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Juul Koopman A.K.A. Tartaros is a Dutch Hardstyle DJ and producer born in a town called Tubbergen. At the age of 15, Juul started listening to all kinds of hard dance music. After a year of discovering which kind of hard dance music he liked the most, his passion for Hardstyle was born. Because the love for the music was so strong, Juul then decided to buy his first own DJ gear. 2 turntables...


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                     Tatanka or T.A.T.A.N.K.A. born Valerio Mascellino (December 18, 1979), is an Italian Hardstyle DJ and Producer. He is also the founder of the Zanzatraxx record label. His name refers to the American bison in the Lakota language, Mascellino has used many al...


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                    When you randomly ask some Technoboy fans to describe their idol in one sentence, you can be sure the line “he is the King of hardstyle” will be spoken. That’s quite something, being compared to one of the biggest legends in the music industry. But the ones that h...


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Teequee is nothing else than the alias of Pontuz Bergman, or still 50 % of Wasting Penguinz. He has produced Hardstyle titles between 2006 and 2007 before begin a project with Jon called Wasted Penguinz..

Tekno Tom

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Thomas Morgan aka Tekno Tom is a dj/producer from South Wales. He produced various remixes for B-Twinz as a single artist and also with the Bass Bandits

The Beast Project

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The Beast Project are a Spanish formation of deejays and producers (Tate, Qhristian Qano & Javier Salgado) that want to make something different with the Hard music   This union born when they saw the necessity to make harder the Hardstyle music.  A revolutionary way to understand this music. A different point to view the Dj Sets and the Live Show, a great comb...

The Geminizers

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If you're talking about energy, mixing skills, heavy hardstyle and total madness, you've got to be talking about The Geminizers. Mark Thoonen and Joost van der Velden form this The Magic Show duo.  These two close friends share the same ideals about music and have been performing since 2006. With their contaminating charisma t...

Thera, Dj

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The founder of Theracords has an incredible impressive resume. He is known for his significant unique style and a positive energetic attitude. There is no other artist that provides such amount of energy, which is something you have to witness yourself to believe it. His performances has taken him to Canada, Australia, Russia, Spain and even Ukraine. Known as a huge supporter for...


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In a dark room with a dim light at the corner, a 13-year-old boy sat still. Furious kicks emerged as he transferred the sounds he produced by electronic mail, hoping that it would reach the ears of Fusion Records. Impressed by what they had heard, B-Front, Chain Reaction, Frequencerz, and E-Force, played those sounds through the speakers of Defqon.1, Bassleader, and Loudness. Then, at the ag...


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Matthieu Fournier aka Tieum is a french Hardcore Dj. Has released some titles under Neophyte Records.


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At the young age of 11, George Pinas aka Titan was infected with the harddance virus. A classmate collected the legendary Thunderdome cd’s and live registrations, which George borrowed from time to time. The little Titan played these tapes over and over and after a while his interest moved from the audience to the DJ’s on stage. His interest grew bigger and bigger and after a while he bought his f...


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                     TNT is the alliance between Technoboy & Tuneboy. Avid hardstyle fans already know who TNT are, but this is where you can discover everything about TNT’s history, ethos and unique sound. The TNT proj...


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                    The Toneshifterz (Elie Abwi and Olcay Ertek) started in mid of 2009, but before this… Elie produced UK Hardcore, House, trance and electro while Olcay was also producing UK Hardcore and Gabber. Then after the opportunity arose in Australia...

Toxik Waste

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                     Toxik Waste produces electronic music since 2005. He quickly turned to Hardstyle and Jumpstyle and released his first track with the famous belgian DJ, DJ Furax, in 2007. This first collaboration, and thanks...


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                     Music producer and mc, Tr3no start his mc career in 1995 thanks to a well known p.r. who heard him and believed in him. From that point he worked in many discos like Insomnia, Dadarà, Dylan, Kimera, Titanic, Mad and Oxa. His voice has the power to throw up th...


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Antonio Donà a.k.a. Tuneboy was born in Bologna, Italy. At the beginning of the Nineties, Antonio bought some equipment, a couple of records and started practising. His natural talent emerged quickly: in 1995 he produced his debut single titled ‘Integrated’ under the alias Wide World. Just one year later, Antonio gave his first live performance at the legendary...


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Claudio Moi aka Typhoon was born in Rome in 1986. Since he was 12 he's attracted by the hardest styles of music, then, few years later, he decided to start visiting the biggest and mostimportant european parties of the hardstyle scene. After many parties such as visitor, his passion for music led him to create his owndemos and dj sets, initially as a passion, until his tracks are noticed by Unit...