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A distinctive feeling of diversity, underground vitality and technological prowess, N-Vitral is a name closely linked to The Third Movement. Ever since his first release he has developed his sound design to impressive heights. His earlier releases contain a uniquely dark and technoid sound, while his more recent works like 'Kling Klong', 'Welcome To The Killzone', 'Sicko Cell', 'Such Kick' and 'Ju...


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After hearing Underworld's "Born Slippy", Marc knew that he wanted to be into music and started as a salesman working in Dutch biggest singleselling recordstore. There it was he found out that vinyl sounded better then any cd he had ever heard, so he bought himself 2 turntables and tried to make something of it. Marc was in contact with many dj's, so it was easier to...

Nasty Boyz, the

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The name of Nasty Boyz is a Hardstyle project formed by the two great names wich are Bruno Barbarossa (Bruno Power) and Ivan Magnasco (Iva Carsten).


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Neilio's music has a characteristic thrill that doesn't fade like other hardstyle tunes sometimes do and this sets him apart from other artists. This has led him to gain thousands of fans in only a couple years. He has also had the honor of playing on big events such as Defqon1, Qontinent, Q-base and Bassleader. His tracks have even been supported by names such as Coone, Headhunterz, Wa...


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Well-known hardcoreproducer and DJ from Rotterdam. Main member of Neophyte, this man still is one of the leading producers in the hardcorescene. Started back in the early days of hardcore with his friends Danny Greten and Robin van Roon with their first Amiga-made releases on Rotterdam Records, which was owned by the famous Paul Elstak at the time. As Neophyte, they had many hardcore classics o...


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Since a little kid i was always into music, everywhere and everytime i've had the desire to listen or create music. Being in a discotheque made me feel home, it made me feel like i belong there. Things really started when i first came in contact with music making programs such as Magix music maker. But this program was very limited and i was looking for somethin...


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Fusion are delighted to announce that they are teaming up two great talents in the form of NightFall! Sven has spent years honing his productions, and Jeffrey the craft of dj’ing. A while ago they decided to team up to utilise both of their skill sets. The result is a duo of Fusion quality. This producer/Dj team are the best of both worlds and they have a great future ahead of them. Fusion i...


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                    NitrouZ is considered to be one of the biggest Hardstyle Talents in Australia. At the age of 18 he developed his skills as a DJ and became attracted to the pulsing beat of the harder styles of Dance music.


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Noisecontrollers is a hard-dance act run by Bas Oskam. For nearly a decade, Noisecontrollers has been one of the leading acts in the Hardstyle genre hitting all major stages around the world. From an intense passion for music the producer behind Noisecontrollers, Bas Oskam, produces new music at conveyer belt pace. His succes is built on his unusual talent for producing music with a creativity...


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Noiseshock is a young Hardstyle productor, coming from Neuquén in Argentina.