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D-Block & S-Te-Phan

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D-Block and S-te-fan (Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas) are two hardstyle artists from The Netherlands. They started co-producing in 2004. Bakker grew up with his father producing electronic music, which allowed him to learn musical skills very early in his childhood. Daas' inspiration comes from Happy Hardcore, which he was a large fan of in the 1990s. When they started to work as a...


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                     Patrick van der Beek, artist-name D-Mind, came in touch with the hardstyle sound in 2004. Enjoying this style for a few years, he has been dreaming of creating his own tracks.


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Darren Jones, Better known as D10 has been active as a Producer for 9 years and a DJ for 6 years. Darren also goes under the aliases Deton-8, D&G, Mercurial Virus, DJ and Daz De Funk. D10 shot to fame with his remix on S-Trax (Masif Organisation) of Neon Lights - Not Over Yet that was played at Dance Valley, Godskitchen, Gatecrasher and other major events across the world. The track...

Da Syndrome

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Entered the world of Scantraxx Recordz in 2006, many call him the craziest MC of the Netherlands because of his outstanding performances. This over-energetic man is flawless in his timing and he’s able to create an atmosphere where the DJ can act without over-staging. His ADHD flow is infectious and he keeps the partypeepz absorbing his energy. MC Da Syndrome is not only a host...

Da Tweekaz

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                     Da Tweekaz, also known as Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli, had been making music together for a couple of years before they got into hardstyle. They tried making different styles of harder dance music such as: hardtrance, hardhouse and hardtechno ,...


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                     Dailucia was discovered at the famous Dutch television show Holland’s Next Topmodel. In the show she mentioned that she would rather like to perform as a dj in front of thousands of ravers than to stroll the Parisian catwalks. As a consequen...


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Hannie Verbeek was born in a small village near Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. At the age of 19, she came in contact with the “harder styles” for the first time and so she starts at the age of 20 occasionally with mixing Tek- and Hardstyle. After been on many “harder stylez” festivals she decided that she wanted to become a female top DJ in Europe.

Daniele Mondello

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Daniele Mondello is a DJ born and raised in Sicily, Italy. In 1990/1991 he became number 1 both at the national championship "Stagione Estiva" at Cocoricò in Riccione, and at the "Walk up" championship, that took place at the Acquafan in Riccione. In 1993 he attended the Technics DMC World Mixing Championship and Became finalist performing at the legendary "Ministry of Sound" in London using 4 tur...


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We're sorry but no description is currently available on this website.

Dark By Design

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Around 1999, Dark By Design aka Gaz west was introduced to the world of trance, harddance and the debauchery of clubland. Gaz spent every weekend dancing his ass, lapping up the fresh sounds and partying hard at the super clubs of the day such as 'Gatecrasher' and 'Godskitchen'. I wasn't long before gaz had higher ambitions than being just a clubber and was trying his hand a...

Dark Oscillators

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Dark Oscillators is one of the project of Cristiano Giusberti

Dark Pact

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It was 2007 when Robin Alers aka Dark Pact, born in Zutphen in The Netherlands, discovered Hardstyle. When he heard the atmospheric breaks, great melodies and heavy kicks, he immediately fell in love with the music. In 2009 he started producing as a hobby, until he really set out a goal of becoming a Hardstyle DJ and producer in 2011. His hard work from then on paid off: in February 2012, his f...


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                     Music has always fascinated him, from Rock, Pop and Blues to every possible electronical style of music on this planet. As a youngster he always had the chance to listen to everything that was placed in his p...

Davide Sonar

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He has begun to care for the music in the 1987 when he was 6 years old, playing the piano and singing in a choir! But when he was 14 years old he began to approach to the electronic music: he started to buy few records and spin the turntables at some private parties.   In the 2002 he s...


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She was discovered by a scout of the Masters of Hardcore bookings agency (nowadays Most Wanted DJ Agency). From this moment DaY-mar has seen her career skyrocket over the past few years. Having sold thousands of Hardcore records and CD units worldwide since her first big performance at the Thialf Stadium (The Netherlands) in 2005, where she performed for a crowd of more than 15.000 people, this...

