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Created on : 2014-02-20 - 00:00
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Interview with 2 Brothers Of Hardstyle

First Part : About Hardstyle


01.    First of all, could you present you a bit more for those who may not know you ?

Ok ! We're 2 Brothers of Hardstyle, the longest italian duo team, made up the leggendary Jimmy the Sound and 

his faithful "musical bro" Delfromad!

02.   How did you meet yourself ?

We 1st met, in a  historical club near our town in 1998... jimmy already played for several years in various clubs and afterparties, and Delfromad  instead began to take its first steps at that club on the occasion of the first "free spirit", who were the first afterhours in our country :) since that time the 2 of us, we began to work for both of the parties organized by ourselves, and then we began to collaborate musically ...

03. How would you describe your music style ?

Well, to answer this we stop for a second and try to give a more thorough answer ...Recently we decided to stop producing our genre, focusing on our true sound and that what we now call all Early ...

After 16 years,we pulled the sums and we thought we would not miss our best time (but mostly to JTS) and continue on that road, but above all to make room for new talent that someone really deserves to, for example, Atom or Skyron that have excellent potential for success ...

We also thought that you were the right blog to announce this our decision... 

however, to our latest release, we tried to do a mix of raw and euphoric ...

04. What your material to produce your tracks ?

Imac with logic 9 and a sound card by Saffire :)


05. You are part of the Sigma Records as leading. Can you talk about it ?

let's just say, it was nice to work for this label for more than 15 years ...


06. You already played at some bige vents like Bionic, Resistance, or Hard Headz…How memories do you keep of its ?

Jimmy : I think I remember where the best parties were in favor of the Defqon1 and the Shockers made years ago and last year at Decibel was fantastic But in more recent years I have had the opportunity to share it with Delfromad as 2BOH and for us the most beautiful memories we had all'HARDCLASSICS ON THE BEACH playing their early ... and was that party that eventually got us thinking a lot these past months :)

07. Do you prefer produce some new tracks or play its on stage ?

usually we always played our track (including also bootleg and promo) by inserting an occasional hits of other artists ...

08. Do you have some friends on the Hardstyle scene ? With who would you like to play with ?

Sure! We like to play with Davide Sonar, Pavo and we're friend of Bruno Power, Atom mc Mouth of Madness... we also say that we are all friends at the end, as long as there is mutual respect ...

09. Our website is french, so we would like to know what do you think of the french Hardstyle ?

for us, the hardstyle in france has not expanded to 100%, there is to say that we have heard many talents, one of them is Noize Excess, splitting a lot!

10. Did you already played in France ? How about the crowd ?

unfortunately there was still opportunity to play there in France

12. Quick Questions :

Best parties we played like 2 BOH:


Hardclassics on the Beach 2013

Resistance of Hardstyle outdoor 2011

History of Hardstyle and Festival de Verano 2010

Global mission 2013


Favourite Artist :

In Hardstyle we like so much Atmosfearz (for us he will be next Headhunterz) but we listen a lot artist in frenchcore scene like The sickest squad  who they remixed our first track in SIGMA RAW DIVISION Lov'n too and artist in Hadrcore scene like Unexsist or Meccano Twins or Art of Fighters, the best at the moment for us in hardcore scene...

13. What do you think of the global Hardstyle evolution ?

we say that we believe and are expanded in a world thanks to the euphoric melodies, and this is good because, from a niche genre now our music genre, a genre dealt with world famous producers say ... what else? 

14. What are your plan for the future ?

like 2BOH We continue to focus on early next party, while Jimmy solo, has launched a project still top secret for another musical genre will quickly see new news :) 

Second Part : About You

15. Except Hardstyle, do you have others passions ?

Jimmy has soccer with passion (his favourite team is Juventus FC)

And Delfromad his passion is -as well as wife - play on line in xbox 

16. Your favourite TV programms ?

All programs in National Geografic and Discovery Channel...

17. What can we find on your Mp3 playre ?

All track of each genre! Like dubstep hardstyle hardcore frenchcore trance italian,jamaican, uk reggae,pop music,in short... Everything!

18. What do you look at first on a girl ?

the ass and then the eyes, aorry, the boobs! (Laugh) we joke!

19. The worst things you did during your childhood ?

do accidents with the various scooter that we have had...

20. Your favourite insult ?

"vattene a fanculo" would be "fuck you up!"

21. A political thoughts ?

We always hope that this European crisis disappears as soon as possible, because if they can not more!

22. What do you think of our website : ?

Great site! provided a lot of news and podcasts! good guys!


23. What you would you like to tell to your fans ?

thanks for all the support that we avevte dadto and give us all the time and keep it up! a great big hug!!

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