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Artist Number 1


4Dots is a dutch label created on 2010. Really, It's an under label of the booking and event agency called 2-Dutch BV. They relesed titles as Pulserz : If You Forget Me, Audiogenetic : Solarise, or still Wizeguyz et Kimiko : Never Free...

A2 Records

A² Records is a Dutch record label and since April 2009 a sub label of Scantraxx Records. The label is owned by hardstyle duo Alpha&.

Absurd Audio

Founded in April 2006 and run by The Speed Freak. Besides typical Frenchcore this label focusses on Hardcore which combines elements from different musical styles (like Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass, Metal, etc.).

Acova Recordings

Acova Recordings is now one of the most popular indie labels in Switzerland. Under the brand name Acova Hardtraxx, they specialise in hard bass music. Their poster girl is the Queen of Hardstyle, Lady Tom! In 2009, the indie label successfully pulled off a marketing deal with Switzerland's biggest distribution label, "Phonag AG".   It was under this arrangement that...

Activa Records

                    Activa Records is a label of Edinet Group, founded in 1999. It's know all over the world for his pounding tracks and not conventional sound. His master dj Activator release a lot of smashing hits, alone or with the collaboration of oth...

Alien Technology

                    Alien Technology Recordings is Russia's first digital Hard Dance label. Originally set up in 2007 by DJ/Producer Distorted Robocops as an outlet for his own productions, the label has quickly evolved into one of the pioneering underground Hard Dance imprints in the cold country...


Anarchy will house the raw and experimental sounds within the Hardstyle genre. Anarchy is a division of Dirty Workz.

Android Muziq

Android Muziq is a far-sighted label established with the express intention of showcasing the best in modern electronic music, ranging from deep techno through to minimal and future-tech. The principle focus of the label's output will always be high-quality production combined with cutting edge sounds, aimed at creating a unique, specific vibe that can easily be attributed to the...

Armabass Alternate

                   Armabass Alternate is the first french Hardstyle netlabel. His goal is to provide Hardstyle beats of quality, to promote some new young french talents and become the reference. By releasing track with a positive flow of energy, Armabass Alterna...

Armada BNL

Armada BNL is a sublabel of the famous label Armada Music founded by Armin Van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis. It releases tracks from Toolroom Records, Kittball Records and Enormous Tunes to the region of Benelux.

Art Of Creation

Art Of Creation is the Hardstyle label created by Headhunterz and Wildstylez on 2018.

Astrocore Productions

Austrocore was initiated in the year 2000 by Alexander Juritsch and Andreas Wohlgenannt.  This was the start for the first pure harder dance label in Austria. Our aim is to push the hard-dance scene, mainly in Austria and give amateurs a chance to be heard and seen. We are especially interested in creative and solid material and our goal is not to reinvent music but reinvent ideas and usua...

Audiogenic Records

                    AUDIOGENIC is one of the first federator structures of the Hardcore movement in France.This label is composed of 14 under-label (in which Psychik Genocide, Neurotoxic, Absurd Audio, Arena …), representing more than 50 natinal and international ar...


Audiophetamine is a sublabel of Dirty Workz managed by the Australian dj Audioferq since 2016.

Aussie Hardstyle Recordz

Created on 2007, Australian based Hardstyle label, though it releases mainly Australian artists they often release overseas artists like: D-Mind and Adam Bass.

Avio Records

Created on 2008, Avio Records is nothing but the main label imagined and designed by the two dutch djs : Alphaverb and Intractable One.

B2S Records

B2S is one of the biggest dance event organisations in Holland. They are specialised in the Harder styles of Dance Music, such as Hardstyle, Hardcore, Techno, Early Rave, Oldschool and Industrial Hardcore.

Babaorum Records

Babaorum Records is a Label located in the North of France (Lille). The Label is specialized in Hardtekno and Jumpstyle but also Hardcore(Total Hardcore), House (Only House Records) and Electro (Only Electro Records) releases.

Babyboom Records

Babyboom Records was an dutch Gabber sublabel of Combined Forces

Bad HabitZ Records

Bad Habitz records is a new hardstyle label of WestWorks Music (active since May 2009). Established by  two guys with love for music (Ferry Overduin, Rody Bothe). Years ago Ferry and Rody met each other and became friends.  They share the same pasion for this music and inspired each other to make great hardstyle sounds with their knowledge and skills. To let the world know t...

