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                    DJ Zany (or just Zany; real name: Raoul van Grinsven) (born 11 May 1974, Veldhoven) is known as a veteran disc jockey, with over ten years of experience at the producing and performing in the dance scene. He lives in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven and is currently a fulltime D...


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                    Gerardo Roschini’s illustrious career began in the late 1990s, where he immediately set himself apart from the crowd and began to form his own sound. Producing under many aliases such as: Supaboyz, Smashing Guys, Ironblood, Machinehead; his sound became a staple for...

Zealot, Dj

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Jonas Sörensen aka. DJ Zealot from northern Germany started his dj carreer with great enthusiasm and advantage. After playing 2 years in his resident slot at a event series called "Tranceaction", he took an important step by publishing his first releases. 2008 he was then recognized by northern germany's biggest dance music label, Aqualoop Records. He's responsible...


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Joachim was only 12 years old when his eyes opened for the world of music, he started to produce simple beats in FL studio and when he was 14 he started to produce Hardstyle music, and in 2012 he released his first release on Invaders Records with the Ep "B.I.L.Y"


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Zero Sanity

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                    Steven Hills a.k.a. Zero Sanity is a Dutch hardstyle DJ born in a town called Leidschendam. This is where he spent almost his entire childhood. Growing up, he got settled in the larger and well-known city of The Ha...


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The German based producer Zyprus reincarnates the combined forces of raw but energetic sounds.  Being a perfectionist lead him to the path he has gotten so far. With his tracks 'The Danger' and 'Death of a Demon' he grew attention into the scene and strenghened his carreer with tunes like 'Fake' and 'Into Sight'.  Freshly s...