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Created on : 2014-05-02 - 00:00
Modificated on : 2014-05-02 - 00:00
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Good Recovery Dj Adaro !

Some times ago, Adaro had do cancell some show due to health problems. He post a letter to his fan on his facebook today :


I would like to thank everyone again for the constant support and encouragement that I have been fortunate to receive. It helps me so much!

I am doing better, but the symptoms have not completely subsided. As such, I am not in shape to return to the stage just yet. Unfortunately, this means that I must cancel the gigs for May, June and July. It pains me to have to do this, but on the bright side I have seen real progress over the past couple of weeks, which gives me a very positive feeling about the future!

In the meantime, thanks to various tests I have a much better idea about what is going on. I was experiencing quiet sounds as excessively loud due to an oversensitivity to external noises, a condition known as ‘hyperacusis.’ Everyday sounds were too much for me; I couldn’t listen to music or watch TV normally anymore. This was caused by chronic hypertension in the muscles around my ear and jaw.

The other symptoms, such as the headaches, earaches and ringing in my ears, were a result of the entire hearing system being overloaded. Basically, the brain and nerves also translate acoustic stimuli as pain stimuli, and that was causing the problems mentioned.

Fortunately, hearing tests revealed that wearing ear protection whenever I was DJing or clubbing over the years really helped: I have not sustained any type of permanent damage to my hearing whatsoever.

So far, I have been dealing with my condition as follows: 

I have seen various physical therapists who are jaw and neck specialists. Treatment includes massage, dry needling, exercising the muscles in the ears and relieving pressure on several jaw muscles, which has reduced some of the symptoms. I also started wearing a mouth guard after jaw specialists determined that I clench my jaws during sleep as well as unconsciously when I am awake, which causes muscle tension.

I am being treated by the ENT Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Team at the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam, where they are helping me learn how to deal with noise more effectively. In the beginning, I needed a lot of rest; now I am in the process of gradually building up exposure, which takes time.

My plan for the months ahead is to try to resume my studio work and slowly increase the hours. Once I can do this without any problems, the next step before I get behind the decks is to go to a party and find out whether I can tolerate the high noise level. I will test things backstage first and see if I can handle it without experiencing pain. When I can do that, I will start making plans for a comeback.

I do not want to jump the gun and come back too soon at the risk of quickly putting myself out of commission again. It has to feel totally right, and I am not giving myself a deadline, as difficult as that is for me.

I hope everyone has a fantastic festival season – enjoy it! Thanks again for all of the support and hopefully see you soon!!




All the's team wish a good recovery to him !

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