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Jack Of Sound

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Hailing from The Netherlands, Chris Oberman was drawn to music from an early age on. However, the moment his mind got captured by the ways of electronic music and the deep urge to create it by his own hands, a journey started, eventually leading to the birth and existence of Jack of Sound. While struggling, yet triumphing his way through DJ and remix contests in an effort to put...

Jacky Core

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Jacky Core will celebrate his 25 years of Deejaying in 2012. He receives his first turntable at the age of 16 and ignites the Alhambra's dance floor located in Belgium as early as 1987 after participating successfully at the DMC's contest. His musical style of that time is 'New Beat'. As a fan of the Boccaccio Club (in Belgium), he spends all of his Sundays over t...


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                     In 1993, Dj Japan (alias Johan Fossé) hears, by chance, a mix of Laurent Ho into one of his car's friend and it's the revelation! He put side his learn of the guitar to start the mix in 1995. Another chance, his meet with Eddy, a pro of the Atari and the...

Josh & Wesz

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This duo made a lightning career into the world of Hardstyle after their first release on the infamous Straight On Records label. Quickly moving to the Hardcopy imprint of Deepack they soon found themselves playing on almost every mainstage thought possible.   Their fast rise to fame and relatively young age give them advantages they both know how to use; an energetic s...