Barong Family

Barong Family is an Amsterdam based label managed by the band called Yellow Claw

Bazz Implant Recordings

Hardstyle label, founded in 2007. Managed by Alphaverb for a while. Now managed by the owners of Imp Music.

Be Yourself Music

Be Yourself Music started in 2005 when ID&TMusic stopped. This fresh music company was founded by the old ID&T Music employees. In this change Be Yourself Music bought the whole ID&T music catalogue (ID&T, Q-dance, Shockers and the Hardcore catalogue). 

Bionic Digital

BIONIC GOES DIGITAL After 9 years of leading the UK as its number 1 hardstyle and European music related event, Bionic will be releasing some of the finest tracks from across the world on its overly anticipated Bionic Digital music label. The label shall be showcasing some of the best music from across the UK & rest of the world + will feature local rising stars as well as big name producer...

BLQ Records

BLQ Records is a sublabel of the Record Company The Saifam Group: here is the Bangin' Beat Label where Opera, Rock, Trance touch are mixed just like an hot cocktail in order to obtain an Explosive & Loud Sound.

Blutonium Records

German label. Originally a trance label by DJ Session One and Etienne Picard, now specialising in hardstyle. Since 2009 led by Flarup.

BPM Records

Hard House & Hardstyle label founded by Frédéric Becker & based in Lausanne, Switzerland. This label releasing Hard House on vinyl and Hardstyle and Hardcore CD compilations. "BPM Records" is marketed in Europe by different companies (specified by the official copyright).

Brennan Heart Music

Hardstyle label managed by Brennan Heart . In 2013 it was rebranded as We R.

Bring The Riot

Bring The Riot is the Raw Hardstyle label created by Deetox, at the end of 2017.

Cloud 9 Dance Records

                    Cloud 9 Dance is an independent company from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and focuses on quality dance music. Founded only in 2006, Cloud 9 Dance managed to become a player of importance in the Benelux territory within a short period of time. Representing a wide variety of styles and genres, Cloud 9 Dance has been very success...


Crashline is the first Hardstyle label in Ukrain. It has been created on 2011...

Crunk'D Records

Crunk'D Records is a tekstyle label from Belgium, run by Davoodi, created on January, 11st, 2011

Dance Pollution

Dance Pollution is a sublabel of the Record Company The Saifam Group: the Hardstyle sound started to move its first steps onto this label and you can find here some classic Hardstyle Masterpieces such as Tuneboy ("Bass Kick", "Housensation", "Demolition"), Atlantic Wave, The Kgb's ("Techno Gym", "Punk Cake") and DJ Stardust just to mention a...


Dancetraxx is a canadian Hard Dance label founded in 2012.

Darkstyler Digital

The Darkstylerz - Welsh Duo, Jenko & Intense Formed A Back To Back Partnership In Late 2008 & Have Gone From Strength To Strength On The Hard Dance Scene... With Unique Mixes Ranging From Hard Dance To Gabba You Never Quite Know What This Dynamic Duo Will Be Dropping Next & Theyre Headbanging Antics Always Grab The Attention Of The Crowds The Play Too... They Released Theyre Record...

Davaro Records

Davaro Records Revolution in Sound. Davaro Records is born by P. Johnen aka Mystery and its germanys nr 1 Hardstyle Label. With his Hardstyle label he wants to present the REVOLUTION IN SOUND. the Label sets on high quality sounds. Davaro collaborates also with other labels and artist. Since attentively what yet will happen.Future Davaro Records. More info soon Check: www.davaro-...

Deathmatch Music

Deathmatch Music is a deuth label created by Chris One on 2018.

Derailed Traxx Records

Derailed Traxx is a independent record label who releases hardstyle and hardcore. The label is devided in 2 divisions; Derailed Traxx.Grey brings the hardstyle sound and Derailed Traxx.Black brings the hardcore sound.

Diffuzion Records

January 2013 The Netherlands - the birth date and location of a new independent hardstyle record label founded by Dutch Master. Diffuzion Records will pay homage to the best of times in music history while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future. Diffuzion Records is the presenter of new talents who share a dedicated love for digital music. The result is a showcase of fresh and catchy ele...

