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Created on : 2014-09-27 - 00:00
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Interview with X-Pander

Valentin, hello and thank you one more time for having accepted to answer our questions !

First Part : About Hardstyle

01. Recently signed on A2 Records after released some tracks on Invaders Records, we can feel that your popularity has never stop growing. You also played at some big events. Some even compare you to Brainkicker (like Ukrainian Hardstylerz or Blacklite in our previous interviews). How do you feel this status change ?

It’s globally an extra pression because I have to deliver a good music to answer the crow expectative of an A2 artist, but ma directive line has always been to give the best of me. About the « popularity », I can say that the people thought is my aim motivation source to surpass day by day.

02. What are your influences to create your tracks ?

My influences are really varied. I love to create some great atmosphears and it comes from my cinephilia about horror and science fiction films.

But everything can become an inspiration source. Astérix on Tv can lead to « Hardstérix et Rawbélix » ,  a funny Dj Tool


03. How could you describe your own style ?

In one word : atmosphear. It’s my principal aim, to deliver a music with soul and create some great emotions. As said previously, as a great fan of horror that I am, this kind of ambiant attracts me. Then, obviously, Hardstyle is a musical style that must be dance, so music must be energic andlead the listener to dance. I have a lot of projects began that will never be released, because even if the atmosphear created is great, the music is not good to dance.

04. What do you use to create your tracks ? 

I produce on Fruity Loops version 11. I have since few time a « virus ti » synthesizer with wich a major part of my tracks have been created.


05. In the featuring you did in production or mix. Who did you prefer work with ? Do you have some friends on the Hardstyle world ?

I had the chance to make a lot of collaborations with talentuated artists, but the one with E-Force has been a turning point because it has been released on the compilation  called A2 Records Presents Unleashed Once Again. It was for me the supreme recognition to make part of the legendary album. It has been also a great boost for my notoriety, and I owe E-Force a lot for this. Then, about the different versus I did in festival, the one with Alpha Twins at Dreamfields 2014 stays for me a huge memorie. This duo was already mixing at the biggest events (Qlimax, Defqon 1., etc) when I was just interessing in Hardstyle. Find me behind the turntables on this kind of scene was completely crazy !

06. Is there any artist who you would like to collaborate with ? 

I love music and I really love a lot of music styles as Hard Dance, EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, Cinematic, etc. That’s why, the list of person I would like to collaborate with is huge. Obviously in Hardstyle, I’d love to stay in studio with pioners of the style like Noisecontrollers to quote only them/him. I love break the barriers that some can create between musical styles, it can give some unexpected results, but often pleasant. I recently collaborate with the italian Dj/Producer Lowroller, that gave « Animal », that will be released soon on A2 Records.


07. Do you have some projects with some french artist in order to promote the french Hardstyle abroad ?

No, because I do not resonnate that way. For me, there are no boundaries for a musica style even if I’m conscient that the major part of the event take place on the netherlands. But I want to avoid to make some communitarism and isolate as a minority. We’re all part of an only sceneoepn to everybody, it doesn’t matter the etnico-geographical origin. Obviously, it would be a real pleasure that Hardstyle developp in France and fortunatly, some struggle for this. However, It exists a natural solidarity between the french artists, but that also exist with abroad artist, so no boundaries.

08. Even this is a complicated question, do you have a preference between production and mix ?

Some have their first contact with mix. For me, it has been the production. So if I had to make a choice, it would be the production, because I make it first for me.  But share the work you made with the crowd, share the emotion that you endeavoured to bring in your tracks, that’s just indescribable. So fortunately, there’s no choice to make, because mix what you produced, that the ultimate recognition.

09. Quick Questions :
- Your best event ?

As a visitor: Defqon 1. 2010 because it’s my first festival. As a Dj : Dominator, festival completely crazy.

- Your Hardstyle Top 5 ? 

The one who can answer it doesn’t like quite Hardstyle.


10. What are your projects or the future ? 

Work harder every day than the yesterday.  Collaborate with unexpected artists. To play in a lot of events in a lot of countries.


11. How do you see the Hardstyle evolution in the future ?

The hardstyle scene never been as diversified, and that’s its biggest power. Hardstyle will grow and those who criticized will turn back one by .

Second Part : About You

12. Do you have some passions except the Hardstyle ?

I’m a great sportman (Football, gym,etc) and a great cinephil. I also love to go to the stadium and have an admiration for the ultra movement.


13. Do you watch tv a lot, and what kind of programm ?

I watch quite Tv.

14. What can we find on your MP3 player. ? 

Everything, Hardstyle, Hardcore, frenchcore, House, Hip Hop, Cinematic, Pop, etc.

15. What is the worst foolishness you did during your childhood ? 

Nothing that come in mind, sorry (laugh)

16. Your favorite insult ?

Enculé (Motherf*****)

17. What do you watch first on a girl, and who would be your woman’s model ?

Let’s not be hypocrit, physical and then the personnality. I don’t have some woman’smodel, but I like girls with a great personnality.


18. A political idea ? 

Politics talks about left, rightbut I want to go straight !

19. What do you think of our website : ?

I’ts a beautiful and interesting plateform for francophon Hardstyle fans.


20. Do you spend a lot of time on internet ?

Too much I think.

21. One last word for your fans ? 

X-Pander is not only me, but also everybody that support me, because they’re a big motivation source and make me work harder everyday to bring the best of me. So…Thank YOU ! And stay tunes on my social networks, some news will come very soon ! 

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vinsaanity Posted on 2014-09-27
Merci encore pour ta participation et nous te souhaitons une bonne continuation !
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