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Lady Dana

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Lady Dana used to visit many parties, just because she loved the music. It was never her intention to become a Dj, but only one and half years ago a friend of hers invited her, as a joke, to pick and mix a record at a party. You can imagine how surprised everybody was when she managed to mix it like a skilled Dj would. One of the promotors of this party was very impressed and came up to her to...

Lady Faith

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Lady Faith began her journey in Tehran, Iran. She grew up in a traditional household, but quickly developed a rebellious spirit, which resulted in all too frequent encounters with the Iranian Morality Police. After an almost disastrous ending to a high-speed chase, for the crime of attending a party, it became obvious that Faith was a free spirit that could not be contained and leaving Iran was th...

Lady Tom

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Simone Kromer aka Lady Tom is an absolute all-round talent: she is one of Switzerland’s hottest DJs and has become a household name in the international DJ-ing scene. As a successful music performer, she has released several hit singles, albums and compilations. She has also modelled for major companies such as Nestlé or Ford and she accompanied DJ Bobo on his World in Motion Tour...


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Lowie van Leeuwen was born on 18-05-’85 in the Hoek van Holland (near Rotterdam). It all began for him at a young age. His love for music developed mostly because of the inspiration he got from his father. He learned how to play piano at a very young age and proved to be more then talented in playing all types of music. With the 90’s passing by he became more interested in the harde...


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Luminite is one of the only artists who belongs to the avant-garde of Hardstyle music. With every track he guarantees a new inventive and innovative way of getting people moving. Luminite's promise to all his fans is that he will "never make a generic track again. Every single one will be experimental/unique/out of the box" This is a truly inspirational and refreshing promise in a scene so c...


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A few years ago Richard the Mildt’s career as a dj developed at an accelerated rate, which has lead to the fact that this uncrowned king of hardstyle is now to be rated among the most popular dj’s in the Netherlands. In 2003 Luna came fourth in the Top 100 of best dj’s in the world during the Dutch Dance Awards, overtaking big shots like Carl Cox, Dave Clarke and Sven Vät...

Luqu Chaos

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Hardstyle producer from Malaysia. Born in the 96. Produce Early Hardstyle / Hardstyle / Dubstyle / Rawstyle. Mainly produce Hardstyle in my own style