Digital Age

Label Hardstyle created by Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers on 2011.

Dirty Workz

Dirty Workz is one of the biggest Hard music label run by Coone since 2008. It owns three under labels : Anarchy, DWX Bounce, DWX Update

Djs United

Founded in 2004, Dj s United is an italian label of Hard Music.

Dutch Master Works

Dutch Master Works is a dutch Hard label created on 2005 by Showtek

Dwarf Records

Dwarf Records is a dutch Gabber Label. It became Combined Forces later.

Edinet Music

Edinet Music, founded on 2000 is an italian label of electronic music.

End Of Line Records

A new Hardstyle label have seen the day for few times : End Of Line Records. On facebook, we can see that Zyprus, Hardcraft and Warface are part of it...

ETX EditionTraxx

Swiss hardstyle label founded by Max B. Grant in 2000, currently owned by Massimo Briganti and Daniel Thaler.

Euphoric Madness

Euphoric Madness is an ukrainian Hardstyle label.

Ezteq Records

Dutch Hardstyle label founded by DJ Ezteq in 2010. EZTEQ Records focuses itself highly on progressive Hardstyle music. Expect sharp basslines, innovative melodies and a dose of jawbreaking kicks that will “Fuck You Up”.

Foolish Records

Foolish Records is a Freestyle label from the Netherlands. It has been created on 2015.

Fusion Records

Fusion Records is a dutch label that used to produce Hard Trance music. Nowadays, it produces exclusively Hardstyle dutch music...The label is owned by Zany.

Gearbox Digital

Gearbox digital is a UK label Hardstyle.

Gold Records

Gold Records is the association between Tillt Records Gold and Scantraxx. The label owned by Max Enforcer is definited like this :  « When I think Gold, I think about huge things ! A gold medal drives to a better state of mind : Gold is like lux, a peaceful life, at the sun, at the beach and at the happyness. it's exactly what we want to bring with this new la...

GT Digital

Label of the UK Hardtrance/Hardstyle vinylshop, owned by the partnership Justin and Russell. Founded in 2005. In the middle of 2007 Russell left

Hard Hammer

Hard Hammer is a Slovenian Hardstyle label founded on 2007 by Miha Umek (aka Mic-E). We can find artists like Mic-E, Matt Restless, DJ Thera or Digital Abuse..

Hard Music Records

Hard Music Records is an austrian label founded by Dj Paulistos.

Hard With Style

Hard With Style is a dutch label managed by Headhunterz and created on 2011.


Hardbassfanatics Records Digital was founded in 2009 by G1 and Twizted. After their releases on Italian and Britsh labels the two guys decided to provide their tunes on their own. Hardbassfanatics will bring well selected homegrown Dancemusic, first of all Hardsytle. On Hardbassfanatics you can expect several further young artists with their affectionately produced hardstyle traxx.

Hardcopy Records

Hardstyle label of Charly Lownoise and Deepack founded in 2006.

Hardcore Beats

Hardcore Beats is a Uk label London-based, mainly axed on Drum N Bass sounds, nut that also produce some Hard beats...


Hardphase is a french Hardstyle label created in August 2010, and based at Lille in the northern France.

Hardskillz Records

What is Hardskillz Records?: Hardskillz Records is a Harstyle Record label who are releasing Hardstyle tracks. It is mainly found for young beginning Hardstyle Producers, to start them up for the major Hardstyle labels. How did it all started?: Hardskillz records, was found by Robin Hoesen (Paraphaze) in 2010. He Released his own track called: "Survival of the strongest". Ri...

Hardstyle Creation Recording

Created on 2011, Hardstyle Creation Recording is an italian label administrated by Express Viviana.


Hardstylosophy is an austrian label of Hardstyle

Head 2 Future

Head 2 Future is a dutch Hardstyle label created on 2013.

Heart For Hard Records

Heart for Hard Records is the official recordlabel of the Dutch Harddance organization: "Heart for Hard". This label is focused on the harder styles in electronic dance music. We can find artists like Equanimity, Respawn, Regain or also Udex.

Hellsound Records

Hellsound Records is a Dutch Hardcore Techno/Gabber sublabel from ID&T. Now defunct..

