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Created on : 2013-09-21 - 00:00
Modificated on : 2013-09-21 - 00:00
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Interview with Secret Unity

First Part : About Hardstyle

01. Cédric, yanis, Hello to you guys ! Could you quickly tell everybody about you ?

We both have 20 years old and live in the Parigian country. We produce since 2009, we began by Hardcore but we quickly have oriented on Hardstyle.

02. Cédric, you are the Invader Records label leader that certainly began the most popular french Hardstyle label or at least on of the most active. Can you tell us about it ?

 It’s a label that was at the beginning based on a friend band, that then been developped in an other direction... So I thought to hire some abroad artists to go on and even artists like X-Pander that still growing currently ! My aim for now is to make growing the label with my artists. There is eveolution from their part every day and that’s what’s makes me happy ! The french Hardstyle public  is really hard to conquer I Think and that’s why I prefer developp the label abroad for the moment, we are on the good way.

03. After Loudness, History Of Hardstyle,we can see you on some relative important events. What are your projects soon ?

For now, we don’t have other dates abroad but the next we be in France, in Paris.

04. After the album of your friends Pulserz and Main Suspect, on Invaders Records, when will be your turn ?

Wow! It’s really not on our prpjects for the moment, we follow a lot Noisecontrollers for the most part of their tracks and I think we have to work harder to pretend produce an album.

05.  How do you see the Hardstyle eveolution ? We can see that it is democratizing all over the world, even if it stays underground in France. What do you think about that ?

We are for the evolution and innovation, so the way that Hardstyle takes dosn’t bother us.

 06. What do you produce with ?

A Computer in dual screen, some KRK ROKIT 5, a CASIO keybord, mouse and our brain ! (As you can see on the below picture)

07. A preference between Producing and Performing ?

The scene for sure ! We can spend our energy behind the turntables and especially the the crowd reaction to our own tracks. That’s just awesome !

La scène, sur et certains! On peut dépenser notre énergie derrière les platines et surtout voir la reaction des gens sur nos propres tracks, c’est juste énorme!


08. Your association has now been created for some years. How do you see your evolution on the music for the future ?

We have for aim to work our tracks technical and will see what future reserves us.


09. Quick Questions :

- Best(s) Event(s) ?

Qlimax, Defqon, Decibel, Q-Base, Hard Bass, Reverze

- Best(s) artists(s)  ?


Wildstylez / Headhunterz


Audiofreq/Code Black


- Your Hardstyle Top 5  ?

Noisecontrollers – CTRL ATL DELETE

Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs Noisecontrollers – Tonight

B-Front – Mysterias

Chain Reaction – Answers (Adaro Remix)

Audiofreq & The Prophet feat. Teddy - Bring Me Down

Second Part : About You

10. How do you spend your days when your not on the Hardstyle life ?

We want to say : as everybody ! We have our works from our side, and we do our own life.

11. What can we find on your Mp3 today ?

About everything as : Electro, House, Rap, and everything “commercial” we can send on radio.


12. What do you think of the new version (bêta 2.0) of our website: ?

Concept and ideas are really good but the design must be redone...

13. About TV, what interest you ?

Touche pas à mon poste directed by Cyril Hanouna! #TPMP (french talk show)

14. The worst foolishness you did younger ?

Eee...Really no idea. Let’s say it must not have been really bad if we don’t have any memories.

 15. What do you look at irst on a girl ?

After every man will say, the look and the natural charm.

16. A political thought ?

Oh, that’s not for us...

17. Before leaving you, what would you say to your fan ?

Don’t forget to join our facebook page in order to stay tunes about our tracks & nos bookings, see ya’


Thank you so much for your time and answers !

See you soon !

Interview realised by Vinsaanity on  20/09/2013 - All rights reserved


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