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Compilation :
Release Date : 1998-05-01

Compilation : - Thunderdome XVIII - Psycho Silence

Album Label : ID&T

Compilation :  - Thunderdome XVIII - Psycho Silence

Tracklist CD1

1-01 Turbolenza I am the Creator

1-02 DJ Paul & Teenage Warning Brohymn (This One's for the Gabbers)

1-03 Brian Acardy Let Da Bass Boom

1-04 Mindcrimers Madman (DJ Promo Remix)

1-05 Swat The Fly Is Dead (DJ Waxweazle Mix)

1-06 3 Steps Ahead Love To Get Stoned

1-07 Ku-Base Hardcore Pumping

1-08 DJ Delirium & Da Grimreaper Speakerblower

1-09 Inferno Bros Slaves To the Rave (The Stunned Guys Remix)

1-10 Promo Shut Up!

1-11 Omar Santana Oh Bad Boy

1-12 MC Rage Rave Machine (The Darkraver Remix)

1-13 Da Tekno Warriors Da Beat

1-14 DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim The Kamikaze

1-15 DJ Dione Da Flipside

1-16 Force Creators, The Wheep And Howell

1-17 Wayward Adrenaline Rush

1-18 Scotchman, The Asylum (Digital Boy Mix)

1-19 Steve Shit C'Monyall

1-20 Unknown Artist Thunderdome 17 Megamix

Tracklist CD2

2-01 25% Of The Dreamteam Dreamteam = Back

2-02 DJ Paul & The Stunned Guys Confusion

2-03 Promo Cold As Stone

Featuring - Brian Acardy

2-04 Myztic To Da Rhythm

2-05 Solid Base (2) Pumpinfinity (DJ Perpetrator Thunder Mix)

2-06 James Daltan Wanna Get High (You're own Little Piece of Heaven)

2-07 E-Rick & Tactic Start To Move

2-08 Ultimate Buzz Back In Business (DJ Isaac Remix) Featuring - MC Bee

2-09 Cixx vs. Vinyl Junk, The The Tough Guys

2-10 Nightstalkers Warehouse Beats

2-11 Dr. Z-Vago M-O-T-H-E-R-F-U-C-K-E-R-S

2-12 Rotterdam Terror Corps Representing Hardcore (Hardcore Mix)

2-13 Object One Ping Pong (DJ Isaac Mix)

2-14 DJ Gizmo Shut 'm Down

2-15 Daytona Love Is In Need (Lost in Tokyo Mix)

2-16 James Daltan meets DJ X-Ess The Damned

2-17 Simtec Power Squad Infinite Power

2-18 Neophyte Evil

2-19 Multi Death Clan Welcome to Oblivion

2-20 Naughty Boys Hardcore Bee (Flying Terror Mix)

Compilation :

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