Hexablast Records

Hardstyle & Rawstyle label created on 23rd of September 2012 by the french DJ & producer Brainkicker, based in the eastern north of France and dedicated to worldwide talents discovery.

Hooligan records

Since 2008, this Cloud 9 Music underlabel produced mainly Hardstyle sounds...


Dutch label founded by Irfan van Ewijk, Duncan Stutterheim and Theo Lelie (= I, D & T).  It all started out as these three guys organizing a post-Graduation party “The Final Exam” in 1992 in Utrecht. After this first big success, they organized a lot more party events such as Thunderdome, Mystery Land and Global Hardcore Nation. At the end of t...

IHDS (International Hard Dance Sessions)

The goal of International Hard Dance Sessions (IHDS) is to unite the world in one concept, picking key artists from each territory to showcase their hard edge sound including Hard Trance from Germany, Hardstyle from Holland, Hard Dance from the U.K, Tech Dance from Japan and everything in-between, from every key port of Hard Dance across the globe!

IMP Music

IMP Music is a dutch Hardstyle label created on 2003. It owns different sublabels as Bazz Implant Recordings, Bunkerz Records, Hardcore malice...

Infexious Hardstyle

Hardstyle & Rawstyle digital record label. Started in 2010 as an off shoot to Scottish club night Infexiousby promoter Al Innes and co-founder / resident Rob Da Rhythm. In late 2012 Management of the label was taken over solely by Rob, while Al concentrated on...

Invaders Records

                    Invaders Records is a french label born by the success of the webradio : Invaders Station. The label is still young but it has already released some productions such as Main Suspect - Prophecy Is Here, Zenteka - Because I Love You or still Skiizo - The Void. ...

Italian Hardstyle

                   Italian Hardstyle is one of the biggest Italian Hardstyle label. It has been created in 2010 by Dj Zatox in order to promote his own sound. Since that time, the label has grown up and has welcome Djs like  The R3bel...

JDX Music

JDX Music is a US based Electronic Dance Music (EDM) label with a unique roster of artists founded by Joshua Dutrieux & Fletcher 'Schoty' Schottland. Joshua has over 15 years of cutting edge music composition, production & performance. Fletcher has over 14 years of successfully building early stage online & digitally focused companies. Both Joshua and Fletcher share a passio...

K405 Records

K405 Records is a UK label created by Kris Ryeland aka Kidd Kaos...

Kattiva Records

First Hardstyle Sublabel of EDINET Group born on 2002 for the new talents. From this label, many talents started to releases their first releases, like Francesco Zeta, Plasmaravers, Coca, Silver Nikan and many more!

Keep It Up Music

Keep It Up Music is nothing but the Frontliner label. He now produces his titles on this label.

Kickdrum Records

Kickdrum Records is a Hardstyle music label created by Brian NRG in January 2016.

Knockout Beats Records

Knockout Beats Records is a danish Hardstyle label founded by Anders Larsen.


Created on 2004, Kytezo productions is the belgish label created by Jacky Core.

Lose Control Music

Lose Control Music is label founded by Wildstylez, under-label of Be Yourself Music

Loverloud Records

Loverloud Records is an hardstyle label managed by Francesco Zeta

Low Frequency Records

                    Low Frequency Records is a French Hardstyle record label. Their objective is to gather experimented producers and new talents, to promote their style.  For them, unity is a major necessity to succeed. In their organization, everybody is u...

Lussive Music

Lussive Music is the label created by Onne Witjes (A-Lusion).  After having released more than 75 tracks on various labels, the dutch dj decided to launch his own label at the beginning of 2012...

Luxury Trax

Luxury Trax is a french underlabel of Suka Records, born in 2010.


                     In may 2006, The Prophet and Brennan Heart joined forces and started M!D!FY. At first a label where Brennan Hear could develop his own sound and vision on the harder styles of dance music. Nowadays the label is growing and there are more releases...

Mainstage Music

Mainstage Music is a digital label created by W&W. It is a sublabel of Armada Music.

Make You Dance

Make You Dance is a dutch label linked to the Make You Dance BV Society.  

