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Created on : 2016-09-01 - 16:37
Modificated on : 2016-09-01 - 16:37
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Focus on Psyched

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Barry Stabij a.k.a. Psyched started DJing in 2005. He came in touch with all kind of harddance music and became a real vinyl lover. Particularly vinyls with the energetic acid sounds from the famous Roland TB-303 synthesizer. Having one could only be a dream for him. Luckily he managed to buy the Roland TB-3 clone which does some serious damage.

After his separation as Solutio & The I’s, it was time to start a new act. One that was incomparable with all the others. A couple of months rebranding and brainstorming later he was falling in love at Hardstyle all over again… at his own way. Thinking about what he likes the most music- and stagewise he created an idea that will heat everybody! Combine that burning idea in his Hardstyle with a bit oldskool sounds and loads of energetic acid and you’ve got a musical creation that will get you Psyched!

With his first release on Theracords he wants to show how diverse he can be. A typical dark track like “Nightstalker”, reversed bass track with retarded vocals and a contrary name like “Employee of the month” or just a raw full on floorfillah power track like Audacious! Barry has only one goal in his life; to be on stage and get you just as Psyched!

Get ready, get Psyched!
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