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Created on : 2018-04-25 - 21:47
Modificated on : 2018-04-25 - 21:47
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Focus on B-Freqz

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In 2012, three individuals combined their musical forces in an aim to not only create a live-act, but an unforgettable, brutally vivid experience... Bob van der Palen, better known solo as B-Front is well renowned for his larger-than-life atmospheres, dark and mysterious sounds and extremely energetic performances. Becoming one of the most established acts in the hardstyle scene, if B-Front knows one thing, it's how to create captivating music...

Then along come Niels Koster and Pepijn Hol, who are notoriously renowned as the signature 'rockstars of hardstyle,' Frequencerz. Their dynamic approach to hardstyle and their unique signature sound is the core foundation of their on stage presence, electrifying audiences everywhere with a passionate, and brutally insane performance.

Merging these two distinctive acts together and gathering the best of both worlds, we present to you: B-Freqz - the sound, the performance and the experience. As one of the piloting live-acts within the hardstyle scene, B-Freqz have torn crowds apart at events such as "Thrillogy," "Supremacy," "Defqon.1," "Loudness" and "Hard Bass." Apart from their rising presence on some of the biggest stages, releasewise, B-Freqz have impressed their fans with killer tracks such as "Psycho," "Fatality" and "Delusion."

As pioneers of the brand new hardstyle label "Roughstate", their first release "Ghost Town" is set to rock the scene, 2015 is surely a huge year for this powerhouse act!
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