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Compilation :
Release Date : 1997-02-01

Compilation : - Thunderdome XVI - The Galactic Of Cyberdeath

Album Label : ID&T

Compilation :  - Thunderdome XVI - The Galactic Of Cyberdeath

Tracklist CD1

CD1-01 Alternative Creators, The The Beast (Hardcore Version)

CD1-02 Omar Santana Vitamin OH

CD1-03 Masters Of Ceremony Hardcore To Da Bone (Masters Of Ceremony Dope Mix)

CD1-04 DJ Waxweazle & DJ Berry Terrordome

CD1-05 Da Grimreaper Muthafuckaz

CD1-06 DJ Weirdo & Mt-Ness Metrodrome (Weirdo Hardcore Mix)

CD1-07 DJ Dione R U Readie

CD1-08 Wasting Program Bring That Shit Back (DJ Arjuna Remix)

CD1-09 DJ Vince & Dark Raver, The Thunderground

CD1-10 Wayward Hardcore Hijacked Me

CD1-11 Rotterdam Terror Corps We're Gonna Blow Your Mind

CD1-12 E-Rick & Tactic Rocked Da House

CD1-13 Drokz , DJ Tails & Noizer Boom-Shaka-La

CD1-14 DJ Isaac & DJ The Viper Back To The Top

CD1-15 Lady Dana & DJ Skorp vs. Chronotrigger Devastating Rhythm

CD1-16 Psylocke Newday

CD1-17 DJ Perpetrator Maniacs (Left In A Daze)

CD1-18 Tripax Rumblefukkas

CD1-19 3 Steps Ahead Thunderdome Till We Die

CD1-20 Various Thunderdome 15 - The Megamix (Short Edit)

Tracklist CD2

CD2-01 Promo Kill Tha Noise

CD2-02 DJ Delirium Me And My DJ

CD2-03 DJ Paul & DJ Rob Lords Of The Hardschool Featuring - MC Hughie Babe

CD2-04 DJ Jappo Sensation Of The Mind

CD2-05 DJ Arjuna Whut 'Cha Want

CD2-06 DJ Sim No More Shit

CD2-07 DJ Rob & Tim B Get Set

CD2-08 Digital Boy Ok, Allright! (Digital Boy '96 Remix)

CD2-09 Ralphie Dee meets Kool Killers God Complex (Kool Killers Remix)

CD2-10 Dark Side, The Beats & Riffs 163 - 179

CD2-11 Buzz Fuzz Dreamgirl (Just A Dream Remix)

CD2-12 DJ Delirium & Da Grimreaper Gangsta Sound

CD2-13 U4EA Crisia (Lancinhouse + G. Martini Remix)

CD2-14 Placid K Room Of Drum

CD2-15 Prophet, The The Breaks

CD2-16 Roughron The Blaster

CD2-17 Bass-D & King Matthew Booze 'n Drugs

CD2-18 Das Xon & Space Boy Too Loud Too Handle

CD2-19 Destroyer, The Brbrbrob Gee

CD2-20 Delta 9 Welcome To Hell

Compilation :

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