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Sasha F

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Sasha F started his career as a DJ around 17 years ago and during this period he definitely showed the world what he was worth as a professional jock and producer. He is now one of the most wanted Hard Dance artists from Finland and his popularity around the globe is rising fast.

Scary Clowns

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Scary Clowns is a new Italian Hardstyle duo, born from a simple but crazy idea.  Their freaking, insane and raw style first track, called "Dirty Insanity" became so recognised by most part of hardstyle listeners and Headhunterz inserted it on his famous podcast "Hard With Style".

Scope Dj

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In 2008 Scope DJ joined the Scantraxx forces. This passionate producer and DJ from Kampen is responsible for megabits such as 'Lockdown', 'Rock Hypnotic' and 'Househeads' as well as many remixes he did for other big players in the scene. He has already played at many big events such as Defqon.1, Hardbass, Decibel, Q-Base, Reverze, In Qontrol, Tomorrowland, X-Ql...

Second Identity

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                     Second Identity is the name of the netherlandish duo formed by A-Lusion and Scope Dj. They launched this project in 2009, signing some productions. Quickly, they releases their album composed of 15 Hardstyle tracks.

Secret Unity

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It all started when they were introduced to music at the age of 12. From acoustic to electronic music, everything went coolwhen they discovered Hardstyle...


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At the age of 8, Sephyx also known as Xander, was given a present. It was a strangely shaped object standing in the corner of the room. After unwrapping its paper, he took it in his hands. A new world opened for him. It was a guitar. It immediately became clear he had an extraordinary feeling for music. He played along on this instrument and developed a big love for music. Mostly analyzing musi...


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The roots of Shellshock are found in the Highlands of Scotland in 2011 when Geordie Third founded the project and used it to release the tracks he produced for several years. At the start of 2014 he wanted to take Shellshock to the next level and enlisted the services of a skilled DJ - Ross MacGill, formally known as B.A.S.H, joined the project, and Shellshock in its current guise was born. Their...


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Hardstyle DJ duo Shockwave (Joey van der Linden and Jeroen van Ee) started producing back in 2008. The last 5 years they developed theirselves as a talented producing team as well as an entertaining performing duo. They have a goal, becoming a recognized name in the hardstyle scene and create a shockwave amongst the crowd with their music. Their decision to send their demo to Dutch Ma...


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                    Showtek is a hardstyle duo composed by the Janssen brothers : Wouter & Sjoerd (aka Walt Jenssen & Duro ). Make part of the main event Indoor of the world, Sensation Black, is a perfect indication of the current position of Showtek...

Silver Nikan

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Kevin Willemsma alias Silver Nikan is born on 7th of April 1989. His interest for music started at a very small age. He experimented always with...

Sisma DJ

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                    Dj since 1990, Pincky a.k.a. Sisma dj studied music and this have helped him to start his journey through MUSIC. In 1997 He thought to releases his own record :"Say One", follow it "Give it up" and "Say One rmx"like Pincky,...


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                    Since the age of 11, he always wanted to make some music. He begins in the Hip Hop, in the mix, and then, at the age of 13, he discovers the Jumpstyle. He falls after that, on a music style more harmonic and more melodic : The Hardstyle. The emotions cr...

Slim Shore

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Slim Shore aka Henry Snijders was formerly known as the on-stage face of the Dutch Master project. In 2007 Henry was discovered by the Dutch Master Works-label and was asked to join their crew. His talent for producing and his major dj-skills contributed highly to the success of this project and...

Sound Freakerz

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It all started in the year 2006 when they met each other at a birthday party. They talked about music, spinning records and producing. After a few meetings they decided to work together on a track, which turned out to be a success. This first record called “Out of limits” was played at big events such as “Bassleader, Defqon 1” and more. And so the Sound Freakerz was born...

Sound Rush

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Sound Rush is a Dutch hardstyle duo, easily recognizable for being identical twins. This aspect installed their natural ability to fuse two minds into one when operating inside the studio and on stage. Sound Rush radiates the euphoric side of hardstyle, yet they’re keen on playing with boundaries and bringing in fresh versatility. Their creative signature holds a perfect blend between a future...


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Dominique and Niels met each other in the winter of 2010 and what a combination it turned out to be. After only 5 months of producing under the name "Soundcreators" and sending demo's to the number 1 harddance label "Dutch Master Works" they gave them the chance to release 4 tracks. You took my love, Time to be, Goodnight and Way of life. Track appearances on...


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                     Stefania Alessi aka DJ STEPHANIE was born in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) ... her passion for music started at the time she was a teenager following her father, who used to be a dj and events organizer, this way she learned the art of mixing... in the beginning she loved Tech...


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Music already was a big passion for the two friends and at young age around 15 they started to play around with music programs such as Fasttracker, Rebirth, Reason and later Cubase. Because they we’re still young and too much in the party vibe, producing wasn’t so serious back then.But after some time Dave went to the sound academy and produced under the name Demolition D...


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Stuback is a dutch producer who produced since the end of 2006. He always made hardstyle music and worked hard in the past years to accomplish a release at a wel known hardstyle label. Eventually the first release was reached: Stuback - Be Prepared. Now the first release is a fact, the main target is to develop futher with new releases in the hardstyle genre!

Sub Zero Project

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They’re fresh, they’re focussed and they unquestionably demolish just about any crowd with their enormous, thrashing kicks and energetic semblance! In a matter of just a few short years, next-gen hardstyle heavyweights Sub Zero Project have risen to great heights, taking the hardstyle scene by storm with their rough, yet refreshingly interesting take on raw hardstyle. The Sub Zero Project story...

Substance One

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Created in the high-security research laboratories buried deep within the mountains of an undisclosed location, a new form of high octane and extremely flammable material substance has been created. Its unique compounds, formed by crystaline fragments of newly discovered minerals and matter particles has induced the transformation of one individual into what scientists now refer to as...