Massive Dynamic Records

Massive Dynamic Records is a german Hardstyle label

Masters Of Hardcore

Dutch hardcore and gabber label. Managed by DJ Outblast (label) & King Matthew (party). Masters of Hardcore was founded in 1996 in the Hemkade in Zaandam, The Netherlands. Originally a division of A&A Productions. Around 1998, the hardcore scene in the Netherlands reached its lowest point. The major labels were no longer interested in hardcore music and the big event promoters chose to org...

Megarave Records

Megarave Records is a dutch Hardcore/gabber, managed by Rige Records, at the head of the best Hardcore labels in the world. Megarave has welcome artists like The Headbanger, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Bass-D & King Matthew, Buzz Fuzz, Dione, Dr. Macabre or still Paul Elstak.

Minus Is More

Minus Is More is an underlabel of the Cloud 9 Society. It is managed by the Hardstyle dj called Dj Luna

Musical Awareness

Founded in 2013 by the Dj / Producer Danouh, this label based in Saarbrucken in Germany is part of the labels that produce some Nu-Style.

Neophyte Records

Neophyte Records is an electronic music label from the Netherlands founded in 19999 by Neophyte. The first track is called Number One Fan.

Next Chapter

Next Chapter is a dutch Hardstyle label founded in 2006.

Nightbreed Records

Nightbreed Records was founded in 2015 by Endymion and it quickly establishes itself in the world of Raw hardstyle with a non-stop series of releases, featuring artists such as Endymion, High Voltage, Phuture Noize & Bass Chaserz among others. Being a trio that is never afraid to develop their sound and think outside of the box, Endymion has taken the step to reinvent themselves and their next...

Noisecontrol Records

Noisecontrol Records is as its name says the Noisecontrollers label. It is created at the release of his album called All night Long in 2015.

Noize Junky

Noize Junky is a Jumpstyle label from the Netherlands.

Not On label

Some titles are diffused without label. Generally, it is a free track.


Paranoia Records is a dutch Hardstyle label managed by Amplifierz

Pink Beats Records

Pink Beats is an italian record created by Dj Stephanie, launched at the release of her album called Pink Beats on February.

Pow Records

Pow Records is the second label created by Francois Frijns (alias Potato), after Basic Movements

Psychik Genocide

French label releasing Frenchcore/Hardcore. Largest division of Audiogenic, which is a big organisation in France. The owner of Psychik Genocide is Radium, who also is the manager of most of the Audiogenic labels.

Q-Dance Records

This is the record label of Dutch party organisation Q-Dance. They focus on the harder styles of dance music, such as hardstyle, hardcore, techno and hard trance. The regular releases (so excluding the compilations and gifts) until 2005 have two catalog numbers. One for Q-Dance only and one in the typical ID&T style. These releases came in colored covers, each cover got...

Quarantined Records

Quarantined Records is a dutch Hardstyle label.

Qult Records

While everyone is going harder and harder, we bring high energy and groove at lower BPM. This broad new genre is called subground music. Fusing raw electrohouse, hardstyle and techno. It is becoming a new style of harder dance music and with QULT records we are ready to bring the sound to a new level. With high quality subground releases we will let the world listen to the future.

Respawn Music

Respawn Music is the label of Stanley Groenhuijzen aka Respawn, dutch dj, created on 2018.

Revealed Recordings

Revealed Recordings is a deutch electronic music label created on 2010 by Hardwell. Initially dedicated to Electro and House progressive music, it also propose now some hard sounds with for example Sephyx

RIP Records

RIP Records is a Hardstyle label managed by the Swiss Dj : Djanny.

Roughstate Records

Representing Roughstate will be of course Ran-D, Adaro, B-Front and Frequencerz as well as acts B-Freqz and Gunz For Hire, so all we can say is prepare, for a wave to shake the world of hardstyle !


RVRS BASS is a sublabel Hardstyle oriented of the autralian label The Masif Organisation, founded by Steve Hill

Saifam Group, The

The Saifam group is the biggest italian electronic Music label

Samurai Records

Samurai Records is a dutch sublabel of Combined Forces


Scantraxx is one of the biggest Hardstyle label in the Netherlands, founded by Dov. J. Elkabas (The Prophet) in 2002.

Scantraxx Evolutionz

Scantraxx Evolutionz is an under label of Scantraxx managed by D-Block & S-Te-Fan.

