland played variety of electronic music styles in a local club as Dj. The Hardstyle has q...


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                    BassButcherz AKA Craig Frodsham & Dominic Kanter are the freshest hardstyle duo to hit the scene. The name came from how they started off doing edits of hardstyle tracks - chopping (or Butchering) out the awful melodies to maintain a throbbing bassl...


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Bas Voskamp is a Hardstyle Dj from Utrecht in the Netherlands.  


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Joshua Bridger first discovered Hardstyle at the age of 18, shortly after he graduated High School. The first song he heard was De-Tuned by the famous Headhunterz, he was immediately hooked. A few weeks later he had an epiphany, realizing he wanted to create this music for a living. Immediately he started looking up how to make music, and discovered FL Studio. At first just playi...


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                     The Beholder, Jeroen Streunding, has a history of successes that is virtually unique. No man has produced so many classics as this man. With this background it's no wonder that his own labels have very high standards when it comes to putting releases on vinyl.


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                     Bastiaan or Bestien, born belgian on 19/05/1987. Bestien started producing music at the young age of 14. From his childhood on he was heavy influenced by the music his late father listenend to...Sounds like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Little Louis, The Prodigy, Kraftwe...


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Born on 08.07.1994 in Moldova Alex Skurtul, residing in St. Petersburg Russia, is showing the world that hardstyle is universal and is growing stronger day by day. He is proudly signed by Lussive Music, which makes him one of the first successful hardstyle producers from Russia. Alex started producing in 2008 and got hooked to the hardstyle sound after experimenting with House and Trance. I...


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Binum is one of the lot of aliases of the belgish Vincent Gorczak. He has been the main dj at the Oh Club in Belgium.


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                     Bioweapon has risen from the depths of Sydney's underground prepared to challenge the hardstyle world as we know it.


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Blackburn developed his love for electronic music at a young age. From the very beginning he was intrigued by what the equipment had to offer and how he could develop his own sounds. He started producing in 2007 and after a couple of years of hard work and dedication for his passion, Blackburn was signed to Therabyte, initially as his alter ego “Drivium”. In 2012...


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Ashley Cresswell, aka Blacklite, is a Hardstyle act from Leeds, United Kingdom. With a strong passion for hardstyle and driven by creativity, his tracks are certainly something to be looked out for. Starting out in 2011, he has been striving to keep his sounds fresh and unique, with an energetic feel, pulling influences from complextro and drum & bass. Having previously worke...

Blutonium Boy

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Blutonium Boy (real name: Dirk Adamiak) is a hardstyle producer/dj from Germany. He started playing as Session One (his trance-alias) in 1988 and has also used the alias Future Session. Adamiak would achieve European fame around 1997, he was already known in Germany, when he released "Dreams In My Fantasy" as Session One. This track was promoted and distributed by East West - Warner with a vide...


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                     Cedric Grosius was born on 22nd December 1976 in Eastern France. At only 12 years old, he started to pay attention to electronic music and quickly learned how to use turntables at a local radio station. He continued to master the art of DJing and...

Brennan Heart

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Fabian Bohn, more famous under the name of Brennan Heart is a dutch Dj/Producer néerlandais avtive now for several years. With more than 100 releases under different names, H's now part of the greatest djs of the Hardstyle scene. He also created the M!D!FY label with the Dj The Prophet Brennan Heart played in several Events everywhere in the world like Qlimax, Mysteryland, Black, Decibel...

Brian M vs MC Bunn

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                    Hardstyle within the UK is certainly growing at a rapid rate and this could be linked to the emergence of leading UK hardstyle duo Brian M vs McBunn. Within the last year they have played almost all of the leading hardstyle events within the UK pushing...

Brian NRG

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                    Started his career in 2003, Brian is a well-known name in the world of hardstyle. After his first 2 years releasing on some smaller labels he signed @ PAM (Pro Artist Management) who were known for their artists li...

Bruno Power

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Bruno Barbarossa, aka Bruno Power (born in Turin the 1st February 1975) started as a Progressive DJ moving into Techno and is now a hardstyle DJ. He debuted with his first album aged 14, and in 1989 made his first appearance in a club in Turin. Bruno has, since 1998, been resident DJ of hardstyle club Shock!Paesana (CN) He ma...