Deelay Pain

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                  Raphael Felten,(born 27th February 1990, Belgium), Also Know As Deelay Pain, Has Always Been Interested In Music.


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With more over a decade of hardstyle, fact is that Deepack is also the first Dutch hardstyle act/duo and can be considered as one of the co-founders of the hardstyle as it is today and influenced a lot of young  dj/producers which are on top of the scene right now !   The guys behind Deepack are Marcel van der Zwan and Frank Pechler. In 2001 they combined forces to...


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After starting her hardstyle career back in 2010, Diana Zwerwer, better known to us as Deetox, has been going from one highlight to another. With a schedule filled with top notch bookings ranging from Bass Academy, XXlerator and Loudness to Decibel, Emporium, Defqon.1 and Q-BASE, it's impossible to miss out on this rising star. She seizes every opportunity to take her unique brand abroad; from Fra...

Degos & Re-Done

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                    Degos & Re-done concist out of three men. Krijn, Peter and Thijs. Two men carry the name Degos: Krijn produces and Thijs does the actions.


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Delete is an Australian Hardstyle Producer/DJ who has been involved in the scene since its inception early in this millennium. Flying under the radar for most of that time he has all targets locked on and is rapidly infiltrating the minds of hardstyle fans across the globe. With an unhealthy obsession for the grinding, more rough and tough sound, his take on hardstyle leaves most banging their...


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Demoniak is the harddance project by Geoffrey & Nico. After their debut EP Colontrino, released on Lethal MG's label "Blackhand", they gained mass interest by the whole scene, which resulted in many bookings at clubs/partys. With the record S.H.A.K.E. they created a new sound and joined DJ Coone's major record label: DIRTY WORKZ! Several remixes, compi...


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Dimitri van Bronswijk a.k.a Denza started producing music in 2009. His obsession for harder styles of music convinced him to produce music himself! 24 March 2011 he got Signed at Noizy Records. His first EP "Ma Life" was a fact and reached the Hardstyle Top 100. From then he released more music. The beginning of 2012 Denza became a Fear FM Resident DJ. After that he released the track...


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In the year 2010 he released his first ep at hardcopy recordings. This ep contains the tracks 2H2H / MF Psycho / Up in this joint!. The tracks were played and support by several big artist in the scene, and played at major partys like Decibel and Defqon! The tracks are also on more then 10 compilation cd’s like Hardstyle top 100 and Decibel. After the first release he dropped a second ep...

Devin Wild

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Devin Wild is a young talented Hardstyle DJ and producer from Holland. He got inspired by Hardstyle when he was only 8 years old. At the age of 9, Devin started exploring his musical talent by producing bits and pieces for hours, creating energetic and uplifting Hardstyle. But this ambitious young man has a much broader perspective when it comes to music. He listens to styles like ambient and prog...

Digital Abuse

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Hardstyle duo, by two friends from Poznan. Paweł Pietrasiak and Piotr Pawlak. For many years, they were hardly interested in many generes of club music. They were still searching for a music, that will show theirselves, until they have met at the begining of year 2009. Paweł is a dj, almost, since he was a child; Piotr for just few years. The thing they were looking for was very simpl...

Digital Punk

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                   Digital Punk, born as René de Bruijn in 1985, in Dordrecht, has become a respected DJ/Producer in the Hardstyle scene. With his own recognizable sound and unique DJ sets this energetic DJ knows how to get the crowds wild and euphoric, time and time again, which results in a growin...


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Dillytek are Australia’s Hardstyle Dynamic Duo! It’s no fluke they are tasting some great success, having their tracks signed to legendary Dutch powerhouse label Dutch Master Works at the start of the year, Aaron & Aaron are some of the hardest working producers in the country. It’s not unusual to find them in the studio at 3 or 4 in the morning mixing up another ba...


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Marvin Puttkammer better known as "Distortionz" is 17 years old and a producer since 2008. His dream is to became one of the biggest acts in the scene. In 2013 he signed at "Bazzimplant Records".  His first release "Voices In My Mind" (also supported by Krewella) reached place 10 and "Control Your Body" place 14 in the "Hard-Dance Top 100...