Scantraxx Italy

The Italian Division of Scantraxx Recordz under supervision of Italian superhero Davide Sonar (Davide Cardilli)

Scantraxx Reloaded

Scantraxx Reloaded is an under label of Scantraxx Records managed by Headhunterz.

Scantraxx Silver

Scantraxx Silver is an under label of Scantraxx Records founded in 2008.

Scantraxx Special

Scantraxx Special is an under label of Scantraxx Records.

Scantraxx XXL

Scantraxx XXL is the Hardcore division of Scantraxx Records.

Sector Beatz

Sector Beatz is a swiss Hardstyle label founded by the dj called Philippe Rochard on 2003.

Seismic Records

Dutch No. 1 hardstyle label which released numerous monsters since its start in 2000, in an era when hardstyle wasn’t even called hardstyle. From release 1, this label set the standard and was the blue print of many hardstyle labels which followed. Seismic Records was founded by the uncrowned king of the hardcore scene, DJ Neophyte. Seismic is setting the bar high and always in search of...

Shadow Mask Music

Psyko Punkz are proud to announce Shadow Mask Music, their new harder style label venture with Bad Manor. Shadow Mask Music will represent a wide range of harder styles of music, ranging from progressive collaborations to straight up hardstyle. Shadow Mask is all about being creative, having an open mind for good music and last but not least, it must be hard. The first official release on Sha...

Sigma Italy

Sigma is an italian Hardstyle label.

Sixth Sense Records

Sixth Sense Records is an italian Hardstyle label.

Skink Records

Skink Records is the Showtek label

Special Records

Dutch Hardstyle label founded in 2006.

Spirit Of Hardstyle

Spirit Of Hardstyle is a deutch Hardstyle label created by Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators in 2017. it contains releases of Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators, Atmozfears or still Audiotricz. The label has been created after the release of the album of Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators

Spoontech Records

Spoontech Records is an australian Hardstyle label founded in 2010 by Delete and Vazard.

StraightOn Recordings

StraightOn Red was founded at the end of 2002 by Pila, Luna&The Scientist.

Subsonic Muzik

Subsonic Muzik is a Belgian label founded in 2008 by W4cko which brings the harder styles in dance music such as jump, tek- & hardstyle.


Superplastik is a defunct since August 2009 because its main artists like Dozer has moved to Fusion Records.

Sys-X Records

Sys-X Records is a dutch Hardstyle Label founded in 2003.

The Magic Show

Dutch Hardstyle label which developed out of the weekly radio show The Magic Show.

The Third Movement

In the year 2001 Sebastian Hoff (a.k.a. Promo) and Martijn Mobron (a.k.a. DJ X-Ess), friends and colleagues at ID&T, left the label to start their own label: "The Third Movement". Record company is The Third Movement B.V.. Industrial Movement is a joint venture of The Third Movement and Industrial Strength Records, managed by Lenny Dee & Promo.


Theracords is the Hardstyle Digital label founded by Dj Thera on September 2008.

Tillt !

Tillt ! Records is a Hardstyle label founded on 2010 by Jeroen Streunding and Kelly van Soest.

Titanic Records

No description currently

Toff Music

Toff Music is a Hardstyle belgish label.

Traxtorm Records

Traxtorm Records is famous Italian Hardcore label founded on 1995 by The Stunned Guys

Trip & Teuf Recordz

                    New french Label "Harder Styles", Trip & Teuf Records is the official label of the association organistor of travels in every big european Hardstyle & Hardcore events.

Ultra Music

Ultra Music is a label managed by Headhunterz.

Unite Records

Unite Records is an italian Hardstyle label created on 2013.

VNTG Records

VNTG Records is a Hardstyle label created on 2016.

Waxweazle Records

Dutch (Happy) Hardcore/Gabber-label. Founded in october 1994 by Rob Fabrie (aka DJ Waxweazle), was another sublabel of ID&T back in the days, now long defunct.

We R

We R is the label founded by Brennan Heart

White Blood

White Blood Records is an italian hardstyle label founded in 2009. 

Wicked Records

Wicked Records is an italian Hardstyle and Trance label since 2008.


X-Bone is a Hardstyle label from the Netherlands.


X-Rate is a Hardstyle label founded by Dj Isaac on 2003.


Zanzatraxx is the Italian label from Federico Franchi with artists such as: Tatanka, Zatox & Brainkicker