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Created on : 2014-04-17 - 00:00
Modificated on : 2014-04-17 - 00:00
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Review : Noisecontrollers - All Around The World propose today to discover
the Review of the album of Noisecontrollers called : All Around The World.
Discover what we thouht about it...

The second album of the Noisecontrollers has finally been released.

2 years after the first called E=NC2 and having met a great success, that's now alone that Bas Oskam will continue. 

An album that seems like a kind of apologies to the crowd after being separated of the other 50% of Noisecontrollers.

Static launches the hostilities with a title beginning on guitar, letting us with a sympathic introduction. And finally the real bass are comming. On the first time, this tracks disappointed me, but after some listens, we can really understand all the track subtilities, even if you can expect more of Noisecontrollers. 

Let's continue with All Around The World, eponym track already known before the album release. A good title but even here, not the best track of the band. A featuring with Waverider follows for a track with energic and powerfull kicks.

Circle, with great basses offers some summer sonorities before a resolved Raw track not bringing a lot...before the 3 minutes in which some powerfull directly come from the Hardcore style giving another dimention to the track, finishing near the 180bpm.

Feel So good, bon titre mais sans exagération, reprends la lignée des premières tracks, tout comme Faster N Further (Bass Modulators Remix) sans grande nouveauté.

Always Orange with Headhunterz accents follows with Light that begin with a Raw introduction, with an efficient quality, especially due to the great kicks.

Down Down, makes you feels in summer, with an exciting sonority, maybe one of the most attractive track for now.

Let's continue with another All Around The World in  Deep Mix...which unfortunately doesn't bring anything and even makes the tempo slow the following.

Waves, can bring some colors , but we'll have to wait until the Wildstylez featuring to really have an innovating title, like People of The Sun, that announces the arrival of Summer and its Hardstyle festivals.

Come Wake Up, is a more violent title before a Down Down near from what Wasted Penguinz gave us on their album.


To conclude, an album that will obviously be less better than the previous. Even if we just can salutate the Bas Oskam technical skills .

13/20 for an album that could have been better, when we know what the band already produced before. But the all content is far from being ridiculous !

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