Dizzy Plan

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Dizzy Plant is a russian Dj/Producer born in Yekaterinburg. He began Hardstyle since 2008. He had produced different releases as The Darknezz, Sunrise, Paradise or also Road Monster on labels like K405 Records, Alien Technology Hardstyle and Crashline Records.

Dj Nowy

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Dj Nowy's interest in music production starts with Hip Hop beats at the age of 15. He made several beats for his former crew, which were used in their first record called "Non ci fermi" ("You won't stop us" in English).  Then he discovered Hardstyle and fell in love with it, starting to produce his first songs. His huge curiosity towards the world of Hard...

Dj Producer

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Luke McMillan, a.k.a The DJ Producer has been a name synonymous with the U.K. underground rave/techno scene for the last 2 decades. His passion for high powered, super precise, rapid beat mixing stems from his early passions of electro and hip hop. He got his first turntables in 1988, and by the time he started strode college in 1989 he was already starting to realize that the music was changing,...

Dj Waxweazle

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Rob Fabrie is at the begining attracted by the techno music style when he begins to produce with one of his friends Richard van Naamen and begins officially his carreer at the begining of the 90's at Dj Paul sides on the musical band called Holy Noise. Holy Noise is then joined by two vocalists who are MC Alee and MC ruffian and two dancers Erwin and Natasja. The band knows a phenomenal succes...


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Yann Farinon, originary from Lausann in Switzerland is an Hardstyle Dj.

Doctor Zot

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Doctor Zot starts to play music at 14 years old, in these years he sperimented a lot of kind of sounds, from the Progressive to Techno, between Electro & Schranz, and finally Hardstyle. He create in 1999 his Event Management & Public Relation's Staff, called Maximum Project, and with this he has organized a lot of indoor & outdoor partyes! In...

Donkey Rollers

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Donkey Rollers, Hardstyle Rockers!! A statement that has been fully brought to life by the live-sensation of today's hardstyle scene. Over the past years Zany, Jowan and MC DV8 have proven that Donkey Rollers is the way to go if you need a party to go off beyond reason. Their story of success started when Raoul van Grinsven and Michel Pollen combined forces in the recording studio bac...


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Dr Phunk

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When the only 22 year old dutch boy called ‘Jordy Buijs’ started his harddance career, he never thought things would work out so well.   After being signed to his first recordlabel 4 years ago, he worked hard to develop his own sound. Last year Dr Phunk signed to one of leading harddance recordlabels called ‘Dirty Workz’. They creat...

Dr Rude

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The combination of diverse styles makes Dr. Rude one of the most versatile DJ’s in the Benelux.   The Dutch crowd is mad about his oldschool, early rave and present hardcore-sets, but abroad they are also loving his French tek and Belgian beats-sounds. To make this very thing clear: you can’t put this man in boxes. He manages to rock every part...


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                    Justin & Johan met each other in the beginning of 2007. After a while they decided to produce music together. In the summer of 2007, the producing duo d'Stylerz was born. At the end of 2007, they came in contact with Recess Music, which was starting a new hardstyl...

Duro, Dj

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                    DJ Duro can best be described as a metalhead who accidentally found himself swept up in a love for electronic music. A DJ who has always gravitated towards the more aggresive flavors of dance music, his catalog spans from Hardstyle, to Drum & Bass, to Ragga, Breakbeats, and Dub...

Dutch Master

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                     Dutch Master’s tireless efforts to become a world class DJ and producer are finally paying of in a brilliant career that’s taking him all over the world! Today he’s the headliner of choice for massive events in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, United Kingdom,...


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With more than twenty banging releases, a membership to the infamous Donkey Rollers and residencies at the biggest and loudest events on the planet , MC DV8 is rightly known as THE voice of todays hardstyle scene. The Dutch MC first appeared on DJ Zany's "Deep Inside", back in 2005. By breaking new ground in the recording studio in '06 and '07 DV8 paved his way to internat...